Thiomucase Cream Thiomucase Cream, imported directly from France is widely used around the world by many Athletes, Bodybuilders, Weight Reduction Spas and Beauty Salons. Thiomucase Cream temporarily tightens your skin and may reduce the visible signs of aging by discarding water from the fat cells. Top Amateur & Professional Athletes and Bodybuilders rely on Thiomucase Cream as an integral part of their total fitness program and allows them to achieve not only that "Competitive Edge", but also the "Ripped & Hard Look". It has been stated that "When you look good, you feel good." And when it comes time for you to "Work Hard" or "Play Hard", Thiomucase Cream, coupled with the right mental attitude, a healthy diet and moderate exercise, may be the final piece in the puzzle to allow you to achieve the look and feel that you have long been searching for! Massage Into Skin Until Fully Absorbed. For External Use Only. For Thiomucase to be the most effective, it is recommended that one consume a reduced calorie diet, restrict sodium intake, and follow an intense exercise regimen. Ingredients: Mucopolysaccharides Glyderine 135 TRU, Monostearic Glycerin, Lanolin, Purified Water. Lipomax Gel Surface fat reduction! Lipomax Gel is a topical fat loss gel, designed to target fat deposits in troubled areas of the body. Once applied, Lipomax Gel's unique phospholipid transdermal delivery quickly shuttles potent active ingredients (Aminophylline, Forslkolin, Yohimbine, and Caffeine) into the chosen problem area to reduce local bodyfat. Targeting troubled areas in this fashion provides a great advantage over oral supplementation because the active ingredients are absorbed directly at the problem site, thus achieving a focused result. Whether you're a bodybuilder looking for that finishing touch or a man or woman who just can't seem to get rid of those love handles or unsightly bulges, Lipomax Gel is your answer to finally shedding that stubborn layer of fat. Non-sticky, non-greasy formula and mild vanilla fragrance Lipomax Gel Gets Rid of Surface Body Fat! Finally, there's Lipomax Gel, a unique transdermal gel that penetrates deep into the skin and dissolves stubborn body fat on contact. That's right! A clinically proven, transdermal gel that dissolves surface body fat wherever applied! It's called Lipomax Gel, and it's finally available in the United States in full clinical strength, without a prescription, and without annoying doctor's visits. Lipomax Gel Goes to Work Directly on Your Abs, Biceps, Glutes, Pecs, or Anywhere Else You Rub it In! Lipomax Gel's transdermal gel formulation has been specifically designed to reduce resistant surface body fat wherever applied. Apply Lipomax Gel to your abs, and your abs get ripped. Apply Lipomax Gel to your quads, your quads get ripped. Apply Lipomax Gel to your glutes, biceps, triceps, or lats, and the fat literally melts away, leaving pure, ripped muscle behind! And let's not forget, if you're a man over 40 and have a problem with "love handles" you can't live without Lipomax Gel! That extra edge sets you apart from everyone else in the gym. Best of all, Lipomax Gel gives you the confidence you need to get ahead and stay ahead as you finally experience the attention a great body demands! Sounds too good to be true? Well there are two things that you have to understand before you begin to use the product. First, because Lipomax Gel helps release stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as energy, you have to help burn that released fat by exercising or reducing caloric intake so that free fat isn't re-deposited. Second, you can't rub Lipomax Gel all over your body at the same time. There is simply no way for your body to handle all that fatty waste in your bloodstream. So start with the one area you think needs the most help, and use Lipomax Gel until you get the desired results (usually about one to two weeks). Then move on, one target area at a time, until you get that cut, rock-hard, attention-grabbing look you want and deserve! Megatropin EXTRA STRENGTH EFFERVESCENT SECRETAGOGUE FORMULA TNT consulted with the world's leading researchers and authorities on natural HGH secretagogues with one focused goal in mind. That goal was to engineer the most powerful natural growth hormone-releasing formula ever created. Megatropin combines large doses of growth hormone-releasing amino acids with the latest advances in secretagogue nutrient technology. The precise blend of these compounds produces a synergistic effect so potent even TNT researchers were amazed with the tremendous gains in lean muscle mass, strength and exercise endurance experienced by the subjects cycling Megatropin. That's not all... the unique power of Megatropin was also exhibited by the extraordinary loss of body fat observed in individuals using this revolutionary formula. STATE of the NUTRIENT DELIVERY Hormonal replacement researchers have experimented for years with certain compounds which exhibit the ability to elevate growth hormone levels. When administered intravenously, these compounds substantially elevated GH levels, but often disappointed when researchers switched to oral administration. The problem with using these delicate compounds orally is that the highly acidic environment of the stomach allows for only a 10-15% absorption rate. TNT addresses this problem with a dual action delivery system combining effervescence with pharmaceutical grade glucose polymers. Effervescence helps to neutralize stomach acids while the polymers act as a protective shield for the delicate compounds as they pass through the stomach into the small intestine. Once these amino acids and active nutrients reach the small intestine, they are then released into the bloodstream, for travel to the pituitary hypothalamus axis where the release of growth hormone is stimulated. BENEFITS of ELEVATING HGH LEVELS Increased Lean Muscle Mass Decreased Body Fat Percentage Improved Exercise Endurance Enhanced Muscle Strength Improved Energy Levels Improved Immune System Functions Enhanced Sex Drive and Performance MEGATROPIN'S SUPERIOR INGREDIENT LIST Alpha GPC is an Acetylcholine precursor derived from soy. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter which plays a powerful role in the control of HGH from the pituitary. When acetylcholine levels increase, it causes a decrease in Somatostatin (which inhibits HGH release), thereby allowing GHRF (Growth Hormone Releasing Factor) to stimulate a release in HGH levels. 5-HTP is an immediate precursor to serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps bring on sleep and in the process also increases GH release. 5-HTP is superior to L-Tryptophan because it is a step closer clinically to serotonin. Clinical studies have also shown 5-HTP was effective in treating depression, fibromyalgia, binge eating, chronic headaches, and insomnia. 5-HTP is best when used with Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, which the brain uses to convert tryptophan to serotonin. (Megatropin contains the necessary Vitamin C and B6 needed) Glutamine prevents muscle loss and protects muscle mass, fuels immune system, helps DNA synthesis, cell division and growth, and also crosses the brain-blood barrier into the brain and increases energy and mental alertness. Clinical studies at LSU College of Medicine have shown that 2 grams orally of glutamine raised GH 4 times more than the placebo! Arginine stimulates GH by blocking the secretion of he growth hormone inhibitor somatostatin (as does 5-HTP). Various benefits are: increased fat burning, building of muscle tissue, increased thymus gland activity, boosting immune system, fighting cancer, healing of burns and wounds, protecting the liver and detoxifying harmful substances, enhancing male fertility and sexual function. Ornithine is double the effectiveness of arginine at stimulating a GH release at bedtime. It is very similiar to arginine in works and anti-aging benefits. Ornithine is best when used in a "stack" with arginine, lysine, and glutamine. Lysine affects bone formation, height, and genital function.It also helps cellular receptors and cell growth. Lysine increase thymic hormone secretion which partially reverses the immunodeficiency of aging. Also effective against recurrence of herpes simplex infections. Lysine really works great in an amino acid "stack" with arginine. Glycine increases output in exercise, reduces spasms and hyperactivity of the brain. It only works in an amino acid "stack" for promoting GH release. L-Dopa is the most effective GH stimulator! Studies have shown restoration of GH pulses that had decreased in elderly. L-dopa is a precursor of dopamine, one of the most important neurotransmitters in regulation of GH. It is also the building block for norepinephrine and epinephrine, which increases GH secretion. L-Dopa increases life span, restores the sensitivity of hypothalmus to feedback from the hormonal signals from the rest of the body. It also improves the homeostasis of the body and acts as a sexual stimulant. Niacin is a potent GH releaser. Recent studies have shown that 200 milligram dosages increased GH levels eight-fold! Even though there is 50mg of Niacin in Megatropin, the effervescent delivery sytem yields about 4-5 times that amount, making it an aggressive GH releaser. One of the bonuses of this is that you will not get the "flushing" effect normally associated with those high amounts of Niacin intake. Colostrum is considered to be one of the most important ingredients in a good HGH enhancer. Colostrum contains IGF-1, a fancy way of saying "human growth hormone". Scientific research conducted in the last decade in major medical research centers and universities throughout the world, has shown that the molecular combinations of the immune and growth factors in cow's Colostrum are virtually identical to human. Research has also shown that only Colostrum is not species specific and can work in humans and lower mammals. Colostrum is expensive in pill form that's why a lot of the truly ultra cheap HGH enhancers don't contain it. Some of the ultra expensive ones don't contain it either but Megatropin does! Milk Thistle is a vital part of the Megatropin formula because it supports liver function. Since Human Growth Hormone is converted to IGF-1 in the liver you have to make sure your liver is functioning properly. The Milk Thistle provided in the Megatropin formula will ensure proper liver function and conversion to the powerful anabolic hormone, IGF-1! DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take one packet mixed with 4-6oz. of cold water at bedtime on an empty stomach. A regimen of 5 days on and 2 days off is to be followed when cycling MEGATROPIN. This regimen should continue for 12 weeks, followed by a 4 week break before beginning another 12 week cycle of MEGATROPIN. Cycling MEGATROPIN in this manner supports natural feedback mechanisms which can be interrupted by continually stimulating growth factors from an outside source. Receptor sites which will have increased activity during periods of stimulation will also get a chance to rest. Q: What makes Megatropin so effective? A: Megatropin is a doctor-formulated nutritional supplement that increases the body's production and release of the body's fountain of youth hormone-Human Growth Hormone-also known as HGH. Megatropin is the most comprehensive formula on the market today. It has every nutrient ever tested and clinically proven to increase the body's own production of HGH in it, all synergistically combined to give you the results you demand. It is an all natural product and therefore can be used safely and effectively to literally build the human body by increasing the body's own stores of HGH. Q: What is Human Growth Hormone? A: Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is one of the most important hormones in your body, often called the 'Master Hormone' of the human body.The pituitary gland in your brain produces the hormone and releases in response to hypothalamic pulses of the growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH). After the age of 20 years old, the hormone release decreases. Stress and toxins in our environment today have caused the decrease to occur at an even faster rate. Once the body hits age 30 most people start to notice an increase in the aging of the body; one of the leading factors involved in this increase in the aging process is the decline of the production of Human Growth Hormone. Studies indicate that your body produces about 15% less of the hormone with each successive decade. The older you get the less your body produces and releases of the hormone, and thus you start to notice that you look and feel older. Luckily by supplementing with Megatropin there is now something you can do about this! Q: How does Human Growth Hormone work in my body? A: All of the systems in your body are stimulated by Human Growth Hormone. The hormone increases your metabolism helping to break down fat, build proteins, and create lean muscle. Because it affects almost all of the different systems of the body, it is the hormone often referred to as the "fountain of youth hormone" due to it's youth-promoting benefits. Consider it the body's 'master hormone.' It is not gender-specific; meaning it appears in the same amounts in both men and women. And starts decline at the same time as well. Many of today's top professional athletes, bodybuilders, and celebrities supplement with Megatropin to achieve that strong, ripped look. Q: How long has Human Growth Hormone been tested with people? A: Human Growth Hormone has been studied and tested on people for over forty years. In 1998 the National Institute of Aging completed an extensive clinical study. From this study the results have been described as "too good to be true", and "miraculous" by the medical communities around the world. That is why HGH has received so much press the last few years. Q: Has the FDA approved Human Growth Hormone? A: The FDA has approved the injectable Human Growth Hormone for growth deficiency in children and for anti-aging therapies in adults. Megatropin is a dietary supplement that can achieve the same anti-aging benefits to the body, but does it naturally. Q: What is Megatropin? Does it contain Human Growth Hormone? A: Megatropin is a stimulator/releaser, also known as a 'secretagogue', of your body's own natural production of Human Growth Hormone. This product was developed as a natural alternative to give the same results as you would receive if you were to take Human Growth Hormone in the injectable form. The ingredients in Megatropin are 100% natural. There are no drugs in the product. There are no synthetic ingredients or chemicals in the product either. The ingredient list in Megatropin is jam packed with today's most potent GH releasing componds!!! Q: How long will it be before I begin to notice results? A: Each person has a different physiology therefore the time for each individual may vary. In general, benefits will become apparent within one to two weeks of taking the product. The benefits that are most apparent within this time are improved sense of well being, increased energy levels, and better sleep patterns. Between the first and second month other results will be noticed. These results include fat loss, tighter firmer skin, restore of hair loss, and improvement of muscle tone. In time your body will repair itself; but remember, the aging process is slow and gradual and so is the reversal of most aging factors. THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO TO REVERSE AGING IN THE HUMAN BODY IS START TAKING MEGATROPIN BEFORE THE AGING PROCESS BEGINS TO AFFECT THE BODY. For most individuals, this is somewhere between the ages of 25 and 30 years old. Q: Does Megatropin have many benefits for people who are weight training or trying to gain muscle mass? A: Megatropin is great who individuals trying to gain muscle mass or size. HGH is the leading hormone in building new muscle cells. By increasing your HGH production, you will then increase your muscle size and mass. Obviously, you have to be doing some resistance excersises to achieve this. Not only will Megatropin help build muscle, but it helps decrease fat as well! The harder you train, the bigger you will get! If you are not weight training, Megatropin will still put your body in the optimal position to build muscle but the results usually are just a more defined, muscular look, not any real size gain. Q: Why should I choose to take Megatropin rather than receive the injections from my doctor? A: The HGH in the injectable form that you can receive from your doctor actually contains very high levels of synthetic human growth hormone. This is an invasive, very unnatural therapy. Studies have shown that the injections cause side effects such as joint pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and may promote cancer growth, as well as contribute to increased fluid retention. Megatropin does not contain any levels of growth hormone. Instead Alpha GPC, 5-HTP, L-Dopa and Amino Acids in the Megatropin act as stimulators to your body's pituitary gland causing your pituitary to produce your own Growth Hormone. Unlike the injections, Megatropin has no risks of side effects. The effects that you experience are only positive. Q: Do I have to stop taking the product for a few months as recommended or can I stay on it indefinitely? A: This is a very common question. Most people feel so good once they start to take Megatropin that they are afraid to stop taking it. They don't want to lose the positive benefits they have received. The answer is, you don't have to stay on the product indefinitely. But it wont hurt you if you do. Many people will take the product for four or five months straight and then go off of it for a month or two. And then start up again. It is perfectly safe to do so. You will know what is best for you by how you look and feel. Q: Why is Megatropin so inexpensive when it has so many miraculous benefits? A: It is true that compared to human growth hormone injections, which can run between $1000 to $1800 per month, Megatropin is rather inexpensive. with all the benefits that increasing your levels of human growth hormone are associated with, one would think that a product like this would carry a much a higher price tag. But there simply isn't any reason for the product to cost anymore than it does. You receive remarkable muscle-building/ anti-aging benefits at a cost that is affordable and very worth every penny. Q: Why is Megatropin the most popular Human Growth Hormone supplement on the market today? A: Megatropin is an all-natural product that works! Plain and simple. Today more and more people are realizing the importance of supplementation and what a tremendously positive impact it can have on their lives. With today's advancing technology in anti-aging medical research, there is simply no excuse not to do your best to look and feel as good as you can for as long as you can. There is tons of research pouring in from countries all over the world about the amazing results people obtain from using Megatropin . It is the most advanced Human Growth Hormone supplement on the market today. It really makes a noticeable difference in peoples lives. This is the reason why this product is so popular. Metabolic Carb Krush Metabolic Carb-Krush is a multi-action formula designed to accelerate fat loss by inhibiting the absorption of carbohydrates and jump-starting your metabolism. Krushing the Carbs Phaseolamine, an extract of white kidney bean, inhibits the enzyme alpha-amylase. By inhibiting this enzyme, the conversion of carbohydrates to glucose (sugar) is suppressed. Prevention of this conversion obstructs the absorption of a portion of your total carbohydrates each day, eliminating the sugars and calories attributed to them. Carbohydrates that would normally be stored as fat, are now being passed out of the body without any negative effects. Boosting the metabolism Guggulsterones can be a vital tool for individuals on a calorie restricted diet. Caloric restrictions have a negative effect on metabolism by lowering the body's production of thyroid hormones. Research shows that guggulsterones can counteract this negative effect by increasing the production of various thyroid hormones. This increased thyroid production stimulates your metabolism, enabling your body to stay in a mode suitable for weight loss. Green Tea plays a dual role in the Metabolic Carb-Krush formula. It slows carbohydrate absorption, which helps to keep them from being stored as fat, and increases resting energy expenditure. A recent study showed that green tea increased resting energy expenditure by 4% over a 24 hour period. These specific properties make green tea an excellent addition to any weight loss formula. L-Tyrosine is included as a precursor to norepinephrine and epinephrine, two key neurotransmitters that work to initiate the process of burning fat. Synephrine (from Citrus Aurantium extract) is a thermogenic agent that stimulates an increase in the metabolic rate. It also increases lipolysis (fat breakdown) and exerts an appetite suppressant effect. The nervousness and blood pressure concerns associated with other thermogenic agents seem to be avoided with the use of synephrine. If you are sensitive to stimulants but would like to use a thermogenic, synephrine is your answer. Methoxybolic X Methoxybolic-X is a revolutionary formula designed to enhance protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, support natural testosterone release and inhibit the secretion of cortisol. The anabolic properties of Methoxybolic-X's unique multi-action complex, when used in conjunction with a diet rich in protein, will maximize muscle growth, enhance training endurance and improve recovery from exercise. Methoxybolic-X's Anabolic Components Methoxyisoflavone is a non-hormonal isoflavone with anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. Research has shown that Methoxyisoflavone optimizes both protein synthesis and nitrogen retention which are vital for the growth of lean muscle tissue. Ecdysterone is a highly anabolic non-hormonal compound that has shown in research to have a direct correlation with increases in lean mass as well as decreases in body fat. Tribulus Terrestris (45% Furostanolic Saponins) is a powerful herbal compound which, when used in significant dosages, will enhance testosterone release and stimulate lean body mass. Methoxybolic X will provide a daily dose of 1200mg of Tribulus Terrestris standardized for 540 mg of Furostanolic Saponins. Increases in sex drive are also associated with Tribulus at this dosage. Zinc, Magnesium, B6 are vital nutrients which, when combined, support testosterone and IGF-1 levels. Research shows that up to 68% of the population's diet may be deficient in these nutrients. Avena Sativa can increase free testosterone levels by stimulating LH (luteinizing hormone). LH is responsible for signaling the testes to increase the production of testosterone. When combined with tribulus terrestris, it produces a synergistic effect for a far greater result than when these herbs are used individually. Methoxybolic-X's Powerful Effects Increased Protein Synthesis Promotes Lean Body Mass Anti-Catabolic Improved Recovery from Exercise Supports Testosterone and IGF- 1 Levels Promotes decrease in Body Fat Enhances Sex Drive Nitro ATP WHATS MISSING FROM YOUR CREATINE SUPPLEMENT? Sure, there are some quality Creatine/Performance products on the market, and some may have an ingredient or feature in common with NITRO-ATP, but none combine all of the components necessary to provide NITRO-ATP's ultimate synergistic effects. Take a look below and compare your current creatine product to NITRO-ATP's vital components and see what you've been missing. Oh, by the way, there is ONE thing missing from the NITRO-ATP formula... SUGAR! IF CREATINE HASN'T WORKED AS WELL FOR YOU AS YOU WOULD HAVE LIKED, THEN SUPPLEMENTAL RIBOSE MAY BE YOUR ANSWER! The phosphagen energy system (ATP and Phosphocreatine) is the primary source of energy during high intensity workouts. Your body's ability to keep pace with ATP production is essential to performing at the highest level. It can take up to three days for the body to replenish ATP stores to their peak after intense exercise. Using a ribose supplement like that contained in NITRO-ATP can alleviate this problem. Ribose, which generates ATP through a completely different pathway than that of creatine, is slowly produced in the body during glucose metabolism. Taking a ribose supplement bypasses this process by providing the substrates needed for ATP production. Once basic substrate molecules are lost, creatine supplementation alone cannot enhance energy levels until ribose is available to produce the essential ATP substrates. ADVANCED LOW CARBOHYDRATE CREATINE DELIVERY NITRO-ATP enhances creatine delivery by using a precise blend of ingredients supporting maximum intake and absorption. Arginine, a vital component in the NITRO-ATP creatine delivery system, has the ability to increase the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps to mediate insulin, thus supporting creatine transport without the use of excessive amounts of sugar. Phosphates have been included for increased creatine storage in muscle cells, while effervescent technology buffers stomach acids for improved absorption and bioavailability. EFFERVESCENCE SUPPORTS INCREASED GLUTAMINE ABSORPTION Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body. It promotes protein synthesis, hydrates muscle cells and helps synthesize ATP. Physical exercise can rapidly deplete glutamine stores, putting the body into a catabolic state if not replenished. Using effervescent technology like that in NITRO-ATP supports increased absorption and bioavailability of this vital nutrient while buffering it from stomach acids. NITRO-ATP's POWERFUL EFFECTS Enhances muscle size, strength and performance supports muscle tissue repair and recovery Improves cell volume and nutrient delivery Supports elevated HGH levels Enhances protein synthesis and nitrogen retention Thermokinetic X Thermokinetic-x takes fat burning to another level with this xtreme formula designed to ignite your metabolic fire and super charge your workouts. New Breakthroughs in Fat Loss Technology! Sure, your current fat burner may have been state-of-the-art in 1998, but research continues and thermokinetic-x has added the most effective new active ingredients (Coleus forskholi, yohimbine, green tea extract, synephrine) to the tried and true components of the past (ephedrine alkaloids, caffeine, chromium, l-tyrosine, white willow bark) to form the most effective product of its kind. Compare your current fat burner to Thermokinetic-X Per 2 Capsules Ingredient Amount Function Chromium 100 mcg Aids in glucose metabolism. Green tea leaf extract (100 mg Caffeine) 477 mg Significantly increases resting energy expenditure and helps to keep carbohydrates from being stored as fat. Guarana seed extract (100 mg caffeine) 455 mg With ephedrine, provides a synergistic thermogenic fat burning effect. Also helps to rid body of excess water. Ma Huang Herb Extract (20 mg Ephedrine Alkaloids) 250 mg Powerful thermogenic that effectively accelerates fat burning and increases energy levels. L-Tyrosine 170 mg Precursor to norepinephrine and epinephrine, two neurotransmitters that initiate the process of fat burning. Coleus Forskholi (10% Forskholi) 150 mg Increases metabolic rate and thermogenisis with its thyroid stimulating effects. Promotes lean body mass and amplifies thermogenic effects of ephedrine and caffeine Citrus Aurantium (5 mg Synephrine) 85 mg Thermogenic agent that enhances the effects of the caffeine-ephedrine stack. Has also been shown to increase lipolysis (fat breakdown). Licorice Root 80 mg Supports adrenal functions that can be stressed when using thermogenic agents. Ginger Root 50 mg Aids in the absorption of active ingredients and enhances the thermogenic response. White Willow Bark 100 mg Used to help potentiate thermogenic compounds. Yohimbine (from Yohimbe Bark Extract) 3mg Blocks the negative actions of receptors that are abundant in troubled areas (hips, abs, buttocks), therefore assisting in fat loss in those sites.

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