Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Tester Kit This "Kit" comes with a booklet explaining exactly how to use the Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Tester and contains a Fat Loss Plan. If you do not need the booklet, you can buy just the fat caliper itself cheaper by clicking here. Doctors, personal trainers, and nutritionists recommend the periodic measurement of body fat for maintaining proper health status. Enjoy the ability to measure body fat easily by yourself, in the privacy of your own home, with the reliability and accuracy that is expected of today's registered medical devices. Recommended by Bill Phillips in Body-for-LIFE and endorsed by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Testers have gold standard accuracy to within 1.1% of underwater weighing results! Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Testers are easy to use in the privacy of your home, with superior accuracy and reliability. Since the majority of fat on the body is located directly under the skin, a very efficient and practical way to measure your body fat percentage is skinfold measurement - the scientific approach to the time-honored "pinch an inch" method. The Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Tester is a precision instrument which has been shown in clinical studies to be closer in accuracy to the "gold standard" underwater weighing than any of the more elaborate methods of measuring body fat (without the inconvenience, expense, trained personnel, and lack of privacy these methods entail). No more underwater weighing or expensive testing required for body fat measurement! Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Testers are manufactured with Delrin, a thermoplastic polymer from DuPont. Delrin products have gained widespread recognition for performance reliability in thousands of products used worldwide in consumer goods, healthcare, transportation, appliance, industrial machinery, and electronics industries. Delrin enables Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Testers to last through thousands of uses and for Accu-Measure to stand behind its accuracy, durability, and reliability with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. The United States Patent and Trademark office awarded the patent to Accu-Measure in 1992 for a skinfold caliper for an individual to accurately and inexpensively measure one's own body fat. AccuFitness also has patents in Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Unique, patented features include an audible and a tactile "click" when the predetermined pressure level is reached for accurate body fat measurement. The "click and feel" approach help an individual generate accurate, repeatable, and reliable results. Measuring the fat content at a particular site on your body to determine your total body fat is a matter of "sampling". Just as a doctor can do a complete blood profile with a small sample of blood or political pollsters can predict how the entire country will vote based on a representative sample of voters, it is possible to determine total body fat from measuring the fat content at a representative site on the body. After using underwater weighing as the criterion to determine the total body fat on thousands of men and women, experts were then able to use skinfold calipers to determine particular "sample" sites where fat content correlated highest and was most representative of total body fat; the suprailliac being one of the top sites. Keep in mind that areas of the body which have the most fat aren't necessarily the best sites to determine total body fat percentage. The best sites are those which reflect increases or decreases in proportion to increases or decreases in total body fat; thus making them a good "representative sample." FatTrack Computerized Body Fat Calipers Now You Can Easily Monitor Your Body Fat Levels With Computerized Digital Accuracy Digital Technology Ultra-Accurate Convenient State-of-the Art Building muscle is one thing, but building solid, lean, fat free muscle is quite another. You have to train right, you have to eat right, and you have to make sure you are supplementing correctly. But even with all this covered you need an accurate way to measure just how well your program is working. Sure the scale might be going up, but is the majority of weight you are gaining muscle? Now there is a new state of the art way to monitor your lean mass and body fat levels accurately and conveniently. It's called FatTrack and it's absolutely awesome. FatTrack is a computerized skinfold caliper that is ultra-accurate down to the millimeter. It uses a patent pending "Floating Code Thickness Measuring System" that detects the smallest change in measurement with unmatched accuracy. FatTrack stores each measurement in memory and then calculates your body fat percentage instantly and accurately. There is no math to do, FatTrack does it all for you. FatTrack can store data for up to three people and has an "undo" function so you can take multiple measurements until you get it perfect. FatTrack has a "self-calibration" feature that maintains a lifetime measuring accuracy. It also stores maximum and minimum thickness at each measuring site so you can monitor, with a Statistical Report, exactly what is happening with your body fat levels. FatTrack comes with complete detailed instructions as well as tips on how make your measurements as accurate as possible. This is a "must-have" tool in your quest for optimum physical condition. The best double line display pedometer for walking, hiking and/or jogging. Accurately measures your distance, steps (including steps per minute and miles per hour), calories, speed, and time actually spent exercising. Seven (7) day memory keeps your activity for the past 7 days -- all instantly recallable. Time of day clock keeps you on time. Scan feature shows you all your information without having to push a button. Automatically shuts "off" when there's no activity, "on" when there is. Features: New European design, easy-to-read flipcase design Displays distance traveled, steps, mph, steps per minute, and calories burned Distance measured to 1/100 of a mile (.01), steps to 10,000 Distance and stride sets in mile (ML) and kilometers (KM) "Scan" feature automatically cycles through all functions and displays distance, steps, timer, calories, mph, steps per min., and time-of-day Individual stride adjustment for walking and running Automatic built-in sensitivity adjustment Large double display Push-button mode and selection buttons KM or MILE selectable Stride length adjustable from 1 to 6 feet Reebok Fitness Trainer Heart Rate Monitor The Reebok Fitness Trainer heart rate monitor is your DIGITAL COACH, helping to keep your workout at the right intensity level. Your Reebok heart rate monitor can help you: Lose weight, burn fat, and improve your body composition Improve your overall fitness level Improve your athletic performance Improve your health and lower your cholesterol The Reebok Fitness Trainer - with its loads of great features - is great for all levels of fitness enthusiasts! Attractive watch with easy to read triple row display Time of day, heart rate and % of maximum heart rate - all on one screen Watch function simply displays time with day and date Time alarm 3 Target Heart Rate Zones automatically set through QUICK START feature - Enter your age (or maximum heart rate) and 3 target zones are automatically set High and Low Audible and Visible Alarms - when reaching target heart rate limits Time in Zone (Target Zone Memory) - Displays time in, above, and below target zone with average heart rate Powerful Stopwatch - 100 hours with 50 lap memory and corresponding heart rate Displays elapsed stopwatch time up to 100 hours, heart rate, and % of maximum heart rate with current target zone - all on one screen Stores all 50 lap/split times in memory with average heart rate for each lap Split Time stored with heart rate at time of key press Key Press Heart Rate - Manually measures heart rate without the chest strap as you take your pulse Auto Scan - Automatically scans, displays, and stores: Maximum Heart Rate and % of maximum heart rate Average Heart Rate and % of maximum heart rate Minimum Heart Rate and % of maximum heart rate Scrolling Display - Quickly and easily scrolls through each mode of information Time of Day (TIME) Stopwatch (STW) Time in Zone (TIZ) Key Press Softflex Chest Transmitter Water Resistant to 20 Meters User-changeable battery Reebok University Training Guide Attractive carrying case Night Vision Back Light Canthaxanthin is a naturally occurring carotenoid found in many different plants and animals. It is the red coloring of many fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It gives the pink hue to the feathers of brightly colored birds such as flamingos. A few species of pink shellfish and some ocean crustaceans such as the red lobster contain the xanthophyll as pigment. Although Canthaxanthin is approved by the U.S. FDA for use in food coloring, it's use as a tanning agent is not approved and not recommended. There may be potential problems associated with long term use and ingestion of large amounts of Canthaxanthin. We urge you to do your own research. Side Effects: Canthaxanthin will turn the stool and some other body waste a reddish color. This occurs when the body expels excessive amounts of Canthaxanthin that can not be assimilated. Also, excessive amounts (more that can be absorbed by the body fat) will turn the palms of the hands and the bottom of the feet an orange/bronze color, indicating that the dosage should be reduced. The orange tint on the palms and feet should gradually become less noticeable after the dosage is cut in half. Please note: This product has nothing to do with the skin's normal tanning process from ultra violet stimulation. Dream Tan Dream Tan is an easy to use emollient-based tanning cream designed specifically for use by competitive bodybuilders. Maxabol Finally, a sports enhancing product has been developed that actually exceeds the rapid gains and performance levels known up to now only with the prescription type products developed in the 40's and 50's. Let's face the facts, modern science and organic chemistry has come a long way since 1950 and it was bound to happen sooner or later. Through a process called micro-activation, compounds that were once prescription and only available to the body via inter-muscular injection can now be administered orally, with a high absorption rate. For years Maxam has been studying the positive attributes of several well-known and highly effective prescription type sports enhancing products, and MAXABOL is the answer. In Maxam's own clinical study, besides being 100% safe, and 100% legal, the administration of MAXABOL has shown some incredible results in both men and women athletes. Rapid increase in muscle gain and reduction in body fat. Dramatic increase in strength and endurance. Positive results noticed in first days of use, not weeks. High stimulation of phosphocreatine synthesis. Nonaromatizing; does not suppress natural hormones. Increased sense of well being. No fluid retention *. Because of MAXABOL'S unique delivery system and organic structure there can never be any liver damage or toxic effects on the body's systems whatsoever*. The long wait is finally over, with MAXABOL all you add is protein and a training program. You're goals are closer than you think. Safe, legal, and effective* (*at suggested dose). Contents: Maxabol contains DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and pregnolone (to suppress estrogen formation). Suggested Use: Divide your body weight in pounds by 50 for men and by 100 for women and round up. Take that many tablets each day in 2 ~ equal doses morning and afternoon whether you work out that day or not. One of those doses should be before your work out. Do not eat or drink anything 15 minutes before or after taking Maxabol or you will reduce or eliminate the effectiveness by washing it out of your mouth. Use a cycle of 6-8 weeks on and 1 week off for Maxabol. Tribestrone II from Advanced Sports Nutrition (ASN) is a new maximum strength version of regular Tribestrone with 50% more Tribulus Terrestris and 1.5 mg of Bioperine added for increased bioavailability. This product contains three potent botanicals: tribulus terrestis L., ashwaganda and mucuna. These three components in combination have been highly regarded since ancient times by many eastern cultures and heavily applied and researched by the Bulgarians. Very effective for the competitive bodybuilder by acting as a nutrient to the glands and stimulating hormone release. Originally applied in the Aryuvedic practice of holistic medicine, it is one of the few substances that actually increase seminal fluid, not only by volume but by sperm count, at the same time exhibiting increased sexual performance and activity in both men and women. Clinical studies in Bulgaria involving the primary constituents in Tribestrone confirmed experimental data pointing to a pronounced stimulation of sexual functions attributed to a formula consisting of these exact components. These three active components, known as steroidal saponins of the furostanol type, may increase sexual drive, fertility and sperm mobility. The three components work synergistically through a nonhormonal pathway by supporting the bodies own hormonal feedback system and may also assist in improved athletic performance. Each tablet contains: 450 mg of Tribulus Terrestris L. extract 100 mg of Ashwaganda extract 100 mg of Mucuna extract 1.5 mg of Bioperine Standardized extract 90 tablets per bottle. Suggested Use: Take 1-2 tablets 1-3 times each day, or as directed by your health care professional.

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