MD-6 - Metabolic Drive Formula Written By Tim Patterson, Biotest Laboratories Critically acclaimed as the best fat-burner supplement on the market, MD6 has just been improved! Believe it or not, it's true. We replaced two of the ingredients in the old formula with brand-new compounds that actually increase and enhance the effects. New and Improved MD6 It's the end of an era. Norephedrine is now on the FDA hit list, so we had to change the MD6 formula, replacing norephedrine with another potent metabolic stimulator. No problem. Biotest is always one King-Kong-sized step ahead of the changing times. And if we've done our R&D homework, like I think we have, I'll bet you'll be very excited about just how effective the new formula is. Our reformulation team looked at using several different compounds as a substitute for norephedrine. Our biggest concern to overcome was how each of the other MD6 ingredients would interact. There's a specific overall effect we had in mind, and if possible, our goal was to make MD6 even better. Based on our research and testing of the substitute stimulant, we've determined that, along with the norephedrine, we should remove the Guggul and replace it with 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan). We felt that the thyroid support Guggul provides is inferior to the appetite suppressing and mood-elevating effects of 5-HTP. Now, as a replacement for norephedrine, we debated between ephedrine HCl and a super extract of Ephedra sinica. At first glance, ephedrine HCl seemed the logical choice. But after analyzing the ephedra alkaloid mix found in the super extract of Ephedra sinica that we were fortunate enough to get our hands on, it's no question that Ephedra sinica is by far the best choice. Methoxy-7 with 7-Hydroxy-EC Written By Tim Patterson, Biotest Laboratories The new formula with 7-Hydroxy-EC is now available! Introducing The First Designer Anabolic Physique-Hardening Agent Read the article "Shed that Fat and Build that Muscle - The New Methoxy-7 is Here..." in Naturally Ripped News. METHOXY-7 WITH 7-HYDROXY-EC Wouldn't it be great if someone developed a serious anabolic agent that doesn't cause any of the negative side effects often associated with steroid and prohormone use -- like hormonal disruption, testicular shrinkage, gyno, hair loss, and virilization? Well, Biotest has just designed a brand-new, patent compound that's engineered to be both safe and highly effective. It's called 7-Hydroxy-EC, and it represents the future in anabolics. 7-Hydroxy-EC Is highly effective at stimulating protein synthesis Produces significant fat loss and overall physique hardening Decreases cortisol equal to strong androgens Doesn't increase estrogen levels Can be taken year round without the need to cycle Profound Initial Results Three years ago, Biotest was the first to introduce 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone to the supplement market. We thought we'd created the best possible alternative to steroids. We even funded a university study that validated the fact that our original Methoxy-7 formula, with its patent liquid-delivery system, did indeed increase lean body-mass gains as well as fat loss. The original Methoxy-7 was successful at producing a unique, physique-hardening effect. Even at only half the recommended dose, preliminary research shows that college-aged males have the potential to gain about one pound of lean mass and lose one pound of body fat per week! Even though these results are quite profound, we still wanted to produce even better gains. But there are inherent limitations with the original methoxy molecule: It's inactive and has to convert into the hydroxy form to be effective. Only 50% actually makes the conversion into the effective compound. The active life is way too short (3 hours). The First Designer, Anabolic Physique-Hardening Agent To successfully overcome these obstacles and further enhance the physique-hardening effects of Methoxy-7, the Biotest chemists started from scratch and engineered a brand-new compound. And this new anabolic agent, 7-Hydroxy-EC, literally makes 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone completely obsolete! The new Methoxy-7, with 7-Hydroxy-EC and its high tech, liquid delivery system, is so much more powerful and effective than the old Methoxy-7 that there's really no comparison. The New Methoxy-7 with 7-Hydroxy-EC Is estimated to be 400% more effective than original methoxy! Has a long active life (12 hours) Is 100% active Has high oral bioavailability Produces a profound metabolic effect We're not going to make claims about how much lean mass you'll gain, how much fat you'll lose, or how hard your physique will get. All you have to do is use Methoxy-7, with 7-Hydroxy-EC, for a month, and you'll be a believer. Methoxy-7, with 7-Hydroxy-EC, is the first supplement with the horsepower and safety to produce the results you really want. It's the ultimate, designer anabolic, physique-hardening agent. It's what we've all been waiting for. MYOSTAT Buy 2 or more and get a 50% discount!! - That's less than $25 per bottle! Super-Transforming Growth Factor If you want to completely revolutionize your physique, make no mistake about it, binding and thus neutralizing myostatin produces three incredibly powerful effects that nothing else can deliver: Formation of New Muscle. Instead of causing muscles to grow larger through hypertrophy, you're actually forming brand-new muscle cells that will develop and incorporate into existing, mature muscle. And the longer you neutralize myostatin, the more new muscle mass you'll accumulate. Imagine that, actually accumulating muscle! Also, by increasing the actual number of muscle cells, the rate at which you actually grow will begin to accelerate over time, resulting in bigger and much faster gains! Permanent Muscle Gains. Most of the time, gaining muscle is at best, three steps forward and two steps backward. This is because you're increasing muscle mass in a hyper-anabolic environment (in the body), which can't be sustained ad infinitum. Newly formed muscle cells, on the other hand, are permanent. This doesn't mean that the resulting muscle mass can't atrophy, but it does mean it can't disappear. It's for keeps! Automatic Decrease in Body Fat. All of the animal studies show that decreased myostatin levels result in a lot less body fat. In fact, a study funded by the National Institutes of Health and conducted at Johns Hopkins University shows that animals with lower myostatin levels have anywhere from 33-50% less body fat, regardless of diet! Researchers indicate that this may be due to increased insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle that's brought about by low levels of myostatin. Bottom line, if you neutralize the effects of myostatin long enough, you can literally attain a much more-muscular, and leaner, condition that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Of course, to maximize results, you have to eat optimally for gaining muscle mass and train hard. I can't stress this point enough. You can't just take a pill - any pill or injection, or anything else, for that matter - and get the physique you want. You have to work hard at it, be disciplined, and give it time. And something else that should be mentioned is, if you include powerful anabolic compounds, like MAG-10, the entire building process is substantially accelerated. Binding myostatin in a super-anabolic environment is the way to go if you want maximum gains in the shortest amount of time. So, if you can afford to, go through a two-week MAG-10 cycle at least once every six weeks while using MYOSTAT. If you don't want to use MAG-10, you should still follow the MAG-10 Plan for Success guidelines, except decrease total calories by 500 per day during the gaining phase. We truly live in incredible times. I never thought the day would come so soon when we could actually neutralize the effects of myostatin in humans. Well, it's here - big time - ready to set you free from the gene that stands between you and your physique dreams. MYOSTAT potentially could redefine and change the muscle-building world forever! In fact, when it comes to building the ultimate physique, it could very well be one of the most important discoveries ever made. Think about it. Now you can successfully overcome the single biggest limiting factor - genetics! Why wouldn't you want to experience it firsthand? The Myostatin Project - You're Not Dreaming, It's Real! By Tim Patterson Have you ever heard of myostatin? The myostatin gene was first written about in scientific literature in 1997. Without getting overly detailed, myostatin is responsible for shutting off muscle growth. Almost everyone has an intact myostatin gene, which means that their magnitude of muscle development, both in size and density, is rather severely limited. In other words, myostatin makes most of us "normal," as far as muscle mass is concerned. Without myostatin - I'm not kidding, now - you'd have a "natural" physique that'd rival a competitive bodybuilder's - without lifting a finger, let alone a weight. Did you get that?! You'd be one buff bad-guy without training! There are some rare individuals, like Flex Wheeler, for instance, who have a myostatin mutation (Flex's is at the exon-2 position, which is extra rare) resulting in their ability to gain extreme amounts of muscle mass in comparison to us average joes. There are also certain species of cattle that produce a high percentage of offspring with nonfunctioning myostatin genes. Check out this picture of a Belgian Blue bull. Looks to me like he needs to lay off heavy squats for awhile. Bottom line, myostatin is a very important factor - quite possibly the most important factor - that stands between you and your ultimate physique goals. To better understand myostatin's potent power to limit your muscle-building success, here's how it works: After training, satellite cells in stimulated (traumatized) muscle begin to proliferate and form myoblasts, which mature into myotubes, which ultimately end up forming little baby muscles. Meanwhile, to prevent out-of-control growth, the myostatin gene sends a messenger RNA to make myostatin peptide (pro-myostatin). Once formed, pro-myostatin is enzymatically activated into myostatin, which then binds to a TGFbeta receptor on the satellite cell and halts cell proliferation, putting an end to making baby muscles. In other words, muscle growth stops! Originally, researchers thought that the only way to control myostatin was by "knocking out" the gene. Subsequent research, however, refutes this theory by establishing several compounds that actually prevent myostatin from parking in its receptor, either by binding to the myostatin or actually blocking the site. Okay, so big deal, scientists can block myostatin, which means it'll be marketed in the form of a drug and take a bazillion years to get to market and we finally get to buy the bootleg stuff from some Mexican vet. Wrong! You know that kilo of a certain compound that I have sitting right here on my desk? What would you say if I told you that we have every reason to believe that it... 1) is a potent myostatin blocker, surpassing its drug counterparts? 2) is highly bioavailable orally? 3) is absolutely 100% legal? 4) is currently under mass production? 5) is under exclusive contract? Well, numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5 are 100% true! Regarding number 1, we're currently conducting extensive research in three different labs to prove (or disprove, if it turns out that way) to a scientific certainty that our compound effectively blocks myostatin. Additionally, several of us T-guinea-pigs are taking the compound to see if we turn into great big, muscular T-guineas, or - gulp! - an X-File. Just kidding, the compound's actually quite safe, but this brings up a good point. What should someone expect in the way of muscle-mass gains if myostatin were blocked? This is going to surprise many of you, but gains won't come nearly as fast as they do when taking a steroid or a pro-steroid like MAG-10. Strong androgens are so anabolically potent that they're able to override the effects of myostatin to a great degree, plus they supercharge protein synthesis and a whole host of other important growth factors. Steroids and pro-steroids are the kings of anabolism, whereas myostatin blockers act more as an anabolic synergist, kind of like IGF-1 and GH. Look at it this way: Nearly 100% of the Olympia contenders have a fully intact (normal) myostatin gene, yet they possess enormous amounts of muscle mass. So don't freak out just because you're "normal," myostatinally speaking. So, the muscle mass gains attained by blocking myostatin, without the use of steroids or pro-steroids, would be noticed over months. Even though progress would be much slower, however, once the new muscle is formed, the gains would be permanent. Furthermore, you'd have a much greater potential for continued increases. Hmmm... Sounds like the makings of one incredibly powerful stack to me. So, what would happen if you were to combine an effective myostatin blocker with MAG-10? Look out, bubba! Widen the doors and buy new clothes, 'cuz you'd build a brand new, extra large and very hard body like never before - that's what'd happen! The ability to neutralize myostatin means that you can now take the governor off muscle-mass limitations, and grow and grow and grow and grow and grow! All of the scientists who've seen our data have become big believers in the project. They say, even if we're only able to reduce myostatin by 10%, it'll revolutionize one's ability to build muscle. And everyone believes we've done much better than that. Now what I'm about to do next is very important. I have everyone's best interest in mind, and I want to protect the integrity of our myostatin project. Therefore, I believe we should reveal our invention and enough of the details that it'll put an end to speculation about what we're doing. It's now time to unveil what we've been trying to keep secret for the better part of a year. I would've preferred waiting another three to six months, when we're further along with our performance trials, but out-of-control excitement and loose lips have forced our hand here. If we don't step in now and begin educating people about what we have, it'll be impossible to prevent vulture companies from entering the market with bogus products, and to correct all the misinformation that's beginning to emerge. All I can say is, hold on, bubba, it's gonna' be a wild ride. This discovery could cause us to rethink a lot of things we've considered "laws" of exercise science. New Muscle, More Muscle, Bigger Muscle, or All the Above? Before I get into the specifics of our discovery, I want you to know that Biotest and Pinnacle have been working together on The Myostatin Project. In case you've been living under a moss-covered rock in a creek bed somewhere in the Ozark Mountains, Pinnacle is the company that invented Androstat Poppers. I have great respect for the president of Pinnacle. He's truly an honorable hombre, and one smart cookie, to boot. Our research departments work well together, and like Biotest, they're obsessed with innovation and quality. Between the two of us, we've invested a lot more money in the project than we care to admit and we've assembled a group of researchers and industry experts that includes some of the best thinkers science has to offer. We've engaged the very best in all the necessary fields, including exercise scientists, drug delivery and drug-design experts, physiologists, medical doctors, theoretical and organic chemists, and the list goes on. We even have our very own medicine-man PhD who roams around the world seeking exotic plants with potent medicinal properties. I'm not kidding. He's the Indiana Jones of the sports-supplement industry. He's been everywhere from China to Madagascar, from the Himalayas to the Amazon. And it's this very man who discovered our myostatin neutralizer... quite by accident. Throughout history, many scientific discoveries have been made by so-called "accident" - penicillin, X-rays, the smallpox vaccine, insulin, the theoretical basis of allergies, Velcro, Coca Cola, Post-it notes, aspartame, and TC's okalingus sexual-excitement technique, just to name a few. And it's no different with our myostatin neutralizer - we discovered the active compound while looking in a completely different direction. As we get into the actual discovery, unless you understand the distinct mechanism in which myostatin inhibits muscle growth, you could misinterpret what we're actually doing. So please read carefully. First off, there's a myostatin gene, and there's a myostatin protein. In essence, the gene regulates the production of the protein, and it's the protein that's responsible for shutting down the production of new muscle cells. The operative phrase here is "growth of new muscle cells," because in a mature human, due primarily to the influence of myostatin, it's not possible to produce new muscle cells to any significant degree. And it's the muscle cells that give a mature muscle the capacity to grow through hypertrophy - increasing the actual thickness of existing fibers. So, the more muscle cells you have present, the greater the potential is for growth. On the other hand, if you could neutralize myostatin, then the satellite cells would proliferate much longer, substantially increasing the number of myoblasts produced. These myoblasts would mature into myosites, then into myotubes, and ultimately into muscle cells. And like I've already mentioned before, the more muscle cells you have present, the greater the potential is for hypertrophy, or growth. You could say that myostatin protein acts sort of like a muscle contraceptive. As long as it's active in the body, free to attach itself to satellite cells, there'll be very few new baby muscles born in our bodies. Got it? Myostatin present = few new baby muscles born. Myostatin not present = muscle-population explosion! But let's not get too carried away with the thought of having massive new muscle development overnight. Yes, by neutralizing myostatin you will experience increased muscle-cell proliferation, but you're not going to go to bed one night looking like Pee Wee Herman and wake up the next morning as Arnold. It's a much slower process, taking a year or more to accomplish. Even so, this process is so powerful that it can literally transform your physique with an increase in muscle density that otherwise wouldn't be attainable. There are other factors that go into limiting overall muscle growth, but it seems that myostatin has by far the strongest influence. And as you can imagine, ever since myostatin was first discovered, scientists have been trying to find ways to moderate its effects. Basically, this has divided the scientific community into two camps. One camp is attempting to regulate the myostatin gene through genetic engineering, which is only practical when dealing with farm animals and other non-human species. The other camp is attempting to negate, or neutralize, the effects of the myostatin protein, which has direct application in medicine and sports. This can potentially be done by either blocking the receptor site, or binding free myostatin prior to reaching its receptor. And between the two, it's the binding approach that shows most promise. Science has already proven that if you successfully bind myostatin protein, you get the same effect as if you completely knocked out the gene. Next month, in Part 2 of this article, I'm going to be focusing on the only practical way to regulate myostatin in humans, which is binding the protein. And to do that, we're going to enter a world where no other supplement company has ever taken you before. This is an exotic experience that closely resembles a modern James Bond setting, where the science of the future is somehow transmuted into today's reality. You think I'm kidding, don't you? Just wait... You'll see. Let me leave you with this: We truly believe we've found a way to take the governor off genetic limitations to muscle growth, making it possible for the "average human" to become, well, "super-human." Too strong a statement? Or, not strong enough?

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