T2-PRO Written By Tim Patterson, Biotest Laboratories The Next Giant Thermogenic Step Toward a More-Perfect World There are plenty of metabolic agents on the market that boost metabolism through the adrenoreceptors. These are supplements that contain stimulants like ephedra, caffeine, and yohimbine. But what about the other main metabolic pathway -- the thyroid? After all, achieving a truly ripped-to-shreds condition is the result of a multifactorial approach to fat loss. And without using the thyroid pathway -- probably the most powerful -- it's almost inevitable that you'll never reach your super lean, physique goals. So all of us who are trying to get into hard condition need a thyroid modulator to get the job done. So there's clearly a need for an effective pro-thyroid product. Well, buckaroo, we have it! It's called T2-PRO Thermogenic Formula and it'll set fire to the fat within. When formulating T2-PRO, we wanted to design something that took fat-loss supplementation another giant step toward a more-perfect world. We thought it'd be pretty spectacular if we could formulate a highly effective fat-loss agent that didn't need to be cycled. And to do that, we'd have to find compounds that legitimately stimulated and supported thyroid function without suppressing TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) one iota. Even though the thyroid hormone, T2 (3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine) is potentially suppressive if used long-term, it's still very safe when used at the recommended doses for periods of up to six weeks. But after that, to avoid the possibility of TSH suppression, you need to cycle off for six weeks, which puts you back to only using the other-type fat burners -- and they have to be cycled as well. So, up until now, there hasn't been an effective fat-loss formula on the market that you can take year round. The theoretical premise for our design is centered around two critical goals: 1) locating ample supplies of the direct precursors -- the actual building blocks -- of the major thyroid hormones T2 and T3. And 2) finding an effective thyroid "stimulator" that doesn't suppress TSH. The Chemical Thermogenic Catalyst After all of our research, we've found only one good choice for a thyroid booster that's not suppressive. We're bound to uncover more in the future, but for now, we've found just one thyroid stimulant currently available that can really get the job done well. The specific compound is called forskolin, which is found in an herb used in Indian, Ayurvedic medicine, called Coleus forskohlii. Phytochemically speaking, forskolin is a labdane-type diterpene. Diterpenes in general are widely found in plants, many of which impart known medicinal actions in the body. Forskolin, in particular, has a very unique ability to directly activate adenylate cyclase. This is of major importance to us because adenylate cyclase is the enzyme that catalyzes the formation of cyclic AMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate or cAMP) from ATP. I know this sounds a bit geeky, but we're just around the corner from pay-dirt here. Bear with me and I'll show you how forskolin, through the production of cyclic AMP, supercharges thyroid function. I promise, you're gonna' explode with excitement over this... Now here's the gold: Cyclic AMP is responsible for intracellular mediation of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) through the "second messenger" pathway. In other words, cAMP either mediates or actually mimics TSH! And, as you know, TSH is the messenger responsible for triggering the thyroid to produce more of its powerful, thermogenic hormones. In other words, we've found a non-suppressive method of stimulating the production of thyroid hormones. Bottom line, forskolin can actually rev up thermogenesis just as if you were taking bodybuilder doses of T2 and T3! There's only one thing that potentially stands in the way, though: Do you have enough building blocks circulating in your system to make the thyroid hormones? For sure, through the use of forskolin, we can send a strong signal to the thyroid to make more hormones, but if the gland doesn't have ample supplies of bricks and mortar, you won't get the optimal effect. What exactly are T2 and T3 comprised of anyway? Sugar and spice, and everything nice? Nah, everyone knows that's what little girls are made of. We're talking serious chemistry here. So let's check out the actual chemical identities of T2 and T3: T2 = diiodothyronine T3 = triiodothyronine As you can see, both T2 and T3 have a similar makeup. Both are thyronines, except one's a di (meaning 2 iodides) and the other's a tri (meaning three iodides). It's common knowledge that tyrosine is a precursor to the various thyronines, and that taking L-tyrosine as a supplement can boost thyroid function. But is plain ol' L-tyrosine the direct intermediary to the all-important ligands? Close, but not precisely on the money. The key components required to make T2 and T3 are indeed a form of tyrosine; however, they both require two exotic versions of the amino acid. The two tyrosines that form T2, T3, and even T4 are iodo-L-tyrosine and diiodo-L-tyrosine -- in other words, tyrosine structures with one and two iodides super-glued on. Then, using an enzyme called thyroperoxidase, iodotyrosine and diiodotyrosine in various configurations are coupled together to make T2, T3, and T4. Watch how simple the thyroid-hormone puzzle fits together: T2 = 2 x iodotyrosine T3 = iodotyrosine + diiodotyrosine T4 = 2 x diiodotyrosine Pretty cool, huh? Now, all we have to do is find a good source for iodotyrosine and diiodotyrosine. And if we combine forskolin with the two tyrosines, we'll have ourselves the first, highly effective thyroid modulator ever to hit the supplement market, period. This thing will rock -- big time! Metabolic Thermonuclear War! Well, we found great supplies of super-pure versions of the two tyrosines and we've located the best source of forskolin. The only thing left to do is put all the ingredients into capsule form and swallow, which is exactly what we've done -- all but the swallowing, that is. We'll leave that up to you. With T2-PRO, which contains forskolin to potentiate or actually mimic TSH and the two tyrosines supplying the raw materials, you've got the makings of metabolic thermonuclear war! One dose contains 75 mg of Coleus forskohlii (15 mg of forskolin), 100 mcg of iodotyrosine, and 100 mcg of diiodotyrosine -- ample amounts to nuke the fat right off those irritating, hard-to-get-off spots. Can you say love handles, lower abs, butt and thighs? Each bottle lasts 30 days, which makes T2-PRO one of the more-affordable fat burners on the market. And considering it's, without question, the only potent thyroid modulator available, it's a bargain. I give you my personal guarantee that T2-PRO will be everything you've ever hoped for in a fat burner and more. Don't believe me? If I'm wrong, you can get a full refund. You can't beat that -- there's nothing to lose. And for all of you who've tried and liked the the thyroid horrmones, T2 and T3, I truly believe that you'll find the effects of T2-PRO are even better. Really. You can stoke the fires of your thyroid just as much, plus you never need to cycle off! As far as fat loss is concerned, with T2-PRO, we're now all that much closer to a more-perfect world -- a world where being hard and lean is the rule and not simply the rare exception. First-time purchases of a BIOTEST product are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the product, contact us with the reason within 30 days of your date of purchase to receive a return authorization number. You will be instructed to return the unused portion and/or empty container at your expense for a refund of the product cost of one unit. Shipping charges are not refundable. Tribex 500 - Pro-Testosterone Formula Tribex-500 contains the highest quality, most potent, legal, Testosterone-boosting compounds available. The goal is to stimulate the body to increase its own Testosterone levels all the way up to what's considered high normal (+1000 ng/dl). And not only that, but do it in a way that's not inhibitory, like steroids are. The secret to the success of Tribex-500 is found in its super potent, one-of-a-kind extract of genuine, Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris and real Avena sativa. Frequently Asked Questions How much muscle can I expect to gain? Individuals vary enormously, and muscle gains have as much to do with proper training, overall nutrition, rest, and genetic capabilities as they do with testosterone levels. However, almost everyone should experience additional muscle mass when their testosterone levels are elevated. The average user of Tribex-500 can expect to put on between five and ten pounds of muscle within the first month or two, but much greater gains may be experienced by some. Will it help me burn fat? One of the many effects of an elevated testosterone level is increased lipolysis. High testosterone levels not only accelerate muscle buildup and shorten recovery times, but they also increase the overall metabolic rate, thereby burning high amounts of body fat. Will it improve my sex life? In most cases, you bet. Many users report an increase in their sex drive as well as better sexual performance. Does Tribex-500 have any negative side effects? None have been noted, unless you consider an increased, raging sex drive a negative side effect. Will taking Tribex-500 make me fail any drug tests? None of the components of Tribex-500 are on any list of banned substances. It is possible, however, that a blood test might indicate that you have higher-than-normal testosterone levels. What happens if I'm not happy with the results? First-time purchases of a BIOTEST product are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the product, contact us with the reason within 30 days of your date of purchase to receive a return authorization number. You will be instructed to return the unused portion and/or empty container at your expense for a refund of the product cost of one unit. Shipping charges are not refundable. Is there any reason to cycle Tribex-500? Yes, we believe that there are two effective ways to cycle Tribex-500. We recommend either a 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off protocol, or you can opt for a 5 days on, 2 days off schedule. Both methods have been shown to produce excellent results. You may want to experiment between the two to see if one way works better for your particular physiology. What happens if I take more than the recommended dosage? You'll be wasting your money. We firmly believe that 3 capsules taken twice a day (a total of 6 capsules) is the ideal, most effective dosing for all individuals, regardless of age, bodyweight, or level of athletic performance. The New Tribex-500... Serious T Manipulation is Here by Tim Patterson of Biotest Laboratories Once again, I'm so excited about one of our products that I may have to check myself into the Betty Ford clinic, and go through their mania-addiction program. Yeah, I know what you're probably thinking... "How could anyone get that pumped up over a supplement? Get a life, Patterson!" Point well taken, but nonetheless, everything that goes into building a better body - supplements, drugs, training, etc. - is my life. That's what I want to do, 24/seven. No bazillion-dollar cars for me, baby. My world consists of tons of reading, planning, testing, evaluating, and re-testing. And what for? I want to push the envelope for you and me, paco. I want to build my ultimate physique, just like you do. And I feel I've been given the responsibility to deliver products and information to the masses that will help make everyone's dream possible. So far, I think we're doing a pretty darn good job. We were the first to produce 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone, and now 7-hydroxy-isoflavone. We brought you the two most-potent, legal, fat-loss products to ever hit the market, MD6 and T2. And I could go on and on about various projects in the pipeline, but that's for another time. We've got the business at hand to take care of. Here's what's gotten me so psyched: We've taken the next King-Kong-Bundy-sized step in advancing Tribex-500. It's the culmination of what we've been seriously working toward for the last three and a half years. Bottom line, we've gone way over the top with potency. The new Tribex-500 is so much stronger and more effective that if it doesn't light your fire, you must be dead. Tribex-500 has gained quite a large following, especially among the hardcore athletes. I can't reveal any names, but several top bodybuilders are using Tribex-500 to jump-start the ol' ball-o-roonies, post cycle. And this new formula is even that much better. But before I get into the specifics of how we jacked up Tribex-500, I want to peel back the curtains of Oz so that you'll know a little bit more about how Biotest infuses science and ingenuity to create a new supplement design. It's a never-ending process. The Secret to Our Success... Innovation, Innovation, Innovation Generally speaking, we're dissatisfied with, well, just about everything we make. Sounds kind of sad, I know, but it's actually quite a positive mindset to be in. Because, making improvements, making things better, that's what floats our boat. We love to constantly tweak and test our formulas to see if we can increase their performance. You could even say it's an obsession of ours, an obsession which flies against the grain of most manufacturing organizations. Most often, a company hurries a product to market and then promptly moves on to the next project, which means the vast majority of the supplements on the market today are doomed to obsolescence the minute they were born. And, since technology is always moving forward at warp speed, it doesn't usually take that much time before a product needs some serious revamping. I've said it before, and it's worth repeating. Biotest stands for quality and innovation, equally. And we're committed to producing cutting-edge products that are safe alternatives to the popular, illegal drugs of bodybuilding. In other words, we want a particular supplement to work spectacularly well or we won't make it. But even that's not good enough. Once we bring a product to market, we immediately begin working behind the scenes to find ways to improve the design. As most of you know, we've been on the forefront of perfecting several super potent, Testosterone-stimulating compounds, two of which are in Tribex-500. Of course, I'm referring to Tribulus terrestris and Avena sativa. These two herbs can be - the operative phrase being can be -incredibly powerful. The biggest problem when it comes to producing an effective Tribulus/Avena formula is, how do you test for the active constituents? And what are the true active ingredients, anyway? Serious Testosterone Manipulation... It's Here Now! About a year ago, we had a real breakthrough with Tribulus terrestris, as well as Avena sativa. First of all, we determined what the real active ingredients are in each herb, which, by the way, isn't the breakthrough I'm talking about. Next, we developed rock-solid testing procedures that, for the first time ever, enabled us to achieve consistent and accurate analysis of the raw materials. Now here's the breakthrough: Because of our testing procedures, we were then able to begin refining the manufacturing processes to achieve higher and higher percentages of active components. In fact, we've been able to optimize and standardize each herb for a potency and purity level that's so high, I wouldn't have believed it if I wouldn't have seen it with my own two bloodshot eyes. I just didn't think it was possible to consistently attain such powerful extracts. Without a doubt, I know that our Tribulus and Avena are the highest quality, most potent, legal, Testosterone-boosting compounds available, period! Remember, our goal with Tribex-500 is to create a product that will stimulate the body to increase its own Testosterone levels all the way up to what's considered "high normal" (+1000 ng/dl). And not only that, but do it in a way that's not inhibitory, like steroids are. All of our research, plus the literature we've reviewed, indicates that there are only two known compounds that significantly stimulate natural testosterone levels - genuine, Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris and real Avena sativa that's harvested at a very specific time, while still green, prior to going to seed. The mechanism of action for how the herbs boost testosterone isn't fully known yet. Some research has demonstrated that both Tribulus and Avena increase free Testosterone levels by stimulating LH (luteinizing hormone). And it's the LH that signals the testes to step up production. Other research indicates that the active compound in Tribulus actually converts into androgens, once in the body. Still, there has to be something else going on here other than stimulating LH, because the end results are different between the two herbs. It appears that Tribulus tends to increase both free and total testosterone, whereas Avena disproportionately increases free Testosterone. And together, there seems to be a synergy going on, producing results that are significantly greater than with the herbs individually. We're planning to conduct several university studies over the next several years (we've done two already) to determine specific mechanisms of action, as well as the overall hormonal effects on the body. Eye-Opening Revelation Now, what I'm about to tell you next has never been published before. It's fascinating stuff that has major implications in Testosterone manipulation. Reason being, up until very recently, we were groping around in the dark with these herbs, getting very inconsistent results, even under strict manufacturing guidelines. Essentially, we found that everyone who's been manufacturing Tribulus, worldwide, has been doing the wrong thing during extraction. It's kind of like thinking you're putting 200 pounds of pressure on the break pedal, but in reality, you've got your foot on the accelerator. A crash is inevitable. When it comes to manufacturing nutritional supplements, it's as much an art as it is a science. And unless you understand all of the dependent and related factors that go into a compound, you're bound to royally screw things up. For example, here's what we discovered with Tribulus, which is a real eye-opener: Traditionally, Tribulus has been standardized for total saponin content. In reality, however, the real active component is protodioscin. And even though, protodioscin is a saponin, it only represents a fraction of the total saponin content. So, on the surface, it would make sense to extract maximum total saponins to get maximum protodioscin. Right? Wrong! We learned that if you target your efforts for maximum saponin content, much of the protodioscin is actually destroyed during the extraction process. This results in an herb that has enormous total saponin count, but only half, or less, the available protodioscin. As a result of our discovery, we're now able to attain a standard of 10% protodioscin, which is about 50% higher than we originally thought was possible! But to achieve this high standard, we have to jump through about 100 manufacturing poodle hoops. First, we harvest the herb right in good ol' Bulgaria. Then we have it trucked to Germany where the Tribulus undergoes a battery of testing before it makes its way into the extraction facility. After a complicated, multi-phased extraction process, the material is tested again for active content. If it meets our standards, then and only then, is it shipped to the US. Once on our shores, the Tribulus goes through another step to seal in the protodioscin. It's the same with Avena sativa. The first thing we do is harvest the herb in Europe during a very specific time of a plant's maturation cycle and test it for the active components, avenacosides A and B. The raw material is then mulched up to form an alcohol-based "mother liquor" (kind of like a very strong herbal-alcohol soup). Once we have the mother liquor, we re-test for the active content to make sure it meets our specs. And if the batch passes, we ship the Avena soup to the US where it's further extracted, treated to seal in the avenacosides, and tested once again. I firmly believe that we now have two herbs that together, work better than the drug clomiphene citrate at stimulating testosterone levels and pumping up the lead in the ol' pencil. I mean, the horny factor is so strong that I don't recommend you take the new Tribex-500 unless you're prepared to deal with the potential of a runaway libido. The New Super Tribex-500 In the reformulation process, we had to make a decision about ratios between ingredients. The old formula contained (per capsule) 250 mg of Tribulus, 150 mg of Avena, and 100 mg of 7-isopropoxy-isoflavone (ipriflavone). When it came to the new formula, however, to produce the most-potent blend possible, we decided to eliminate the ipriflavone and jack up the Avena. Originally, we included ipriflavone to combat cortisol, and thus increase free Testosterone. Recently, though, we've determined that our Avena does a much better job at increasing free testosterone. So it was a no-brainer to make the change. Each capsule of the new Tribex-500 formula contains 250 mg each of the most-potent, super extract of Tribulus terrestris and Avena sativa known to man. That's a pretty strong statement, but it's absolutely true! I'll be very surprised if you're not completely blown away by the new Tribex-500. Heck, the old formula was incredible as it was. Just ask the tens of thousands of people who faithfully buy it month in and month out. Tribex-500 is Biotest's fastest growing supplement, and it's been that way since day one. There must be a reason for the dramatic and steady increases in sales each month. It works! I absolutely guarantee this new stuff will gear you up to the max - big time! Personal Experiences Charles Poliquin, World-Renowned Strength Coach: "I started giving Tribex-500 to some of my professional and Olympic athletes and they experienced phenomenal gains in muscle size, strength, and even athletic performance!" Brian Batcheldor, European Steroid Guru: "Tribex-500 compares quite favorably with some of the anabolics like Stanazolol." ZMA Studies show that by supplementing your diet with specific amounts of zinc and magnesium, you can elevate testosterone levels by as much as 30 percent. Balco Labs has conducted research to determine the exact amount of zinc and magnesium required to replenish an athlete's stores of these precious minerals. Their studies have just been accepted for publication in Sports Medicine, Training, and Rehabilitation Journal. Furthermore, Balco Labs has conducted exhaustive tests with 21 professional bodybuilders and most of the Denver Broncos football team, and all their findings have confirmed Balco Labs' theories. Based on their findings, Balco Labs developed a supplement, called "ZMA." They've also been able to determine that the best dose is 30 mg of zinc and 450 mg of magnesium taken once per day (three capsules taken between dinner and bed time). 90 Capsules per bottles. Each Capsule Contains: Zinc: 10mg (Monomethionine/Asparate) Magnesium: 150mg (Aspartate) Vitamin B-6: 3.5mg Zinc and magnesium are of vital importance to optimal performance: ZINC A deficiency decreases muscle strength and endurance. Zinc is an anabolic element and promotes healing, tissue repair, and muscle growth. Zinc also increases the effect of Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1, Growth Hormone, and Testosterone. In addtion, many of the enzymes that prevent the buildup of lactic acid (the "fatigue acids") require zinc. MAGNESIUM A deficiency decreases oxygen delivery to muscle tissue. Magnesium promotes muscle strength, endurance, and relaxation. Magnesium also activates enzymes necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids. The body's maximum daily release of growth hormone occurs about 90 minutes after going to sleep. Both zinc and magnesium increase the effect of growth hormone. Zinc also promotes the anabolic effect of testosterone, and magnesium increases muscle relaxation. Healing, tissue repair, and muscle growth are maximized during sleep. This is the reason it is recommended that ZMA be taken between dinner and bedtime. Benefits received by utilizing ZMA in conjunction with an effective exercise program can include: Increased muscle strength and endurance. A decrease in muscle cramps and pulls. Faster healing and recovery from injuries. Improved concentration and alertness. Decreased water retention. Deeper relaxation during sleep. Biotest ZMA is sourced from Scientific Nutrition for Advanced Conditioning (SNAC). A Novel Zinc and Magnesium Formulation (ZMA) Increases Anabolic Hormones and Strength in Athletes L. R. Brilla, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 98225, and V. Conte, BALCO Laboratories, Burlingame, CA 94010. A double-blind, randomized study was conducted to determine the effect of a novel zinc and magnesium formulation (ZMA) on anabolic hormone levels and strength in athletes. Members of the University football team (n=27) had blood collected at the beginning and end of an 8 week period of intensive training. Subjects were supplemented with ZMA (n=12) or placebo (n=15) for the 8 weeks. The ZMA group took 3 capsules nightly that contained a total of 30 mg of ZN as monomethionine/aspartate, 450 mg of Mg as aspartate and 10.5 mg of vitamin B-6. The plasma Zn and Mg levels increased in the ZMA group by 29.1% (.804 to 1.038 mcg/ml) and 6.2% (19.43 to 20.63 mcg/ml), respectively, while levels decreased in the placebo group by 4.4% (.836 to .799 mcg/ml) and 9.2% (19.68 to 18.04 mcg/ml), respectively. The total and free testosterone levels in serum increased in the ZMA group by 32.4% (567.9 to 752.7 ng/dl) and 33.5% (132.1 to 176.3 pg/mL), respectively, in contrast to the placebo group which decreased by 10.5% (588.8 to 526.8 ng/dL) and 10.2% (141.0 to 126.6 pg/mL), respectively. The serum IGF-1 levels increased in the ZMA group by 3.6% (424.2 to 439.3 ng/mL) and decreased in the placebo group by 21.5% (437.3 to 343.3 g/mL). All comparisons were statistically significant (P0.001). Pre and post isokenetic strength determinations in newton meters were made using a Biodex dynamometer. Subjects (ZMA n=10; placebo n=11) were measured for maximum quadricep strength on the right leg at 180 degrees per sec (strength) and 300 degrees per second (functional power). The ZMA strength group change at 180 degrees per second was 11.6% (189.9 to 211.8) compared to the placebo group change of +44.6% (204.2 to 209.1) and the ZMA group change at 300 degrees per sec. was +18.2% (316.5 to 373.7), in contrast to the +9.4% (369.5 to 404.3) for the placebo group (P0.05). These findings suggest that nightly supplementation with ZMA significantly increases Zn and Mg levels, anabolic hormone levels as well as strength and power in athletes. Sports Medicine, Training and Rehabilitation Journal, November 1998 (in press)

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