Wise CHOice Easy Cheesecake Mix Do you like baked cheesecakes but feel intimidated by all the fuss and bother? Or do you prefer a lighter fluffier cheesecake -- the kind that looks and feels more like a fine-textured cake than pudding and then melts in your mouth? Then our Wise CHOice Easy Cheesecake Mix is the answer. All you do is combine cream cheese with water, stir in flavorings and Wise CHOice Easy Cheesecake Mix and bake -- and no need to bother with boiling water baths or anything fancy. An 8 or 9-inch cheesecake requires just one pound of cream cheese. Our mix is also easy to measure if you want to make a smaller cheesecake--but it freezes so well you might want to prepare the whole mix at once and freeze the extra for later. By the way, if you happen to like the dense type of cheesecake, this mix gets denser results with additional cheese and/or eggs. And, if you like it intensely creamy, add a few tablespoons of heavy cream. This mix also works with Philadelphia brand fat-free cream cheese). However, in our opinion, there is such as thing as too light a cheesecake. Therefore, we recommend adding three to four egg whites for a completely fat-free cheesecake -- or two whole eggs -- or using part real cheese such as neufchatel (sometimes called reduced-fat cream cheese) or ricotta cheese. We've even developed a non-dairy version. And recipe development is continuing. One word of warning: our mix may be easy but it's not fast. We've come up with a number of shortcuts and timesavers -- but baked cheesecakes need to cool slowly before refrigerating. So plan ahead. However, we think they are at their best two days after baking and they can keep (in the refrigerator) for a week. As with our other Wise CHOice desserts, this mix is unflavored and unsweetened so you can make it according to your dietary requirements. A full-size cheesecake, which easily serves 8, tastes great when made with the equivalent of a half cup of sugar, and one teaspoon each of vanilla and almond extracts. You can also flavor it with other extracts, syrups, cocoa, liqueurs, fruit purees, pumpkin puree, or replace part or all of the water with coffee, herb tea, fruit juice. Or make a crust and coordinate the filling flavor, such as a maple-flavored filling with a walnut crust. You can also make a variety of wonderful savory appetizers or breakfast dishes flavored with everything from strong cheeses to herbs and spices. Try adding some smoked salmon, or goat cheese, or almost anything you'd put in a quiche, as long as it isn't watery. Our cheesecakes also contain 4g dietary fiber per serving, the soluble fermentable fiber that is so hard to get on a lowcarb diet. Wise CHOice original Frozen Dessert Mix Several years back, a lowcarber wrote to a well-known ice cream manufacturer and asked them to make a lowcarb ice cream. The manufacturer politely replied, explaining that it wasn't possible. But a certain serious cook had already come very close in her kitchen, and figured that the real problem was that there just wasn't enough business for ready-made ice cream. She set about turning her idea into a dry mix that could be shipped inexpensively to wherever it was needed. And so began the development of what was to become Wise CHOice Frozen Dessert Mix. By the time it was finished we had: developed a dry dessert mix that works with every ice cream flavor tested, and can also be used to make sorbet, sherbet, and Italian ices; found a way to make these frozen desserts not only essentially carb-free (if you subtract fiber) but also dairy-free, fat-free, soy-free, grain-free, sugar-alcohol-free, glycerine-free, and low-calorie (most recipes have less than 30 calories per serving) -- and that still taste good; designed the mix so it doesn't need any special equipment -- in other words, no ice cream machine, just a mixer (hand-held is fine) and any kind of freezer container; designed it to intensify sweetness, so that it takes only the equivalent of five (5!) teaspoons of sugar to sweeten an entire quart; decided to leave out the sweetener so the user could choose his/her own; tested it with all available sweeteners including aspartame(Equal), sucralose (Splenda -- this sweetener needs the equivalent of 7 1/2 teaspoons of sugar), acesulfame K (Sweet One), cyclamates (Canadian Sugar Twin and Sucaryl), and saccharin (U.S. Sugar Twin); for people who avoid artificial sweeteners,also tested it with sugar (it adds 2.5g carb and 10 calories) and glycerin (sweeten to taste); designed it to intensify flavors so that it takes only 1/2-1 teaspoon of most extracts, 1-2 Tablespoons of liqueurs, or 2-3 teaspoons of cocoa to flavor an entire quart; decided to leave out flavoring agents to make it acceptable to the maximum number of special diets, and to allow the user's creativity to be the star; developed and tested numerous flavors in kitchens around the world, using such "found" flavoriings as extracts, cocoa, coffees, herb teas, liqueurs, fruit juices and purees, as well as extracts and flavor syrups; made the mix from ingredients that are thoroughly-researched and tested, and which appear to be good for almost everyone -- each serving of dessert provides 4g soluble per fiber -- more fiber, and more-beneficial fiber, than a dose of Metamucel; made the mix lightweight so it is as inexpensive as possible to ship; developed suitable packaging which is lightweight and strong enough to ship without breakage, and which is also environmentally-acceptable; Oh, by the way, it turns out that the polite ice cream manufacturer was right -- it isn't possible to make a lowcarb ice cream. That's because, by law, ice cream must be freeze-churned. It really isn't possible to do that without sugar itself or one of a limited number of bulk replacements, all of which are carbohydrates. Since our dessert mix is merely whipped and stuck in a freezer, it's not ice cream. (But your taste buds won't care.) Enjoy this culinary and nutritional breakthrough to create desserts that are both delicious and good for you. Unleash your creativity! Have fun! Wise CHOice Frozen Fudge Bar Mix Our Wise CHOice Frozen Dessert Mix can be used to recreate almost any frozen dessert -- except for frozen fudge bars like Fudgsicles. Original Wise CHOice cannot recreate that wonderful dense texture at a reasonable cost (it will if you use a lot). Considering that the real things weighs in at 17g carbs (including 1g fiber) per serving for the no-sugar-added version, we felt it worth while to develop a lower-carb alternative. It was a dirty job (all that cocoa!) but somebody had to do it. After a great deal of dedication and self-sacrifice on the part of our product development team, who had to taste version after version, recipe after recipe of frozen dark chocolate fudge concoctions, we achieved success! A serving of two delicious bars contains 5.6g carb of which 4.3g are fiber -- in other words, 1.3g bioavailable carbs plus a lot of good stuff for each two-bar serving. Not bad, if we say so ourselves. All you have to do is whip some heavy cream, add water, unsweetened cocoa, vanilla and the sweetener of your choice, and then add the fudge bar mix. Whip a few seconds more and freeze in molds or individual cups and -- enjoy! In addition, you are not limited to chocolate. For example, maple flavor is a natural. Coffee is marvelous (just replace the water with good drinking-strenghth coffee). Banana is great, either made with extract ot a small piece of real fruit. Or flavor it with a bit of blackstrap molasses, add some pecans, and enjoy a frozen praline. Like our other Wise CHOice products, this mix is a source of dietary fiber. But, as with the others, you'd never know it, because even though we made it good for you, what it really does is taste and feel like the real thing. Please note that the nutrition for frozen deserts must be presented on the basis of half cup servings. That is the equivalant of two bars when you use Tupperware or similar "popsicle" molds. The nutrition information presented below is based on dividing one package into nine servings of two bars each. However, given the absence of carbs to trigger hunger and the presence of fiber, most people would probably feel that one bar is a satisfying serving. In addition, because most molds hold only six bars, the recipe is scaled for three batches of six bars each. Of course, if you have sufficient molds and freezer space, you are free to make more. If you don't have molds, you can buy popsicle sticks (called "craft sticks" at a hobby store and use small paper cups with aluminum foil covers to hold the sticks in place. We find the easiest way to unmold is to run hot water over the outside and gently twist or squeeze to break the connection between the fudge bar and the wall of the mold. Wise CHOice Frozen Fudge Bar Mix -- makes dark, dense chocolate treats -- and even lets you make other flavors, It's available in two sizes, the smaller, a zipper-closure stand-up pouch -- which makes 18 2-ounce bars, and the larger, a quart cannister which makes 114 2-ounce bars. Wise CHOice Mousse Mix Our Wise CHOice Mousse Mix makes the most remarkable chocolate mousse -- creamy, rich, amazingly easy -- in just seconds! As wonderful as our chocolate mousse recipe is, you don't have to stop there. Flavor mousses with any extract or liqueur that strikes your fancy. Or fruit puree. Or swirl it with a flavored syrup. You can even use the mix as a shortcut in making savory souffles. And not just mousses -- see our recipes for other ideas. You can even make non-dairy versions if you have access to non-dairy whipping cream substitutes -- we've tested it with products from Rich's and Haddar which may sometimes be found in the freezer case. Our mix is so fast and easy to make that it's convenient to bring with you to restaurants because they can make up a special lowcarb dessert for you while you dine. (Be sure to arrange ahead of time -- even when they are willing to make it for you, not all have unsweetened whipping cream available without ordering ahead.) Absolutely Decadent Wise CHOice Chocolate Mousse This mousse is far too tempting to make more than you plan to serve. Fortunately, it's no problem to whip it up as you need it. Feel free to modify quantities to your taste. 1. Combine 1/4 cup (60ml) of whipping or heavy cream with your favorite cocoa (start with 1 tsp but adjust to taste -- Barbara likes Hershey's European-style Cocoa in this recipe), vanilla (1/2 tsp to start), and sweetener (equivalent to 1 Tbs (15ml) sugar to start). Whip until doubled in volume but cream is still soft. 2. Add 1 Tbs (15ml) Wise CHOice Mousse Mix. Whip until thick -- watch closely, it takes just a few seconds. Stir in more cream if result is too thick. 3. Transfer to serving dish and serve immediately or refrigerate until needed. 4. Store in refrigerator, covered. Nutrition* (calculated by Mastercook): 240 calories; 22.2g fat; 7.0g carb (of which 4.6g is fiber); 3.6g protein -- also provides 17% of Vit A and 9% of calcium Daily Values. *based on no-calorie sweetener Suggestions: leave out cocoa (or not) and flavor with other extracts, syrups, liqueurs, fruit purees. You can omit the sweetener and vanilla as well and make savory mousses with herbs, fish, or cheeses for deluxe appetizers. Knee Wraps (elastic) Usage: Elastic Knee Wraps can help provide support and stability to the knee area during many activities*. To apply: start above the knee and wrap around once, cross knee cap and proceed below the knee and wrap once more around the bottom of the knee (this should create a figure eight design). Spiral up around knee area (over lapping material) to the top of the knee until elastic is expired. Tuck in last part of elastic under spiral. Materials: Elastic Knee Wraps by Flexsports International are made of Super Red-Line elastic which has been developed for a extremely tight fit and to be worn for short periods of time only. Style: Super Red-Line Elastic 78" (pair) Made in the USA All Knee Wraps come in a wrap-n-tuck design. These Super Red-Line Knee Wraps are white with two red stripes. Popular Uses Elastic Ankle Wrap can be used for activities such as: Exercising Cycling Hiking Golfing Tennis Construction Football Racquetball Warehouse Work Baseball Basketball Rehabilitation *This product does not prevent injuries. Elastic Knee Wraps should always be used under the guidance of a trained professional. Neo-Pro Sports Gloves (Pair) Usage: Neo Pro Sports Gloves give added grip and comfort for sports and a variety of other activities; additionally, they help in the prevention calluses *. To apply: insert fingers through loops and thumb through the large hole. Fasten Velcro closure. Materials: Neo Pro Sports Gloves by Flexsports International are manufactured from high-quality neoprene, the material used in the construction of wet suits. The neoprene is double lined with nylon for added comfort and durability: Neo Pro Sports Gloves are water resistant and washable. Flexsports International uses a glue and stitch technique to attach the palm pad. This added step helps complete the design of this durable product. Neoprene; in combination with the palm pads, provide excellent anti-vibration properties. Made in the USA. Style: Flexsports International's Neo Pro Sports Gloves four finger construction helps provide a secure fit while the open thumb design helps increase mobility and reduce restriction of the hand. Padded Leather Belt Usage: Support belts can help to increase abdominal pressure; consequently, increased abdominal pressure helps in providing comfort and support to the lower back*. Proper use of this product can improve overall lifting form. To use: place around waist, put end through buckle, tighten to desired compression and use the double prong buckle to secure. Materials: Flexsports International uses high quality leather and double prong closures on all leather belts for added durability. Padded Leather Belt design uses a layer of padding for added comfort to the lower back. The belt has a suede and leather design with double stitching for durability. Made in the USA. Approximate sizes: Small = 25 - 27 inch waist Medium = 28 - 30 in Large = 31 - 33 in X-Large = 34 - 36 in Power Straps Usage: Power Straps are used primarily in weight training. Power Straps give added grip for pulling exercises; consequently, this helps isolate the specific muscles in the back and shoulders for stronger workouts*. To apply: simply insert strap through small loop, put hand through new loop and close loop until snug around wrist. Be sure strap end is directed between the thumb and index finger. Use thumb and a "twisting motion" of the hand to wrap tightly around the bar in opposing circular direction of the hand. Repeat steps for other hand. Materials: Power Straps by Flexsports International are made with the highest quality webbing, combining cotton with polyester filler. Flexsports International's Power Straps offer a natural cotton fiber to ensure maximum comfort and grip. The poly-core gives the 1 1/2" width webbing strength and durability. These adjustable Power Straps are "one size fits all" and come in a standard 20" length. Made in the USA. Also available with Neoprene padding for extra comfort and power. Neoprene Padded Adjustable Power Straps offers all the features of the standard strap plus the comfort of a layer of extra thick (6mm) neoprene that wraps around the wrist for comfort. Neoprene is the same material used in the construction of wet suits. *This product does not prevent injuries. Power Straps should always be used under the guidance of a trained professional. Pro Nylon Support Belt Usage: Pro Nylon Support Belts are light weight and have soft flexible edges for an extra comfortable use. Support belts can help in increasing abdominal pressure; consequently, increased abdominal pressure helps in providing comfort and support to the lower back*. Proper use of this product can improve overall lifting form. To use: place around waist, put strap through loop, pull strap back, tighten to desired compression and fasten to secure. Materials: Pro Nylon Support Belts by Flexsports International uses a foam core (4 psi), covered with a nylon shell facing and a brushed nylon trico lining. Made in the USA. Style: The 4" Pro Nylon belts are constructed with a 4" continuous width, ideal for the general public. This is Flexsports International's most popular belt. For approximate size: Small = 24 - 27 inch waist Medium = 28 - 31 in Large = 32 - 35 in Power Wrist Sports Gloves (Pair) Usage: POWER WRIST Wrist Wrap Sports Gloves offer support and stability to the wrist while providing added grip and comfort for a variety of activities; additionally, they help in the prevention calluses *. Flexsports International's POWER WRIST Wrist Wrap Sports Gloves are constructed with a half finger design and have padding throughout the palm and finger areas. The glove has incorporated an elastic wrist wrap to support the entire wrist area. In addition, this glove has a dual closure fastening system (small tab closures for the glove and elastic wrap for the wrist). All features contribute to the support, comfort, mobility, and durability of the glove. To apply: loosen both closures, insert hand into glove, fasten small closure, wrap wrist support around the wrist to desired compression and fasten closure. Materials: Flexsports International uses the finest whole piece leather available. The high-quality leather is accompanied by spandex backing for comfort and compression. The wrist wrap is constructed out of durable two inch elastic to support the entire wrist area. Made in the USA. Style: This style sports glove uses spandex for comfort, compression, and secure fit along with elastic for its wrist support. Wrist Wraps Usage: Elastic Wrist Wraps can help provide support and stability to the wrist area for many activities*. Wrist wraps can help relieve the discomfort of wrists with ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome. To apply: insert thumb through loop, wrap around wrist covering the back of the wrist first and fasten to secure. Materials: Elastic Wrist Wraps by Flexsports International are made of elastic which can be used for extended periods of time due to its light-stretch yet firm comfortable fit. Style: The thumb loop style uses a loop for easy application. Thumb loop wrist wraps come in "one size fits all" and each set has a left and right hand. Made in the USA.

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