Balance Bars Comprised of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat which has been popularized by the Zone diet. Currently available in these delicious flavors: Almond Brownie, Chocolate, Honey Peanut, and Mocha, Yogurt Honey Peanut - The same on the inside as the very popular Honey Peanut bar, but has a yogurt coating. Excellent bar for breakfast. Chocolate Raspberry Fudge - Resembles the Chocolate bar, but has a raspberry flavored chocolate core. Rich and delicious. The Balance Bar Company has discontinued the Almond Butter Crunch, Cranberry, Banana Coconut and Toasted Crunch bar flavors. The particular ingredients and nutritional information vary slightly depending on the flavor. These bars contains a great mix of vitamins and minerals and are particularly rich in the antioxidant vitamins. Each bar is approximately 180 calories - with 14 g of protein, 22 g of carbohydrates and 6 g of fat - perfect for in-between meal snacks. 15 bars per box. Balance Gold Bar Balance Gold is the first triple-layer energy bar and is designed to satisfy the nutritional needs of people on the go. Balance Gold has three layers - creamy caramel, crunchy peanuts and a rich chocolate flavor. Balance Gold contains high-quality protein and provides essential vitamins and minerals. Balance Gold is a great-tasting, convenient product that provides complete nutrition and can be used as a snack and/or meal replacement. Balance Bars Frequently Asked Questions 1. Why do the bars contain different types of sugar? Sugars give our manufacturers the ability to control the glycemic response of the bars. Some sugars, like dextrose, enter the bloodstream rapidly. Others, such as fructose, breakdown much slower. This, along with a balanced combination of protein and fat creates a product that gradually increases blood glucose levels and maintains them for an extended period of time. The result is sustained energy and hunger satisfaction. 2. How much sugar is in the bar? The small amount of sugar in one Balance bar is equivalent to eating either an apple or an orange (about 15 grams). Although some of the sugars are refined, they are supplemented by a combination of vitamins and minerals contained in the product. 3. Why refined sugars? In development of the Balance bar, many standards had to be met. Three primary ones were that it had to taste good, maintain a 40-30-30 macronutrient ratio-and possess a shelf life acceptable to the grocery foods industry (including the natural foods sector). Numerous types of sweeteners were (and are continued to be) tested to determine if they meet these standards, but none, to this date, have been as effective as the current formulation. 4. With sugar as an ingredient, how can these bars be safe for diabetics and hypoglycemics? Sugars, or carbohydrates that are high glycemic can cause unfavorable blood glucose fluctuations when eaten alone. However, when these types of carbohydrates are moderated and combined with protein and fat, it modulates the glycemic response. Glucose then enters the bloodstream at a slower rate and requires less insulin to control it. This is the primary function of the Balance Bar. A small pilot study indicated that the composition of 40% carbohydrate and 30% each of protein and fat provides safe blood sugar response in insulin dependent (Type 1) and non-insulin dependent (Type 2) diabetics. The Balance bar is approved for advertising in all American Diabetes Association publications. HOWEVER, we recommend that all diabetics and hypoglycemics consult with their health care provider prior to using Balance products. Furthermore, for those diabetics who still believe that sugars should be avoided, the American Diabetes Association revised their dietary recommendations in 1995. They stated that all types of sugar can be tolerated by diabetics, but stress the importance of combining them with a balanced meal to assure an agreeable glycemic response. 5. Do the bars contain lactose? Can lactose intolerant people consume the bar? Only three flavors, Honey Peanut, Chocolate, and Chocolate Raspberry Fudge contain lactose. These flavors contain less than 1 gram per bar. In most cases, lactose intolerant individuals can tolerate up to 5 grams of lactose without any symptoms. For a comparison, this is the amount found in 100 ml. (1/2 cup) of milk. As you can see, Honey Peanut, Chocolate, and Chocolate Raspberry Fudge Balance bars are well below the threshold for lactose intolerance. If you are lactose intolerant, please check with your physician before trying Balance bars. The information on the amount of lactose in the three flavors will help your physician determine if they are safe for you. In any case, if you are highly lactose intolerant, please avoid the lactose-containing flavors. 6. Why are the bars low in dietary fiber? Fiber is a bulky ingredient that does not serve a purpose for the intentions of the Balance bar. A bar with significant fiber may also cause gastro-intestinal disturbance with athletes who use it during training or competition. Fiber is an important part of one's overall diet. We recommended that you consume 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber from meals containing portions of low-glycemic fruits, vegetables and legumes. 7. Why do the bars contain palm kernel oil? Coatings on nutrition bars require a saturated fat to remain solid at room temperature. A saturated fat has a semi-solid consistency while a mono- or poly-unsaturated fat is liquid at room temperature. This point makes it clear that using unsaturated fats to create a coating would be unmanageable. We use a small amount of palm kernel oil (2gm) to create a natural, stabilized one. The uncoated flavors of Balance bars also contain minute amounts of palm kernel oil (less than 0.5gm). It acts as a protective coating around certain vitamins and minerals so they do not oxidize or give the bars a "vitamin-like" taste. The only other alternative would be to use a coating that contains hydrogenated oils. They are derived from a chemical process that gives polyunsaturated oils a more solid texture. Hydrogenation also disfigures the natural shape of the fat molecule and creates trans-fatty acids (TFA's). Unlike normal cis-shaped fatty acids, TFA's are not easily metabolized by the body. They are "super-saturated" fats that layer themselves on artery walls and interfere with the duties of healthy fats (creating essential fatty acid deficiencies). In fact, a large scale clinical study was performed which showed that eating as little as 5 grams of TFA's per day increased the risk of heart disease by 70%! 8. Isn't palm kernel oil bad for you? Palm kernel oil, classified as a medium chain triglyceride (as well as coconut oil), is different from other triglycerides (fats) because it is more water soluble (dissolvable), requires less bile salts for digestion and is easily absorbed through the intestinal membrane into the bloodstream. However, it is not shuttled into lipid storage (bodyfat). Palm kernel oil is actually converted into free fatty acids to serve as an energy source for ATP production. ATP is the compound that fuels all cellular activity. Whether it is consumed in small amounts from our products, or eaten in moderation from other food sources-unhydrogenated palm kernel oil (and other tropical oils) is generally considered healthful. Contrary to current beliefs, studies on individuals in countries that consume large amounts of palm oils show less incidence of heart disease than in the United States. We feel that Palm kernel oil is the healthiest choice for Balance bars. 9. How much monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat is in the bar? When you subtract saturated fat grams from total fat grams, the remaining content divides up fairly evenly between mono- and polyunsaturated fats. This includes all flavors of the Balance bar. For example, Cranberry contains 2.1 grams of monounsaturated fat and 2.6 grams of polyunsaturated fat. 10. What is the quality of the protein blend in the bar? Proteins are rated by Protein Efficiency Rating (P.E.R.), or alternatively by essential amino acid scoring. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates the use of this rating. To be considered high quality, the P.E.R score must exceed 2.4, which is that of the milk protein, casein. By the P.E.R standard, milk protein can be considered high quality, but soy cannot. The reason we use both milk and soy proteins in Balance bars is that the blend of the two results in a P.E.R. far higher than either of the proteins individually. Where milk is deficient in methionine (its limiting amino acid), soy protein possesses higher levels. Therefore, the combination of milk and soy will boost the overall P.E.R. (2.8). Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) is a newer scale that, most nutritionists beleive, has more relevance on human nutrition than the P.E.R. It measures a protein's individual amino acid composition. A deficiency of any one of the essential amino acids will lower the overall score of the protein. The PDCAAS scale ranges from 0.4-1.0. High quality proteins score within the range of .99-1.0. All flavors of Balance bars score within this range. 11. How much caffeine is in each bar? The only flavor of the Balance bar that contains any traces of caffeine is Mocha. It contains about 15mg. of caffeine. A regular brewed 5oz cup of coffee has 110-150mg of caffeine. 12. Do the bars that have chocolate coatings or textures actually contain chocolate? No. Honey Peanut, Chocolate, Mocha, Chocolate Raspberry Fudge and Almond Brownie Balance bars contain cocoa powder. It is intended to simulate the taste and consistency of chocolate, but is virtually free of theobromine, the alkaloid found in chocolate, which can cause heartburn in certain individuals. 13. Are the bars gluten-free? None of the ingredients in Balance bars contain gluten. However, Balance bars are not a certified gluten-free product. Extremely hard to detect traces of gluten may be found in the machinery or raw materials (primarily sweeteners) used in manufacturing the product, and traces may be found in some bars. 14. Do the bars contain the flavor enhancer, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)? No. MSG is not used as an additive in any of the existing ten flavors. 15. Do the bars contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives? Balance bars do not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. 16. All flavors of the bar have a statement on their wrappers, "May Contain Traces of Various Nuts". What does this intend? The intention of this statement is not to claim that the product uses various nuts in its formulation. Unless appearing on the ingredients panel (i.e. peanuts or almonds), Balance bars do not contain added nuts or nut products. "May Contain Traces of Various Nuts" simply means that under rare conditions, a small nut fragment may enter the product via the machinery or raw materials during manufacturing. The statement appears as a warning to those individuals who are highly allergic to nuts. 17. Is it safe for those that are pregnant or nursing to consume the bar? Absolutely. However, we recommend that the Balance bars are used for snacks and not meal replacements. The bars along with nutrient-dense meals helps assure that a female gets the extra calories necessary during pregnancy or lactation. Always check with your physician to ensure you are getting balanced nutrition. 18. Can children use the bar? Half of a Balance bar is a great snack for children. The whole bar may also be used for a meal replacement. Make sure your kids drink at least 8 oz of water with the bar. 19. Why should you drink water with the bar? What is wrong with drinking beverages such as coffee, soda or juice? Balance bars are nutrient-dense and require liquids to efficiently breakdown and disperse the carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Water is the best choice because it is non-caloric and will not alter the 40-30-30 composition of the bar. Beverages such as juice and most sodas contain sugars (carbohydrates), while coffee (and sodas) contains caffeine. When combined with the bar, these ingredients stimulate the secretion of insulin. This may affect the bar's ability to help provide hunger satisfaction for an extended period of time. 20. What is the bar's shelf life? Balance bars have a shelf life of six months from the date of manufacture. After this period of time, there is nothing that "spoils" or "goes bad", but they do get harder and lose some flavor. Vitamin levels in the product will also tend to decrease after expiry. Otherwise, eating a bar that has surpassed the six month shelf life will not harm you. 21. How can you tell when the bars have been manufactured? On each Balance bar wrapper there is a manufacturers stamp that consists of four numbers and two letters (Julian dating). The first three numbers represent the day of production ( i.e. 001 = January 1st, 365 = December 31st ). The fourth number represents the year of production (i.e. 7 = 1997, 6 = 1996). The final characters, two letters, are references for the manufacturer. 22. What is the glycemic index of the bar? The glycemic index measures the speed at which carbohydrate-dense foods convert into blood glucose. The glycemic index of a food depends on many factors: food digestibility, fiber content, sugar content, sugar type and how the food is prepared. In fact, even the most complete glycemic index tables contain a limited number of food references. There are two scales - one which uses white bread as the base point, and another which uses glucose. Always be sure to check which scale is being referred to. The Balance bar is a multiple-ingredient food product (contains carbohydrate, protein, and fat), thus it is not included in the glycemic index. Remember, the glycemic index measures individual (mostly carbohydrate dense) food items. 23. Are Balance bars "Zone" favorable? Yes. If you are following Barry Sears's Zone diet, one bar is the equivalent to two blocks each of carbohydrate, protein and fat. In his block system, macronutrients are broken down as follows: One carbohydrate block equals 9 grams of carbohydrate, one protein block equals 7 grams of protein and 1.5 grams of fat, and one fat block equals 1.5 grams of fat. A common error is made by individuals who claim the bar is too low in fat. They simply overlook (or are unaware of) the 1.5 grams of fat per block of protein. 24. Are Balance bars truly within a 40-30-30 ratio? Absolutely. Balance bars are carefully manufactured to FDA standards. Each newly manufactured lot of bars is subjected to laboratory testing to, among other things, assure integrity of the 40-30-30 ratio. It is important to note that 40-30-30 is based on percentage of calories and not grams. Each of the three macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat) must first be converted in to calories. Secondly, the calories from each are divided in to the total calories of the bar. The sum will be 40% carbohydrate and 30% each of protein and fat. The preceding information on Balance Nutritional Products should not serve as medical advice. Before using them, for any purpose, an individual should always consult with their physician. Balance Outdoor Bars All ingredients are natural and the bars are minimally processed. Sweetened with a special blend of fruit juice concentrates and gluten free grains, as well as organic brown rice syrup and agave nectar 15g of high quality protein A good source of potassium, low in sodium and cholesterol Contains flax seed, a natural source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. Made with soy protein from non-genetically modified soy; Soy is a natural source of isoflavones. Total Balance Drink Mix Introducing Total Balance Drink Mix, a new and improved formulation of the 40-30-30 Balance Drink Mix. As part of the Total Balance family of nutritional meal replacements, Total Balance Drink Mix offers the same 40-30-30 balance of carbohydrates, protein and dietary fat, with a fantastic new taste. Total Balance Drink Mix is loaded with vitamins and minerals and other nutrients an active lifestyle requires, including: 24 essential vitamins & minerals 14 grams of high quality protein (44% RDI of protein when mixed with 1 cup 2% reduced fat milk) 100% RDI of antioxidant vitamins C & E 45% RDI of Calcium 6.25 grams of soy protein, a natural source of isoflavones No artificial colors, preservatives or sweeteners Total Balance Drink Mix comes in two delicious flavors, rich Chocolate or smooth and creamy Vanilla, and can be mixed in seconds with either water or 2% reduced fat milk. An excellent snack or meal replacement, Total Balance helps sustain your energy while providing prolonged hunger satisfaction. BetaStatin-WPI2 BetaStatin-WPI2 is an anabolic/anti-catabolic meal replacement. Studies have shown that trained athletes experience significant increases in muscle mass, muscle strength, and endurance with subsequent decreases in bodyfat by way of a clinically proven synergy of ingredients promoting the following metabolic functions: Increased protein synthesis Decreased muscle breakdown Increased nitrogen retention Significant mobilization and oxidation of fat cells during exercise Decreased cortisol production Increased cell voumization and glycogen storage Increase growth hormone (GH) levels Increase immunological response to infection Spirostim Dx4 Spirostim Dx4 represents the latest innovation in rapid anti-catabolic weight loss and is the only natural supplement combination in existence designed to specifically promote superior definition in a period of two weeks. This state-of-the-art formula combines the technology of an advanced clinically proven compound for maximum fat loss with the most potent natural anti-catabolics available for maximum muscle preservation. For decades natural bodybuilders and men & women athletes alike have struggled to take physique enhancement and muscle definition to its final level. Spirostim effectively addresses this problem for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all stages. Now the same advanced technology used by top natural bodybuilders, fitness models and people "in the spotlight," who need to look incredible on short notice, is available to you. Joe Catalano Amateur Bodybuilder/Fitness Model. "The biggest challenge of being a fitness model is having to look your absolute best on very short notice. Spirostim solved that problem and got me more ripped than I ever thought possible! Even after intense seasonal dieting I have never looked this good. This product is absolutely amazing." Actual Spirostim Case Study of amateur bodybuilder, Joe Catalano, shows dramatic body composition changes after using 1 Spirostim kit in conjunction with the Spirostim program of diet and exercise. Test subject lost an incredible 18 lbs. overall while simultaneously adding 3.5 lbs. of lean body mass. Actual Spirostim Case Study of swimsuit model, Denise Crowley, shows dramatic body composition changes after using 1 Spirostim kit in conjunction with the Spirostim program of diet and light cardiovascular exercise. Test subject lost an impressive 21 lbs. while maintaining her original level of lean body mass. Clinically Proven Thermogenic Combination Spirostim's advanced thermo-weight loss technology is inspired by a potent fat burning compound proven in numerous published clinical studies to accelerate the body's metabolism - in some cases up to 6 times its normal rate with an astounding 3-fold increase in the total rate of fat loss! Potent State-of-the Art Muscle Preservation System Addressing the problem of increased muscle catabolism (muscle loss) due to extreme weight loss, Spirostim incorporates an unprecedented synergy of the most potent anti-catabolic substrates natural science has to offer. Competitive bodybuilders have reported an extraordinary ability to retain precious muscle mass while getting shredded due in large part to Spirostim's unique muscle-sparing combination. Spirostim's Ultra-Ripped Finishing Compound Acquiring that final level of extreme definition is a question that has plagued men and women bodybuilders for years. Spirostim offers a comprehensive botanical blend of potent "skin thinning" agents designed to help safely expel excess fluid from under the skin for the ultimate in muscle definition. This process has proved vital for eliciting the final touch needed for successful bodybuilding competitions, photo shoots and special events. To ensure the most dramatic results possible from Spirostim, each kit includes its own instructional guide designed for any number of athletic situations. Included are easy to follow guidelines for dietary intakes, training, supplementation and all other key elements you will need in order to achieve optimal results. This 14-day extreme definition breakthrough is the only complete and comprehensive product of its kind on the market today. And Spirostim is 100% guaranteed. If you want to experience first hand how top bodybuilders and fitness competitors put it altogether fast, try Spirostim today! Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with Spirostim, return the unused portion with your receipt within 30 days for full and prompt refund. Results may vary. Each box of Spirostim Dx4 14-Day Extreme Definition Weight Loss System includes 4 bottles: Spirostim 1 Maximum Strength Thermogenic Performance Enhancement Compound 28 Capsules Spirostim 2 Maximum Strength Anti-Catabolic/Muscle Preservation Compound 42 Capsules Spirostim 3 Maximum Strength Extreme Definition/Fat Loss Compound 56 Capsules Spirostim 4 Maximum Strength Ultra-Ripped Finishing Compound 8 Capsules Also included is the Spirostim Performance Diet and Exercise Program Instructional Guide Tetracal New from BetaStatin Nutritional Research comes a radical and unprecedented breakthrough in the science of rapid anti-catabolic weight loss. Tetracal 1.25 gm (tetracytamine) is a clinically advanced natural compound guaranteed to promote the highest degree of fat loss possible with the least amount of effort by the end user. This state-of-the-art synergy combines an array of highly active compounds shown in numerous clinical studies to illicit the following metabolic functions: increased lipolysis (the breakdown of stored fat). increased metabolic rate and higher receptor response. inhibits the synthesis of adipose tissue by aiding the body in turning calories into energy rather than fat. increased anti-catabolic response (significantly lowering the loss of lean muscle tissue associated with dieting). increased mental alertness. increased energy during exercise. counteracts the decreased response of fat cells to lipolytic hormones associated with aging. In addition to the empirical data, the initial response to this revolutionary product has been nothing short of remarkable. As a result, the makers of Tetracal guarantee its effectiveness as twice that of any other single weight loss formula on the market. Try Tetracal today risk-free and experience for yourself the extraordinary effectiveness of this next generation weight loss phenomenon. Tetracal 1.25 gm. (tetracytamine) is a clinically advanced natural compound (the only formula of its kind on the market ) guaranteed to aid in achieving the highest degree of fat loss possible with far less effort than normally associated with other diet products. increased lipolysis (the breakdown of stored fat) increased metabolic rate and higher receptor response inhibition of the synthesis of adipose tissue by aiding the body in turning calories into energy rather than fat increased anti-catabolic response (helping to significantly lower the loss of lean muscle tissue associated with dieting) increased mental alertness increased energy during exercise counteraction of the decreased response of fat cells to lipolytic hormones associated with aging.

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