Beta3 Every so often in life, something amazing and wonderful happens... something that changes our lives and our futures. The time is now! Introducing the birth of an extremely effective, revolutionary new fat burning product, a fat burner that is unlike any other--one that has all the positive effects but none of the bad. Beta3 is the latest nutritional supplement to emerge in the WAR AGAINST BODY FAT. It was said to be impossible. It was said to be only a dream. However, Syntrax has brought the future into our lives. Syntrax Innovations has developed the reputation of being the industry leader in producing the most effective weight loss dietary supplements and this latest arsenal is no exception. Beta3 is a highly potent and selective B3 adrenergic agonist. Comprised of the revolutionary new compound Octopamine (norsynephrine), Beta3 effectively stimulates the B3 adrenergic receptor. This accomplishes what many pharmaceutical companies have not been able to achieve over the past 20 years--a safe and effective B3 agonist. Not only does it rapidly increase your metabolism and mobilize fatty acids out of adipose tissue, but it also increases insulin sensitivity. It does all of this without the harsh side effects, such as jitters, that are associated with ephedrine-based products. Ultimately, the use of Beta3 will lead to lipolysis and help you accomplish your goals of shedding unwanted body fat. As Syntrax Innovation's newest weapon in the war against body fat, Beta3 IS the future! Don't live in the past. Take Beta3 and behold YOUR future! 180 capsules per bottle. FUZU Beyond Tribulus! Athletes and bodybuilders are praising FUZU for its tremendous benefits that go far beyond that of any Tribulus product on the market. Tribulus is heralded by the athletic community for its ability to increase natural testosterone production and increased anabolicity. Research shows that the active ingredients in Tribulus terrestris are compounds known as FUROSTANOLIC SAPONINS. The same research shows you need between 500-1000mg per day of these powerful compounds to achieve results. To capitalize on the awesome benefits of Tribulus, Syntrax Innovations has included 150mg of Furostanolic saponins from the most potent Tribulus extract. They didn't stop there. Syntrax has also found two other plants, which are bountiful in Furostanolic saponins - Dioscorea deltoidea and Fenugreek! Both of these plants have been shown in vertebrates to not only be anabolic but also to stimulate appetite, boost immune system function and increase testosterone production! As you can imagine, Syntrax added 150mg of furostanolic saponins from each of these dynamic plant products giving 450mg of Furostanolic saponins per capsule of FUZU - making FUZU 10 times better than Tribulus supplements! FUZU can be combined with one or more of the following blue-labeled ergogenic optimizers for an increased synergistic effect: Methoxylon, Syntrabol and Proxylon. Guggulbolic Guggulbolic is a very special, high-potency guggul extract which conforms to all Ayurvedic standards of extraction. Guggulbolic has been shown in studies to dramatically increase the rate of fat loss by increasing thyroid hormone levels. This effect is quite noticeable and one can actually feel a rise in body temperature. Guggulbolic has also been shown to effectively reduce acne conditions and to reduce cholesterol levels as effectively as many cholesterol-reducing drugs. Guggulsterones have been shown in studies to drastically reduce cholesterol levels, improve acne conditions, and increase thyroid hormone levels (thus greatly increasing fat loss). While some other supplement companies use a solvent extracted low-potency guggul extract, Syntrax Innnovations, Inc. uses a special high potency natural extract which conforms to all Ayurvedic criteria. Isomatrix Syntrax Innovations has created the most sophisticated protein supplement ever introduced into the athletic and scientific community! Isomatrix is packed with BCAA's, arginine, glutamine and all the essential amino acids delivering what athletes and bodybuilders need to pack on mass and maintain precious muscle tissue. This unparalleled protein formulation of Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate (including Micellar Casein), Soy Protein Isolate and the new and revolutionary Egg Yolk Protein Isolate is scientifically combined in specific ratios for a sustained release of amino acids into your blood stream for a prolonged period of time to promote muscle tissue growth, repair and maintenance. Isomatrix is guaranteed to be so potent you can actually feel it! In our never-ending pursuit of optimizing athletic performance, contains the secret weapon of performance enhancing compounds--GLYCOCYAMINE. The introduction of Glycocyamine to the athletic community is the biggest breakthrough since creatine monohydrate. Glycocyamine is a super potent cell volumizing compound that also increases strength and endurance. The addition of Glycocyamine allows for more of muscle building protein to get to your muscles while at the same time helping to stimulate muscle growth and repair. Mix one to two scoops of in 6 to 16 ounces of water, non-fat milk or your favorite beverage two to three times a day to satisfy your protein requirements. Note the extra calories when combined with milk or juice. Remember the best times for supplementing protein are first thing in the morning upon rising, after intense physical activity such as weight training and prior to sleep. mixes instantly with a spoon and tastes great... GUARANTEED! The taste is so heavenly that you will look forward to each and every shake! It is also low in lactose and available in three delicious mouth watering flavors: Vanilla Sunrise, Chocolate Hurricane and Garden Berry. Methoxylon With Nano Dissolution Technology, contains Methoxivone, the strongest Nutrient partitioning isoflavone. Potent for gaining muscle, losing fat, and increasing vitality, well-being and endurance. Also useful in supporing strong, healthy bones, and maintaining low cholesterol levels. By Derek Cornelius, Syntrax Innovations What do you think when you hear the word 'ANABOLIC?' For the few of us who truly know what this word represents, we start to salivate upon thinking about its reality. ANABOLIC means strong, hard muscles, Herculean endurance and a general sense of well being and confidence. Unfortunately, most of society sees ANABOLIC in a negative light. It's like the four letter 'A' word and 'steroid' and you just might have a hoard of pretentious cops in your face calling you a criminal and telling you that 'A' steroids are addictive, destructive, blah, blah, blah and just as bad as cocaine. Well, the situation is so bad that for the past several decades hardly any companies have spent a dime on substances that are.... ssshhh...ANABOLIC. Indeed, this was not the case 30 years ago. In fact, this was the prime time for research into Anabolics-expecially Anabolic Steroids! While most companies were pouring millions of dollars into new more effective anabolic steroids, one company in Hungary, named Chinoin, decided to look for a non-steroidal compound that would have the positive effects of Anabolics but without the negative characteristics. After over 10 years of research, they discovered Methoxivone. Although developed in the last millennium, it is destined to become one of the best ergogens in this new millennium. Many months ago I talked about a supplement which I named the 'Anabolic Silver Bullet.' Commonly referred to as Ipriflavone, this dietary nutrient was also produced by Chinoin of Hungary in the midst of creating their perfect anabolic. Indeed, in the article on Ipriflavone we saw how it was not only highly anabolic to both bone and muscle tissue, but how it increased endurance, lowered cholesterol and decreased the size of fat stores. Furthermore, we looked at the safety of Ipriflavone and determined that it had no estrogenic activity, no carcenogenic or teratofenic activity and finally no chronic or acute toxicities. Basically, Ipriflavone looked like the perfect anabolic compound. Well that was then and this is now! After thousands of people have taken this compound and after dozens of anecdotal reports we now have the ability to make a really good assessment. Is Ipriflavone worth its salt? The answer is, 'YES!' The majority of the people taking Ipriflavone do not instantly change their body type over night but make progress over time. Unfortunately in the world of quick fixes, people want to feel the effects of something right away...sometimes even overnight. Nearly everybody that I know that has taken Ipriflavone in the proper dosages for at least 6 weeks has made some very significant improvements. You're right though, this article is not about Ipriflavone. However, it is about another, similar isoflavone, called Methoxivone. Methoxivone, or 5-methyl, 7-methoxyisoflavone was the end result of Chinoin's extensive research on anabolic isoflavones. Said in another way, Methoxivone is three times more potent than ipriflavone in term of increasing lean body mass, decreasing adipose stores, increasing endurance, etc., etc. If Methoxivone is so great then why didn't I just come out with it instead of Ipriflavone over a year ago? Unfortunately, because Ipriflavone was discovered many years before Methoxivone, a great deal of developmental work had been done on it. In fact in several countries Ipriflavone was studied and brought to the market as an anti-osteoporosis agent (remember that Ipriflavone is anabolic to bone tissue). Thus, a few years ago when I started researching these anabolic isoflavones, I was limited only to Iproflavone because of cost and availability. Although I was impressed with Ipriflavone I had my sights set on Methoxivone. My excitement stemmed not only from the published data on Methoxivone but also based on the plethora of correspondence I had with Chinoin. According to their research department, they performed a barrage of experiments to examine its anabolic potency. To give an idea of its capabilities, Methoxivone was studied to see whether it could antagonize the catabolic effects of gluccocorticoids, i.e. cortisol. For those of you who don't know already, gluccocortidoids are one of the most catabolic entities (especially relating to proteinaceous tissue such as muscle) in the human body. Although they do have some very important beneficial properties such as anti-inflammation, when it comes to gaining muscle and losing fat they are your worst nightmare. Gluccocorticoids are always in your body and they are always wreaking havoc. They are produced in the adrenal cortex, released into the blood and attach to various receptors in nearly every tissue in the body. The problem arises when these corticoids activate catabolic enzymes such as calpains. Calpains are proteolytic enzymes that are especially active in muscle tissue and are a key component in the process of muscle turnover. In simple terms, the more gluccocorticoids you have the more proteolytic enzymes like calpains you have and consequently the less muscle tissue you will have. Unfortunately, the catabolic effects of gluccocorticoids are very difficult to antagonize and very few compounds have been shown to do this effectively. As if it were a surprise, anabolic steroids just happen to be the overall best agents to defeat the seemingly almighty coricoids. The only problem is that anabolic steroids are not always the best compounds to work with because of various negative side effects. Whoops! There I go getting side tracked again! I know this article is about Methoxivone and not cortisol so I'll try to stay on the right subject matter. First, though let me explain that Chinoin tested Ipriflavones in earlier studies against gluccocorticoids. Although Ipriflavone helped to reduce slightly the effects of cortisol, there was no strong inhibition. Methoxivone, on the other hand, almost completely antagonized cortisol's effects at lower dosages and did a good job of attenuating them at higher dosages. Now that we know Methoxivone works, just exactly how is it producing its magic? I wouldn't be all that surprised if, like anabolic steroids, it works on multiple pathways. However, at this time we have only elucidated one mechanism through which Methoxivone works. Remember those nasty little enzymes called calpains? Interestingly, it seems that anabolic isoflavones, especially Methoxivone, modulate or reduce these to some degree. With calpains wreaking less havoc on your muscle tissue, a net anabolic (actually anti-catabolic) response is achieved. This makes sense, especially when you think about the fact that Methoxivone antagonizes the effects of gluccocorticoids so strongly. Simply speaking it puts a monkey wrench in cortisol's machinery. One thing that has always disturbed me is the data given in the patents on the growth rates of various animals supplemented with either Ipriflavone or Methoxivone. Although Methoxivone was 3 times more potent than Ipriflavone according to Chinoin, both isoflavones caused an astonishing percentage increase in the growth rate. For a long time, I expected that a 10% increase in growth rate should translate into a 10% increase in bodyweight for a full-grown person. However, this was faulty thinking since a change in LBM weight is much harder to affect when an animal is full grown than when it is growing. Thus, although the effect of Methoxivone is quite noticeable and satisfying, it won't increase your lean body mass by 40 pounds as you might have expected. Another misconception that I would like to clean up is that an anabolic compound will cause a person to gain weight. Actually this is far from the truth. Actually an anabolic or anti-catabolic compound is what I like to call a nutrient partitioning agent. Normally, when you ingest calories a certain portion of them are used for immediate needs, others are partitioned off into fat stores, and still others are used to build proteinaceous tissues. A nutrient partitioning agent will take more of those calories and shuttle them into proteinaceous tissues. Therefore, a nutrient partitioning agent or anabolic compound will make you leaner and more muscular if your calorie intake remains the same but it won't cause you to gain weight. To gain weight you must either consume more calories or slow down your metabolism. The great thing about taking an anabolic is that if you ingest more calories, it will cause a preferential increase in muscle mass. We see this point perfectly demonstrated in people taking anabolic steroids. If they eat an extra calorie, they will gain weight with a good proportion of this being as lean body mass. If they diet and eat less calories than normal they will obviously lose weight; however more muscle tissue will be preserved and more adipose tissue lost than normal. Methoxivone is no exception to this rule. I have seen it literally do wonders for those people who have an eating habit which supports their goals. Women, who tend to eat a modest amount of calories, tend to lean out significantly and become very fit looking. I have seen men, on the other hand, either gain large amounts of lean body mass or lose considerable amounts of body fat-again depending on their calorie intake. The last thing I want to discus are safety and recommendations. In terms of safety, Methoxivone should be just as safe as Ipriflavone (which is unusually safe for men, women, and even children). Like Ipriflavone, Chinoin performed many studies on multiple animal types which demonstrated its high margin of safety-in both acute and chronic situations. As with other anabolic isoflavones, Methoxivone has the potent ability to increase endurance, lower cholesterol and improve overall health and well being. An effective dose of Methoxivone is 200mg-400mg taken 2-3 times per day. The only catch with this is bioavailability. Unfortunately, without an effective system, Methoxivone is not well absorbed and therefore could be rendered ineffective. Please be sure that any isoflavone product you purchase has a scientifically sound method to drastically increase its bioavailability. Mirabol 100 mg of 19-Nor-4-androstenediol per capsule. Mirabol is an extremely potent, naturally occurring nutrient which has been shown in studies to positively affect nitrogen balance, to increase lean body mass, reduce adipose tissue, act as an anti-estrogen, and improve one's immune system and sense of well-being. Signifigant results in as little as 1-3 weeks! Patented as an anabolic steroid in 1958, Mirabol is highly anti-catabolic, anti-estrogenic, and causes significant changes in one's ratio of lean body mass to fat mass. Mirabol works well for men stacked with Androstenediol. MM4 Revolutionary Stimulant-Free Weight loss Technology! MM4 is a radical new approach to fat burning and metabolism modification without the negative side effects and jitters associated with thermogenic stimulants. Syntrax Innovations proudly introduces a whole new approach in the battle against the bulge. MM4's formula is designed to modify metabolic processes without the use of stimulants. This radical and new formula contains the most potent stimulant free metabolic modifiers that include: Forskolin, Synephrine, Bergenin and Gingerols and Shogaols. Forskolin is a compound shown in many studies to activate adenylate cyclase and increased cyclic AMP levels. Ultimately this results in lipolytic processes being initiated, which release and metabolize fatty acids from adipose tissue. MM4 also contains Bergenin, which has been shown to increase noradrenaline-stimulated lipolysis and decrease insulin-stimulated lipogenesis. Plus, pure pharmaceutical grade Synephrine is included to activate the adrenaline system without the stimulatory effect posed by ephedra-based products. Finally Gingerols and Shogaols are included in MM4 to further potentiate the awesome metabolic modifying effects of the powerful Forskolin, Synephrine and Bergenin. Use MM4 as a stand-alone weight loss product or in conjunction with Adipokinetix or Guggulbolic for an increased synergistic effect. Pentabol Extreme Syntrax Innovations introduces Pentabol Extreme, the first product of our 'Extreme Series' of steroidal nutrients. It truly is the 'evolution of prohormones.' Our exclusive THP Ether technology solves the problem of oral bioavailability once and for all, making Pentabol Extreme the best choice your best choice! Extreme Steroidal Nutrient Technology! Introducing Syntrax Innovations' 'Extreme Series', a revolutionary new series of steroidal nutrients that incorporates the most innovative technology ever in steroidal nutrient science. The 'Extreme Series' incorporates a THP Ether Group in the 17th position of the steroidal nutrient making it ORALLY ACTIVE. This is accomplished because the THP Ether molecule makes the steroidal nutrient very lipophilic (fat soluble), allowing the steroidal nutrient to freely enter the lymphatic system and escape the damaging first pass through the liver. What does this mean? Quite simply, it means dramatic increases in steroidal blood values via the oral route of delivery. The Extreme series is a must for the hardcore athlete and bodybuilder seeking dramatic results in improving performance, strength and increased muscle to fat ratios. The end result is a product that works and is one of the most effective breakthroughs in prohormone science. Pentabol Extreme (5-Androstenediol Ether) incorporates the THP Ether Group to the 5-Androstenediol steroidal nutrient. 5-Androstenediol is known as the anticatabolic steroidal nutrient and is used for its mild anabolic and low androgenic properties. Now, with the incorporation of Syntrax's exclusive THP Ether technology, once and for all the problem of oral bioavailability is solved. 1 capsule provides 75mg of 5-Androstenediol (From 115mg of 5-Androstenediol-TetraHydroPyranyl Mono- and Diethers) RECOMMENDATIONS: Take 1-2 capsules 3 times daily with meals. Proxylon 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone Proxylon is a revolutionary isoflavone compound developed in Hungary in the early 1970's. It is a modified isoflavone shown in studies to be a highly effective nutrient partioning agent. It has been shown to be highly anabolic both to muscle and bone tissue. Proxylon also acts as an anxiolytic agent which means it can decrease the percentage of fat mass. In animal studies, Proxylon increased muscle mass between 8-20% and significantly decreased fat mass. Proxylon is also thought to support healthy cholesterol levels and immune system. Recommendations: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 3-5 times daily with meals. 250 mg of 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone per capsule. 90 capsules per bottle. RADOX Be a Free Radical! Don't Succumb to Them. Introducing the most sophisticated Free Radical Scavenging product ever produced! RADOX contains a full spectrum of the most scientifically advanced compounds with antioxidant properties ever incorporated into one formula. RADOX effectively combats free radicals in your system to add energy and years to your life and help you feel... Young... Strong... Vital! It is a well-known fact that constant stress and intense physical activity on the body such as sports-specific training and weight training have been shown to increase levels of free radicals in the body. High levels of free radicals literally wreak havoc on your body leading to an overall feeling of weakness and lethargy. For a competitive athlete, this can pose a serious problem on overall health and performance. With this in mind, Syntrax Innovations created RADOX. This unrivaled formula is specifically engineered for reducing damaging free radicals and increasing overall health and longevity. Developed especially for the demanding needs of the athlete, RADOX is also ideal for anyone interested in a better Body, better Health, and a better Life. SCIENTIFICALLY ADVANCED INGREDIENTS! The ingredients in RADOX are some of the latest breakthroughs science has to offer. Among these is the powerful FAT-SOLUBLE Co Q-10, an important, naturally occurring antioxidant that is essential for CELLULAR ENERGY PRODUCTION involved in the body. Beyond its effects on nearly every cell in the body, CO Q 10 has specifically been shown in many studies to be a potent inducer of proper CARDIOVASCULAR health and function. Also included is a special WATER SOLUBLE Ginkgo Biloba extract that is 30Flavon Glucosides, 10Ginkgolactones with less than 5ppm Ginkgolic acid. This is the absolute best and most potent Ginkgo extract commercially available. This powerful antioxidant is well known for its ability to enhance CIRCULATION and increase OXYGENATION to the HEART and BRAIN, as well as all other body parts. Specifically, this popular free radical scavenger is known for its ability to aid in MENTAL functioning and is known as the 'smart herb.' RADOX also contains Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) which is unique in that it is both WATER and FAT soluble and may very well join the ranks of vitamins C and E as part of your first-line of defense against free radicals. ALA helps to prevent free radical damage by intensifying the antioxidant properties of vitamin C, E and glutathione. ALA is known as the 'CARBOHYDRATE ANTIOXIDANT' for its marked ability to mimic To make RADOX even better, we selectively added extremely pure WATER SOLUBLE Grape-seed Oligoproanthacyanidins and Green-tea Catechins. Both have the ability to dramatically increase the antioxidative capacity of the BLOOD as well as combat CARCINOGENS, maintain proper COLLAGEN formation, protect fragile MICROVASCULTURE such as capillaries and promote normal blood TRIGLYCERIDE levels. Finally, we've included FAT SOLUBLE Lycopene and Lutein, two of the most powerful carotenoid antioxidants. Studies continue to mount on the many beneficial effects of these two free radical scavengers on the human body. From promoting normal IMMUNITY, to maintaining optimal PROSTATE and OCULAR function, to combating health destroying CARCINOGENS. Lycopene and Lutein should be essentials in every person's diet. When it comes to sports nutrition supplements, you can count on Syntrax Innovations to produce the highest quality formulas with the most up to date innovations science has to offer. As you can see, RADOX is a true breakthrough formula offering both the average person into health and longevity as well as hardcore athletes a full spectrum of proven antioxidants. RADOX is an essential product that no one should be without and may be the singular most important supplement anyone should take!

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