Atkins 2 Week Start Kit Everything you need to take the first step on The Atkins Diet. Since getting started is the hardest part of anything new, we've made it easier by bringing together everything you need for your first two weeks on The Atkins Diet. The cornerstone of the kit is a booklet that includes an overview of Dr. Atkins philosophy, a step-by-step guide of exactly what to do, favorite recipes, plus a menu planner, carb counter and personal progress chart. Also included are two-week supplies of Basic #3 45 tablets, Essential Oils 30 softgels, and Dieters Advantage 60 tablets, plus over $50 in discounts and rebates for Atkins Products and services. A convenient beginning. Atkins Advantage Bars On the Atkins Diet and on the go? It's not as hard as it sounds with the Atkins Diet Advantage Bar -- a super-nutritious "candy bar-like" food bar that's 100% compatible with all phases of the Atkins Diet. The Advantage Bar has one of the lowest carb count of any food bar on the market today (only 2.6 grams or less of digestible carbohydrate per bar). The Advantage Bar contains about 250 calories and is also loaded with 40-70% RDA of 18 essential vita-nutrients, including vitamin C (60%), calcium (69%), zinc (60%), and folic acid (60%). All this plus 18 grams of protein and essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. You'll love the taste. The original Advantage Bar combines the mellow richness of premium Macadamia nuts (the near perfect Atkins Diet food!) with a rich chocolate coating. The Almond Brownie with bits of real almond throughout tastes like a real brownie from the bakery - minus all the carbohydrates! If you've had sugar and chocolate cravings but wanted to stay true to the Atkins Diet, you'll love this Advantage Bar. Or, for peanut butter fans, try the Chunky Peanut Butter for a wonderful treat. Now sweetened with Sucralose instead of Aspartame. Atkins Diet Syrups New from Atkins! Scrumptious sugar-free syrup flavors! When you're craving something sweet, it's time for a gourmet flavor sensation: new Atkins Diet Sugar-Free Syrups. Now a rich Atkins blend, new Atkins Diet Sugar-Free Syrups have no aspartame and a great smooth taste. These syrups are a delicious alternative to sugar. Turn your ordinary seltzer or soda water into a fountain of delight. Flavor-up your coffee or tea. Pour over Atkins Diet Bake Mix pancakes. Also, try DaVinci Gourmet Sugar Free Syrups are available in 22 flavors for use in coffee drinks, sodas, desserts, and more. The same world-class flavor as their classic flavors, but without the calories. Thus, they are extremely popular among diabetics, low-carb dieters, and others who are interested in no-calorie products. Large 25.4 oz. bottles! Atkins Basic #1 Maintain your weight and your health! Once you're on the maintenance phase of The Atkins Diet, you're reached your weight goal, regulated your blood sugar, and energized your life. Now you need a maintenance multi-vitamin supplement that will simply protect and replenish your body daily. New Basic #1 Formula is the comprehensive vitamin plus mineral plus anti-oxidant foundation for daily use during the ongoing Maintenance Phase of the Atkins Diet. It promotes good nutrition, supports energy metabolism - and costs about 25% less than our Basic #3 Formula! Atkins Basic #3 This comprehensive 30+ ingredient formula is the basic building block for the Atkins Diet and also enhances fat-burning. It provides a broad spectrum of key vita-nutrients found in many multi-vitamins, but it also helps keep your cravings under control, supports muscle growth, speeds up fat-loss, and even keeps your body continually cleansed of free radicals and other toxins produced during weight loss. Basic-3 contains many unique ingredients that Dr. Atkins believes is essential for nourishing the body and staying healthy while dieting, such as pantethine, chromium, N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC), reduced glutathione (GSH), octacosanol and PABA. It is one of the most comprehensive multi-nutrient daily programs on the market today. Atkins Bake Mix Only 3 grams of carbs per serving gets you bread, muffins, pancakes. Now completely wheat free! Ask anyone on the Atkins Diet what they miss most from their high-carbohydrate eating days and they'll probably give you three answers: Bread, bread and more bread. Well now this no longer has to be the case. Atkins Bake Mix is a revolutionary low-carbohydrate flour product that Atkins Dieters can use to make delicious breads, as well as muffins, pancakes, and even flour-dredged fried chicken that are 100% compatible with all phases of the Atkins Diet. The secret to Atkins Bake Mix is Litesse, a type of carbohydrate that the body minimally absorbs, giving you all the baking benefits of conventional flour with very little impact on blood sugar level. Atkins Bake Mix is the only product of its kind that contains Litesse. Each canister of Atkins Bake Mix comes with Dr. Atkins popular recipe for pancakes (only 3 grams of digestible carbohydrates per serving!). 18g. protein, 3g. carbohydrates, 2g. fat, and 100 calories per serving. Servings Per Container: Approx. 18. Ingredients: soy protein isolate, soy flour, glucono delta lactone, potassium bicarbonate, sodium phosphate, oat fiber, Litesse, potassium chloride. Atkins Basic Anti-Ox Added Protection Against Free Radicals. During weight loss, your body naturally generates free radicals. These harmful compounds can cause cellular damage tied to cancer, heart disease, and premature aging. Taken with Basic #1 or Basic #3 Formula, Basic Anti-Ox supports your body's natural defenses against free radicals. This broad-based, mineral-rich formula contains selenium, beta-carotene, green tea extract, grapeseed extract, plus Vitamins C, E, and Alpha-Lipoic Acid which help to neutralize free radicals. Directions: Take 2 tablets per day with meals. Atkins Basic Enzymes The first and only formula specifically designed to aid digestion of a low-carb diet. Digestion is the process by which our bodies convert fuel to food. So no matter what diet you're on, when you're talking about "burning fat," you're talking about digestion. And digestion primarily comes down to enzymes. Different foods are digested by different enzymes, so, for example, on a low-carb diet you need different enzymes than on a high-carb diet. Our new Basic Enzymes Formula is the first and only digestive enzyme formula specifically developed to support a low-carb diet. It contains more protease and lipase enzymes, which help digest proteins and fats, and fewer amylase enzymes, which concentrate on carbohydrates, than standard enzyme formulas. Because proteins break down at different pH levels, Basic Enzymes contains 5 different proteases that operate at varying pH ranges. Two different types of lipases target different fat compounds. And small amounts of amylases help digest carbohydrates such as starches and glycogen. Yeast and plant sources provide the enzymes in this breakthrough formulation, manufactured to the highest standards in an all-natural formula. Directions: Take 3 capsules daily with meals. Atkins Blood Pressure While over 60 million Americans have high blood pressure, barely half are aware of it. It is common mostly in people who are overweight and/or under significant, on-going stress. In tandem with recommending a low-carbohydrate diet, doctors at The Atkins Center use Blood Pressure formula to provide vita-nutrient support to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. With Taurine, a natural diuretic and N-acetyl-L-cysteine (which can support improved blood flow). Suggested Dosage: 3-6 Tablets Daily With Meals. 6 Tablets provide: Taurine : 1500 mg Bioperine (piperine) : 5 mg Hawthorn (1.5% vitexin conc.) : 300 mg Calcium (from ascorbate) : 75 mg Magnesium (carbonate, glycinate) : 600 mg Vitamin C (buffered) : 600 mg Pantethine (co-enzyme A precursor) : 35 mg L-arginine (base) : 100 mg Inositol : 600 mg N-acetyl-l-cysteine : 150 mg Chromium (picolinate) : 200 mcg Garlic : 600 mg Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine) : 150 mg Potassium (citrate) : 99 mg Atkins Blood Sugar Tablets It is has long been the position of Dr. Atkins and the other doctors at The Atkins Center that uncontrolled blood sugar and disturbances of the overall insulin process are a major problem for many people. Slowly we are seeing many doctors in alternative and mainstream medicine coming around to this way of thinking. Dr. Atkins believes in developing personalized diets low in carbohydrates (especially refined) in combination with vita-nutrient protocols. Blood Sugar is a comprehensive 15 ingredient formula that includes chromium, by far the most well known "blood sugar balancing/insulin management" vita-nutrient. It also contains other key vita-nutrients for this function, including magnesium, niacinamide, and vanadium (in unique BGOV form) as well as what will surely become one of the vita-nutrients for the next millennium, lipoic acid. Atkins Breakfast Bars Medical research has proven Mother right: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So rather than falling prey to sugary donuts full of empty calories, enjoy a chewy, delicious, totally satisfying Atkins Breakfast Bar. Absolutely no sugar added, plenty of body-nourishing protein, natural non-hydrogenated fat, real fruit, other natural ingredients and loads of essential vitamins and minerals. Mother would approve. Less than 3 grams of carbs per bar. Atkins Dieters Advantage Tablets Enhancing your willpower and dietary efforts, Dieters' Advantage makes use of a variety of vita-nutrients and food extracts that numerous studies have shown support healthy weight loss. Shortly after taking Dieters' Advantage, your cells will begin to consume fat at a more rapid rate, you'll lose water weight and the bloating that often accompanies it, leaving you feeling more alert and energetic. Powerful nutrients can help limit the body's ability to store dietary fat while enhancing its ability to use fat for energy. Dieters' Advantage incorporates many of them, such as hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a chemical derived from the garcinia cambogia fruit that suppresses appetite, chromium, a mineral that helps enhance fat burning, and L-carnitine, an amino acid complex that transports fat into the fat-burning cell mitochondria. It also contains L-phenylalanine and L-tyrosine, precursors to neurotransmitters in your brain that help elevate your mood, increase mental alertness, and suppress your appetite. Overall, you will feel freedom to eat more of the foods you love without feeling guilty, making weight loss almost effortless. While designed as a weight loss support product, Dieters' Advantage is inherently healthy for all individuals. Individual results will vary due to different body metabolisms. Atkins Endulge Chocolate Bars Here's a sweet reward for all your healthy eating! Atkins Endulge Chocolate Bars are rich and wonderful, satisfying your chocolate cravings without all the sugar, hydrogenated oils and trans fats of store-bought candy bars. 15 bars per box (30 grams each). Atkins Essential Oils One of the most critical recommendations in Dr. Atkins' mega-bestseller New Diet Revolution is to ensure one is receiving a proper intake of "essential oils." Your body needs these hard-to-find essential fatty acids (EFAs) to keep your cells efficient and finely tuned. These unique fats are not stored as fat, but are used by your body for structural, hormonal, and electrical functions. They're critical to maintaining cell membrane fluidity and carrying oxygen to your tissues. Most people don't know that EFAs are also natural fat-burners. They provide significant amounts of energy to your heart and other organs, which in turn increases metabolic rate and fat burn-off. You'll find you burn fat and sugars much faster. They are absolutely vital to high quality metabolic functioning, and also help regulate blood lipid levels, including cholesterol and triglycerides. As with all Atkins Diet formulas, Essential Oils includes a unique combination of vita-nutrients that work synergistically for enhanced effectiveness. This formula includes three great sources of EFAs: borage, flaxseed and fish oil (the one people recognize as a great source of omega-3 EFAs) in one comprehensive product. In fact, the source of fish oil Atkin's uses is claimed to be OVER 50% MORE POTENT than those of other brands. In convenient softgel capsules that include vitamin E, Atkins Diet Essential Oils is one of Atkins Nutritionals' bestselling products. Suggested Dosage: 1-2 Capsules Daily With Meals. Each Softgel capsule contains: Flaxseed Oil - 400 mg Vitamin E - 5 IU Fish Oil (50% omega-3 potency) - 400 mg Borage Seed Oil - 400 mgAtkins Heart Care Help maintain a healthy heart and vascular system Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in America, accounting for up to 50% of all deaths. Consequently, supporting your cardiovascular system should be your #1 health concern. As a cardiologist, Dr. Atkins has seen more people for heart-related conditions than any other problem. Heart Care is a comprehensive formula with 16 key ingredients that work synergistically to nutritionally address heart health. Heart Care includes many well-known cardiovascular-support vita-nutrients, such as magnesium, vitamins E, C, and all the B's (folic acid and B-6 to support healthy homocysteine levels), and hawthorn, as well as vita-nutrients such as taurine (which promotes the normal function of the heart muscle), pantethine (helps maintain a healthy cholesterol profile), ginkgo biloba (for improved blood flow throughout the body), as well other overall cardiovascular support nutrients, including selenium and cayenne. Suggested Dosage: 4-8 Tablets Daily With Meals. 8 tablets contain: Magnesium (glycinate, carbonate) : 400 mg Bioperine (piperine) : 5 mg Cayenne : 500 mg Bromelain (proteolytic enzyme) : 500 mg B-6 (pyridoxine) : 10 mg Folic acid (folate) : 800 mcg Selenium (methionate) : 150 mcg Hawthorn (1.5 % vitexin conc.) : 100 mg Ginkgo biloba (6% terpene conc.) : 60 mg Natural beta-carotene (dunaliella salina) : 12,000 IU Pantethine (co-enzyme A precursor) : 300 mg Chromium (picolinate) : 200 mcg Vitamin C (buffered) : 1000 mg Vitamin E (natural) : 400 IU Taurine : 500 mg Calcium (3-phosphate) : 500 mg Atkins Mega Pantethine Support Cardiovascular Health With Good Cholesterol Levels Pantethine, the active form of pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5), is one of the most prescribed Vita-Nutrient formulas at The Atkins Center, and we consider this mega-version to represent a technological breakthrough. From supporting healthy cholesterol levels to increasing health promoting omega-3 fats in the body to its powerful anti-inflammatory effects, Pantethine is so versatile that it is a key ingredient in many of our other Vita-Nutrient formulas (Heart Care, Cholesterol, Allergy, and Cold & Flu, among them). While the Atkins Center also offers a tablet-based pantethine product which contained 150 mg of pantethine, Atkins Nutritionals has worked closely with its manufacturing sources to develop this new softgel therapy with 450 mg of pure pantethine. For people who swear by this vita-nutrient, or those interested in adding pantethine to their vita-nutrient regimen, this is the best and most potent product available on the market. Atkins Nutra-Pak Nutra-Pak is Great On-the-Go Nutrition! Nutra-Pak is a complete basic supplement program in a single pack. It's simple, portable, and perfect for anyone who wants convenience or just a simple way to begin a nutrition program. Each Nutra-Pak packet contains six tablets and one softgel, and provides the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids shown to help preserve daily good health. It is one of the few packs available that contain the important essential oils. Nutra-Pak is recommended for anyone who travels, or who is now taking a lower potency "drug store" brand multi-vitamin and want to upgrade their daily supplement program for more comprehensive support. Suggested Amount: One packet per day. Atkins Bread Mix New Atkins Bread Mix! This versatile mix can be used in a bread machine or conventional oven. Contains all-natural ingredients. Great recipes are included on the box. Each box makes one loaf which yields about 15 1/2-inch slices. One 1/2-inch slice is one serving. Atkins Quick and Easy Muffin Mix Bliss in a bite! Nothing beats a homemade blueberry muffin, hot from the oven and slathered with butter. Now you can bake your own delicious muffins thanks to our New & Improved Quick and Easy Blueberry Muffin Mix! Simply add water, oil, eggs and butter, mix and bake. In Dr. Atkins' Age-Defying Diet Revolution, blueberries rank as the #1 fruit, thanks to their super-high anti-oxidant properties. So do your body - and your taste-buds - a favor: bake up a batch today! Includes one 12-oz. box, 18 muffins per box. Net Atkins Carbs per muffin: 3 grams Atkins Pancake and Waffle Mix Invite friends over for Sunday brunch... no one will guess they're eating Atkins pancakes and waffles! Imagine Belgian waffles layered with whipped cream and strawberries... or make savory paper-thin crepes topped with tuna, turkey, or any other favorite foodstuff. So easy to make, just add water, oil and eggs. Serving suggestion: top with strawberries, but don't forget to count your carbs! Atkins Ready-To-Drink Shakes Super-convenient, super-delicious, and super-good for you! High in protein to keep your energy up; with calcium, 18 essential nutrients, and absolutely no sugar added! New Atkins Ready-To-Drink Shakes will satisfy your appetite on-the-go, around the clock. Keep several cans in your desk at work, more in your locker at the gym, and stock up your fridge to enjoy a frosty, frothy taste treat whenever you need a pick-me-up...or a replacement meal. Two grams Net Atkins Carbs* per serving. Atkins Shake Mix You can't avoid it. Sometimes you just have to miss a meal. Or you find yourself in a place where you can't eat the way you should. Atkins Diet Shake mix (formerly named the tongue twisting Lipolysia) is your answer. It's the best tasting, most nutritious meal replacement shake on the market today. It helps to stabilize blood sugar and supports healthy muscle function, so it is good for athletes as well as for all active people on the go. And it contains only one gram of carbohydrate per serving, so you know it is a "green light" food on the Atkins Diet. Atkins Diet Shake Mix draws upon six different high quality protein sources, including whey protein isolate and Glutamine Peptide, that support your immune system and your body's lean muscle tissue. This helps ensure that your metabolism stays primed for effective weight loss. Atkins Diet Shake Mix has one of the highest protein contents of any shake mix on the market (23 g per serving), and one of the only ones to contain healthy monosaturated fats(from sunflower oil). To top it off, it has 40%-100% RDA of 15 key vita-nutrients, as well as Chromium for enhanced sugar stabilization. Frothy and delicious shake-just stir it up with cold water and enjoy. You'll be satisfied for hours. Hint from loyal users: mix a scoop of the vanilla with a scoop of chocolate for a great tasting "chocolate swirl" flavor. Atkins Vita-Chol Unique ingredients support healthy cholesterol levels Doctors at The Atkins Center have long been concerned about the medical establishment's apparent "fixation" on one's total cholesterol level as a major health risk factor. A person's cholesterol level is composed of both bad (LDL) and good (HDL) cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is the building block for many key hormones in the body, including those involved in growth and sex drive. A low-fat diet tends to lower both LDL and HDL, leaving many people no better off than when they started. In addressing cholesterol issues at The Atkins Center, doctors try to lower LDL while raising HDL. This is generally achieved through a low-carbohydrate diet combined with vita-nutrient therapy, including this formula. Key ingredients include vita-nutrients that studies have shown can nutritionally support the improvement in cholesterol profiles, such as pantethine, inositol (the preferred form of niacin used at The Atkins Center), garlic, and gugulipid, among others. Also, it includes mixed tocotrienols, vita-nutrients related to vitamin E that have recently garnered significant attention for their ability to address cholesterol and cardiovascular issues.

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