Methoxy Maxx Methoxy Maxx is a one-stop tool kit designed to increase your muscle-building capacity - an essential requirement for ongoing muscle gains. Throwing more bricks at bricklayers who are already working as quickly as they can won't do any good. But adding more bricklayers will. Similarly, increasing the number of protein-building machines inside your muscles can enable them to build more muscle protein (and increase in size) day after day. Methoxy Maxx contains methoxy-isoflavones and isopropyl-isoflavones, plant-based compounds which were re-designed by scientists to increase the protein-building machinery (i.e., capacity) inside muscle and bone. The whey protein in Methoxy Maxx delivers an easily-absorbed stream of protein building blocks (amino acids) to support this extra building capacity . And there's just enough creatine in Methoxy Maxx to support the energy needs of your protein-building machinery. Plus, Methoxy Maxx is the only such product that contains the antibiotic-like protein Promune. It's has been added to reduce your chance of getting sick (and missing workouts) from all those germs you get exposed to at the gym, and everywhere else. * Clinical Trial of Inhibitory Effect of Globin Digest on Body Fat Deposit Hiromichi Okuda, MD School of Medicine, Ehime Univ. Japan ** Inhibitory Effect of BOREP on Dietary Hyperlipidemia Hiromichi Okuda School of Medicine, Ehime Univ. Japan Conclusion - #2 *** Hypolipidemic Effects of Oligopeptide 4) Effect on fat deposition and the cellularity of adipose tissue Table 1 Effects of GD on Adipose Tissue Weight **** Clinical Trial of Inhibitory Effect of Globin Digest on Body Fat Deposit Hiromichi Okuda, MD School of Medicine, Ehime Univ. Japan Conclusion: #4 ^ Inhibitory Effect of BOREP on Dietary Hyperlipidemia Hiromichi Okuda School of Medicine, Ehime Univ. Japan See: Conclusion - #2 ^^ Hypolipidemic Effect of OligopeptideInhibitory Effect of BOREP on Dietary 2) Effect on B-Oxidation Hiromichi Okuda MD, Hiroyuki Ninomiya, MD School of Medicine, Ehime Univ. Japan ^^^ Clinical Trial of Inhibitory Effect of Globin Digest on Body Fat DepositPepti-Lean New "Fat-Destroying" Peptide Systematically Dismantles Body Fat and Helps Block Formation of New Fat Now you can finally have that lean, well-defined, sexy body you want. Amazingly fast. Pepti-Lean, the new fat-destroyer, gives your body the power to block the formation of new fat and dismantle existing body fat. The bioactively charged oligopeptides in Pepti-Lean target the body's fat-forming metabolic pathways. This highly precise and controlled process interferes with the digestion of fat, inhibits the absorption of fat, and speeds fat catabolism. So you get the deep cuts, lean waist, and ripped look you've always wanted. Fast. Pepti-Lean Attacks Fat Directly at the "Fat-Formation Points" How does the food - and fat - you eat become body fat? Inside your body there are a number of fat-formation points. Getting a lean sculpted body requires disrupting each and every one of these fat-building points. That's just what Pepti-Lean does. Pepti-Lean sits in the blood and ambushes lipids from all sources. When fat is detected, Pepti-Lean attacks by binding itself to the fat. Pepti-Lean renders the fat unabsorbable. The fat simply passes through your body. And research shows Pepti-Lean starts to destroy fat in under 60 minutes from the time of the first dose. Here's what Pepti-Lean helps do for you ... 1. Disrupts digestion of dietary fat 2. Prevents fat absorption up to 40% 3. Inhibits serum triglycerides 4. Reduces fatty acid formation in liver 5. Increases oxidation of fatty acids 6. Obstructs carbohydrate-to-fat conversion 7. Interferes with fatty acid synthesis In addition to helping prevent the formation of new fat, Pepti-Lean helps destroy your existing body fat - the real culprit that's "hiding" your muscular definition. Decrease Existing Body Fat in Animals by as Much as 47% in Just 21 Days.* Pepti-Lean not only helps prevent the formation of new fat, it helps to systematically dismantle existing body fat. The same fat that's obliterating your muscular definition. You see, as Pepti-Lean destroys the dietary fat, your body searches for an alternative energy source. Your body then targets your stored body fat and burns it as fuel. The fat cell literally shrivels. And that's when you start noticing real muscular definition. In clinical trials under controlled conditions, Pepti-Lean reduced body fat in lab animals up to 47% - depending on dose - in only 21 days. In follow-up studies with humans, results showed an average of 9.6% drop in body fat percentage in just ninety days. Human Subjects Got Leaner - Without Changing Diet or Exercise Routines Human subjects who took part in the double-blind clinical trials got leaner bodies without changing their diet or workout routines. They all lost an average of 9.6% of their existing body fat in just 90 days. The only difference was Pepti-Lean. With Pepti-Lean, You Lose the Fat and Keep Your Muscle! You know the problem most bodybuilders face. Losing fat means losing muscle. Or, adding muscle means adding fat. Not with Pepti-Lean. Clinical trials at the School of Medicine at Ehime University showed that "total weight" lost was virtually equal to "fat weight" lost. That means subjects lost only the fat - while preserving their muscle. In addition, over an extended period of time, while body fat continued to decrease, lean muscle weight actually increased. Protection from Excess Carbs Turning into Fat Carbs are necessary for both energy and muscle gain. But excess carbs can easily become unwanted body fat. Pepti-Lean helps obstruct the carb-to-fat conversion process. Pepti-Lean splits the excess carbs into water, CO2, and energy-providing ATP. That means less fat and more energy. And better results for you. Pepti-Lean Gives You Energy Where You Need it Most - Your Muscle Cells You can use all the extra energy you can get. Energy to help pound out an extra rep or two. Or a whole extra set. Well, research suggests that Pepti-Lean can give you that energy boost. Studies show that during fat destruction, some fat may get diverted to sites outside your liver - like muscle tissue - where it can be used as energy. Your workouts get a boost as your body gets lean. Safe, Natural, and Stimulant-Free Pepti-Lean is safe, natural and stimulant free. You see, the food you eat is made up of three nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Pepti-Lean belongs to the protein group. Pepti-Lean is composed of small protein fragments known as peptides. Its "4-amino chain" length makes it an oligopeptide. Promax Bar How do you get protein AND energy in one place? In a Promax Bar. Each highly addictive flavor is loaded with 20 grams of easily digested, complete protein and ample energy. Plus, all the vitamins, minerals (lots of calcium!) and antioxidants you need. Promax Bar comes in 11 refreshingly delicious flavors. One taste and you'll be hooked. Reward your self and your body to protein AND energy with nutritious Promax Bar today! Promax Bar - protein and energy in one awesome-tasting place. When you need protein to go, reach for the great tasting Promax bar! Provides 20 Grams of Protein Per Bar Increases Energy Complete with Vitamins and Minerals An Incredible Variety of Great Tasting Flavors YOURS FREE! Get a FREE SportPharma Shaker Bottle or Promax Water Bottle with your online purchase of $60 or more of SportPharma Products (before shipping charge). While Supplies Last! The Great-Tasting Energy Bar Loaded with Performance Nutrition! Now you can get all the energy you want and the performance nutrition you need without sacrificing the great taste you deserve. Whether you use Promax for an energy boost, meal replacement, post-exercise recovery, or just a healthy snack, you can be sure that gram for gram, Promax packs more nutrition and more flavor into every bite. The Days of Sacrifice are Over! Finally! Now you don't have to sacrifice great taste to get the energy or performance nutrition you want. That's because Promax tastes fantastic. In fact, in a chocolate flavor taste test, Promax was picked #1. Promax offers you 11 mouth-watering flavors, each bar smothered in thick folds of rich chocolate or creamy smooth yogurt. Each one totally satisfying to your taste buds and to your body's nutritional needs! A Giant Step Beyond Ordinary Energy Bars Yes, you'll find Promax bar loaded with energy-sustaining carbs, essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and the important antioxidants A,C, and E. But Promax takes a giant step beyond ordinary energy bars. We added 20 grams of high-quality protein to give you the added nutrition to keep you performing at peak levels! Promax Gives You the Performance Nutrition You Need! What's the best way to maintain peak performance levels day after day? Proper recovery after training. Sure eating extra protein is important. But without adequate carb intake, you may not be giving your body the tools to recover completely. You see, after a workout your body's #1 goal is to replenish its energy supply. Your body's preferred energy source is glycogen, and it makes glycogen from the carbohydrates you eat. Without sufficient dietary carbs, your body "steals" the energy it needs from protein. That leaves you with less protein to repair and build muscle. Worse, it may cause a breakdown in existing muscle. But that's why there's Promax. Promax gives you the protein-to-carb ratio you need to recover fully. With Promax you get both 20 grams of high-quality protein and the ideal amount of energy-rich carbs. Your body gets the energy it needs. Your muscles get the protein they're looking for. You get the great-looking body you want. Promax Protein Powder from SportPharma is a great tasting protein supplement specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of serious bodybuilders, powerlifters and other athletes who require a high quality source of protein. Promax's sugar free, low fat formula makes it the ideal protein supplement for those looking to build lean muscle or to spare muscle tissue while dieting. Promax's unique blend of high biological value ion exchange whey protein, lactalbumin hydrolysate, egg albumin, and free form amino acids provides the optimum protein sources for maximum muscle growth. Promax is also high in free form branched chain amino acids and L-Glutamine to help maintain a positive nitrogen balance and prevent muscle tissue breakdown. Unlike most other protein supplements, Promax contains high quantities of key anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other ergogenic metabolities necessary for serious athletes who undergo rigorous training programs. These added ingredients in Promax are essential for proper metabolism and muscle growth. SportPharma Merchandise We carry all of the popular SportPharma-branded merchandise: T-Shirt Tank Top Shaker Bottle Water Bottle Baseball Cap Thermadrene XP Finally an Ephedra-Free Fat Burner That Really Works! New Thermadrene XP - the Next Generation of "Fat-Burning" Thermogenics. Looking for a more powerful way to burn fat? SportPharma introduces the next generation of fat-burning thermogenics: new ephedra-free Thermadrene XP. Scientifically Formulated Thermogenic Stack Helps Burn Off Fat - Fast New Thermadrene XP attacks fat at its very source - white fat cells. Thermadrene XP's advanced thermogenic stack works by firing up your brown adipose tissue (BAT) - the organ in your body that regulates the utilization of fat. Once ignited, BAT seeks out and consumes body fat. The effect: leaner looking muscles and deeper cuts. With 9 calories of energy released per gram of fat burned, you can literally feel your intensity and energy levels ramp up. New Muscle "Activators" Boost Fat-Burning and Give You Instant Strength Thermadrene XP takes fat-burning a step further. With new muscle "activators." When you lift a weight, not all 100 percent of your muscle fibers participate. But the ingredients in Thermadrene XP work with your central nervous system to help activate a higher number of your muscle fibers to lift that weight. Your body fuels this added energy load by burning additional body fat. Just like an 8 cylinder car burns more fuel than a 4-cylinder car going the same distance. Here's a great side benefit of Thermadrene XP. The new muscle activators give you instant strength. That's because with more "activated" muscle fibers, you have the ability to lift more weight. Increase Your Total Energy Expenditure to Burn Even More Fat In a controlled scientific study with humans, researchers found that one of the ingredients in Thermadrene XP helped elevate total energy expenditure. The study concluded that the increased energy demand was met by burning fat rather than carbohydrates or protein. Thermadrene XP Helps You Suppress Food Cravings In addition to promoting fat-loss, new Thermadrene XP helps you get - and stay - lean by helping to control your food cravings. Vanadyl Sulfate Vanadyl Sulfate is a form of the trace mineral vanadium. It's necessity in humans has not been established yet, but it is believed to play a role in helping blood sugar (glucose) to enter muscle cells similar to the function that the hormone insulin performs. But vanadyl sulfate is thought to increase insulin sensitivity in only the muscle cells , not adipocytes (fat cells), allowing greater glycogen compensation, which may have the effect of preferentially storing glucose in muscles leaving less to be converted to triglycerides for fat storage. Many bodybuilders experience a feeling of greater muscle fullness ("pump") while taking vanadyl sulfate. Studies have shown that the effects of vanadyl sulfate supplementation last for weeks after discontinuation of the product, so it is probably best to cycle supplementation in a 3 weeks "on", followed by 3 weeks "off" of the supplement. SportPharma Vanadyl pH Vanadyl pH works like insulin to help drive significantly more carbohydrates and amino acids from the blood into muscle and liver tissue. Vanadyl pH may help increase muscle and liver glycogen stores, resulting in harder, denser muscles, increased strength and higher energy levels. Vanadyl pH has a pH controlled coating that may increase the body's absorption over that of regular vanadyl sulfate products. In addition, Vanadyl pH may dramatically improve the effectiveness of your other supplements such as creatine monohydrate by increasing absorption of them. 7.5 mg of vanadyl sulfate per capsule. 180 capsules per bottle. Ultimate Nutrition Vanadyl Sulfate 150 tablets each containing 10 mg of vanadyl sulfate. VS-10 from Optimum Nutrition VS-10 contains 10 mg of vanadyl sulfate per tablet. 200 tablets per bottle Vanadyl Powder Each Daily Dose of Vanadyl Multi-Complex POWDER Contains: 6 Grams of Taurine - Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid found most abundant in skeletal muscle tissue (taurine is the second highest concentrated free amino in muscle tissue). It has been linked directly to cell 'Hyper-Hydration' (allows the muscle cell to hold extra fluid leading to cell expansion - size increase). Taurine also mimics vanadium's 'insulin-like' actions. 60 mg of Vanadyl Sulfate - Everyone is well aware of vanadyl's 'insulin-mimicking' ability. Precise combination of this key mineral with scientifically proven glucose disposal compounds synergistically enhances its overall effectiveness by over 400%. 900IU of DL-alpha tocopherol - this precise dose of alpha tocopherol has been shown to 'significantly enhance whole-body glucose disposal'. Though little known outside of the scientific community, alpha-tocopherol is one of the most effective micro-nutrients for potentiating muscle tissue glucose disposal. Its potent antioxidant properties ideally combat the oxidative nature of vanadium and vanadium like compounds as well as exercise-generated oxidative stress. 720 mcg of Chromium Picolinate - unquestionably the most widely studied (scientifically) mineral with respect to insulin sensitivity. Chromium picolinate has been shown to act as a binding site for insulin in certain insulin sensitive tissues. Chromium picolinate's ability to enhance the efficiency of insulin is well documented in human trials and has a proven effect on increasing lean tissue mass (muscle) and decreasing body fat. 282 mcg of Sodium Selenate - scientific research has shown a strong similarity in action between the sodium selenate form of selenium and vanadyl. Incorporating this mineral in combination with vanadyl in Vanadyl Multi-Complex POWDER gives a synergistically potent potentiator of glucose disposal. "Scientifically Formulated To Provide You The Most Potent And Effective Vanadyl Supplement Available Anywhere!" Each individual nutrient in Vanadyl Multi-Complex POWDER is microencapsulated (a special technique of coating each component with a protective shield that is released when exposed to a liquid) to ensure complete nutrient integrity by preventing cross-nutrient contamination or degradation. Vanadyl Multi-Complex POWDER is supplied in the purest POWDER form available. This new powder vanadyl formula is the first of its kind, and the first supplement to precisely follow the scientific literature. All scientific and medical studies performed on vanadyl have been performed with vanadyl in a powdered form that is mixed in liquid before administration. Not capsules. Not tablets. POWDER! Mixing Vanadyl Multi-Complex POWDER in a liquid medium (grape juice, grapefruit juice, etc.) just prior to consumption provides for fast, superior absorption and utilization. This route of administration is scientifically validated as more effective than either tablet or capsule forms.

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