Protein/Carb Bars Bio-Protein Bar Champion Nutrition SnacBar EAS Myoplex Lite Bar EAS Myoplex Plus Deluxe Bar GeniSoy Soy Protein Bar MET-Rx "Big 100" Food Bar Muscletech MESO-Tech Bars PowerBar ProteinPlus Bars Sportpharma Promax Bar Universal Animal Snak Bar
Low Carbohydrate Bars Very Low Carb Protein Bars: Atkins Advantage Bar Biochem Lo Carb Bar Biochem Lo Carb Bar 2 Cytodyne Methoxy Pro Bar EAS Low Carb Myoplex Bars KETO Bars Labrada LowCarb (CarbWatchers) Lean Body Bar Optimum Complete Protein Diet Bar Twinlab Metabolift Bars (contains ephedra) Universal Doctor's Diet LowCarb Bar Very Low Carb Solid Chocolate Bars: Atkins Endulge Chocolate Bar Carbolite Sugar Free Chocolate Bars Daskalides Sugar Free Chocolate Bars Pure De-Lite Sugar Free Chewy Sensations Pure De-Lite Sugar Free Chocolate Bars Pure De-Lite Sugar Free Treasure Bites Pure De-Lite Sugar Free Truffles Universal Doctor's Diet Solid Chocolate Bar Very Low Carb Candies: Biochem Ultimate Protein Candy Carbolite Sugar Free Candies Darrell Lea Sugar Free Chocolate Almonds Pure De-Lite Gummy Zoo Animals Low Carb Protein Bars: AST Vyo-Pro Bar Designer Protein Bar EAS Muscle Drive HP Bar EAS Results Weight Management Bar ISS Pro42 Bar Labrada Lean Body Bar MET-Rx AfterFX Bar MET-Rx Protein Plus Bar Muscle-Tech Nitro-Tech Bar Nature's Best Solid Protein Bars Premier 8 Bar Sportpharma Promax Lean Protein Bar Worldwide Pure Protein Bar
40-30-30 (Zone) Bars Balance Bar Balance+ Bar Balance Outdoor Bar Twinlab PR Ironman Bar Soy Sensations Bar ZonePerfect Bar Carbohydrate Energy Bars Clif Bar EAS Results For Women Complete Energy Bar Luna Bar Power Bar PowerBar Harvest Bar Energy Gels: Carb-Boom Energy Gel

Nutrition food bars provide a complete meal or snack in a very convenient form for times during the day that you are unable to eat a complete, balanced whole-foods based meal. Whether your job requires you to travel a lot, you have a busy meeting schedule, or you are just too busy to prepare a nutritious meal, there are times that a quick meal in a "candy bar" form is very convenient to have available. Sometimes it can save you from a trip to the unhealthy candy vending machine! As with the Meal Replacement Powders (MRP), nutrition food bars offer an excellent macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) and micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) profile in a convenient food bar form. These bars are useful for in-between meal healthy snacks or as part of a meal itself. By eating at regular intervals throughout the day, you will avoid the intense hunger which often leads to overeating and unhealthy snacking. We carry several different bars which you should choose based on their features and you needs. If you are following the Zone diet, the ZonePerfectTM Bars, Balance Bars, or Twinlab PR*Ironman Bars may be your best choice. If you are following a low-fat diet, then the Promax Bar, Power Bars or MET-Rx bars may be a better choice for you. If you are primarily interested in supplementing your diet with Whey protein or other high quality protein powders while you eat whole food carbohydrates in whole-food form (for example: fruits and vegetables), then you might be interested in the Pure Protein Bar. Whatever your needs, Netrition offers a nutrition bar to help you achieve your goals!

Protein Powders Since Whey protein is the most prevalent form of protein powder sold today, we have grouped the protein powders into two main categories: Soy, Egg, and Vegetable Protein Powders Whey Protein Powders (including protein blends including whey protein)

Soy, Egg, Vegetable and Other Protein Powders Egg Protein Soy Protein Other Protein Powders Carbolite Egg Protein Shake Optimum Nutrition 100% Egg Protein Universal Whegg (Whey + Egg) Carbolite Soy Protein Shake Universal Advanced Soy Protein EAS SimplyProtein Complete Soy GeniSoy UltraSoy Protein KETO Soy Shake Mix Twinlab Vege Fuel Naturade 100% Soy Protein ZonePerfect Protein Powder Naturade Vegetable Protein Naturade N-R-G Protein Whey Protein Powders Whey Protein Isolate Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate Whey Protein Isolate powders go through the best filtering process to remove fat and carbohydrates. In general, these powders will contain a higher percentage of protein compared to Whey Protein Concentrate - generally around 90% protein. ABB Extreme Pure Pro Powder AST Sports Science VP2 Cytodyne CytoPro WPI EAS Precision Protein Nature's Best IsoPure Protein Kaizen Whey Protein Isolate Prolab Whey Protein Isolate TNT Isolate-X Packets: Worldwide Extreme Pure Protein Powder Champion Nutrition Pro-Score 100 Cytodyne Methoxy-Pro ISS Research Complete Whey Power Labrada ProPlete MuscleTech NITRO-Tech Designer Protein EAS Muscle Drive HP 5 lb. canister: Labrada ProPlete Whey Protein Concentrate Protein Blends with Whey Protein Whey Protein Concentrate is much more economical than the Isolates because the process of removing most of the carbs and fat is relatively inexpensive compared to getting the maximal amounts out to isolate the protein. Generally around 75% to 80% protein. Champion Nutrition Pure Whey Protein Stack GEN HumanoPro HDT Instant Whey Protein Shake Sportpharma Just-WHEY Sportpharma Methoxy Maxx 5 lb. canisters: Champion Pure Whey Protein Stack HDT 5 Plus 1 Whey Protein ISS Research Whey Matrix Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Prolab Pure Whey Protein Next Protein's Big Whey EAS Simply Whey Protein Many researchers believe that quick-absorbing proteins like Whey Protein are best immediately after a workout when your body has extra protein needs, but a mixture of various slower-absorbing proteins are better at other times of the day to spread out the absorption throughout the day as best as possible. Below are products containing blends of various protein sources. Biotest Low Carb Grow! Advanced Protein HDT Pro Blend 55 ISS Research ProM3 MET-Rx Protein Plus Labrada ProV60 Optimum Pro Complex Muscle-Link ProFusion Naturade N-R-G Protein Sportpharma Promax Syntrax Isomatrix Universal Nutrition Animal Max Universal Nutrition Whegg Zone Perfect Protein Powder Soy, Vegetable and Egg Protein Powders Protein powders are useful to supplement your diet with a high quality protein without consuming the saturated fats that frequently accompany whole foods that are high in protein. Some people prefer to eat foods that are high in carbohydrates, so consuming protein drinks with meals allows them to continue to eat their preferred foods while getting the protein their body needs. Protein powder is also excellent for use in recipes to make Zone diet, low carbohydrate diet, ketogenic diet, or just high protein meals. The Biological Value, or BV, of a protein is an indicator of the quality of the protein. It is a measure of a protein's ability to be used by the body (or its bioavailability). It is a percentage (though the scale is skewed resulting in some BV's of greater than 100) of the absorbed protein that your body actually uses. Biological Values are indicators of which proteins are best at aiding nitrogen retention in muscles to help them maintain or grow in mass. Many of the whey protein powder manufacturers claim that their products have BV values well above regular whey protein by various techniques such as ion-exchange processing, hydrolization, and adding other ingredients such as specific amounts of limiting essential amino acids. Hydrolyzation is a process breaking large peptides into smaller ones. It is sometimes referred to as "pre-digested". Regular undigested whey will be broken down into di- and tri-peptides via enzymes in the gut and will be absorbed, but the process takes a while. Hydrolyzation is useful when protein delivery is needed very quickly so the body doesn't have to require the time and enzymes doing it. The benefit is of having a quickly absorbed protein immediately after a workout to ensure the muscle tissue is flooded with nutrients in a timely manner. Protein Source BV Whey Protein Isolate Blends Whey Concentrate (Lactalbumin) Whole Egg Cow's Milk Egg White (Albumin) Fish Beef Chicken Casein Rice Soy Wheat Beans Peanuts

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