Dermocypional TD Dermocypional TD is 1-testosterone in a transdermal topical cream with isopropyl myristate (IPM), a penetration enhancer. It contains 30 mg of 1-testosterone per pump. 1-testosterone is an active steroidal hormone molecule - it needs no conversion to a target hormone for efficacy. Studies have shown it to be over 700% more anabolic than testosterone! What is even more impressive is that since 1-testosterone is a 5 alpha reduced version of testosterone and a metabolite of dihydrotestosterone it cannot convert to estrogen or dihydrotestosterone. That means side-effects such as water retention, gyno, acne, hair loss etc. are virtually non-existent! People using 1-testosterone have noticed significant improvements in strength, muscle hardness and vascularity in as little as a week. Typically after a solid 3 to 6 week cycle of 1-testosterone, one can expect muscles that are much denser and an increased muscle to fat ratio. IPM is a fatty acid ester that is approved for use in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Its mechanism of action as a penetration enhancer is thought to involve the removal of lipids from the stratum corneum. This creates miniscule holes in the stratum corneum layer through which substances can shuttle. IPM may also act as an emollient by coating the skin and sealing in moisture, which further increases the permeability of the skin. Friction Friction is an advanced technology nutritional supplement formulated to improve the performance, stamina and endurance of athletes as well as help burn fat and provide energy. Friction is Ephedrine-free. Friction transfers nutrients to your muscles when and where you need them. The time-released process gives you sustained energy. It is designed to "turbo charge" your carbs with oxygen. It uses adrenaline-stimulating nutrients and vitamins to free up the oxygen and supply your body with balanced nutrition. Friction is supplied in an easy to swallow liquid. With Friction and the revolutionary Liposome Delivery System, your body will use your carbs more efficiently. You will no longer "hit the wall," you'll blast through it! This is truly a remarkable scientific breakthrough. Designed and engineered using Liposome Delivery technology (patent pending), Friction delivers energy, vitamins and minerals needed every day by the serious athlete to achieve their performance goals. Friction helps you use carbs more efficiently for greater endurance and energy. The unique Liposome Delivery System transfers nutrients when and where your muscles need them. The time-released process gives you sustained energy. Increasing the levels of oxygen in the blood will certainly help speed up aerobic respiration. As athletes, we must work to increase oxygen in our blood. Our bodies need signals to increase the amounts of oxygen it needs. We accomplish this with adrenaline, also know as epinephrine, the ultimate performance hormone. Adrenaline is often referred to as the fight or flight hormone. Adrenaline tells the heart to beat faster, muscles to twitch, and breathing to increase. This floods the blood with oxygen. Combining adrenaline with the increase of nutrient-derived 2-3DPG in the bloodstream lets your carbs "breath easier". This combination facilitates aerobic respiration and helps your body produce higher levels of ATP. This is the ultimate performance state! Over time however this adrenaline spike decreases. The challenge for athletes or anyone looking for sustained energy then, is how can we maintain this ultimate performance state for sustained energy. There are two elements that impact the amount of carbs being burned. First is the amount of oxygen in the blood. Second is oxygen's affinity for hemoglobin. In our bodies, oxygen is bound and carried by hemoglobin. Hemoglobin binds the precious oxygen and delivers it to your muscles. When we exercise, our bodies release a chemical known as 2-3DPG (diphosphoglycerate). This chemical lowers oxygen's affinity to bind to hemoglobin. With 2-3DPG, oxygen is released and can be used by our carbs in aerobic respiration to increase our ATP levels. Increasing the levels of 2-3DPG is key to improving aerobic respiration. The problem is we store a limited supply of 2-3DPG... and we use it quickly. Research suggests that certain nutrients and phosphates, such as sodium and potassium phosphate, increase the 2-3 DPG levels, thereby releasing oxygen in the blood to your carbs. Research on the effectiveness of phosphates and other nutrients to increase 2-3DGP is inconsistent, mostly due to variations on how our body absorbs these nutrients. How we absorb nutrients is just as important as what type of nutrients we provide our body. Carbs are not the only source of ATP. Fat is also a very good source. A fatty acid of 16 carbons can yield 129 molecules of ATP, which is over 400% more than carbs... even with oxygen! Because fat metabolism can produce so much ATP per molecule, it is preferred that you tell your body to burn fat and to spare you carbs for when you absolutely need them. You might say, "Why not use just fat"? Well, simply put, fat needs carbs to burn. Carbohydrates are like kindling for burning fat. But burning fat first to produce energy helps saves some carbs for later. At this point we've learned several things: 1.) ATP is the energy that fuels your muscles; 2.) Oxygen turbo charges your carbs to produce more ATP - as much as 15 times more, and 3.) Supplying your body with nutrients that facilitate your body's aerobic respiration helps deliver increasing amounts of oxygen to your carbs. So to use carbs better we need to increase the level of nutrients in our body. How to continually provide our bodies with these oxygen delivering nutrients is the cornerstone of every training supplement. Most oxygen delivering nutrients are poorly absorbed by our body and only provide energy for a short period of time. We must realize it is not the nutrients that don't work, it's the delivery system for supplements that don't work. How you take a supplement is more important than the supplement itself. Capsules, tablets, sublingual and drinks are all poor nutritional delivery vehicles. Nothing is absorbed as efficiently as when you follow Mother Nature's formula. Our body's lymphatic system is an extensive and highly efficient network of capillaries and vessels that transport fluids and nutrients into our blood stream. The lymphatic system uses liposomes, encapsulated multi-layered vehicles, to deliver vital nutrients to our body. The uniqueness of liposomes lies in their chemical construction... a water-soluble center and an oil soluble outer layer. This outer layer is made up of natural oils called Phospholipids. Phospholipids can be easily absorbed by our body's lymphatic system and can bypass most of the digestive system. Therefore, liposomes enter the blood stream through our body's lymphatic system instead of our digestive system, like vitamins, gels, etc. Studies prove that our lymphatic system absorbs nutrients at a rate of 98% as compared to our digestive track which absorbs nutrients at 40% to 50%. Once liposomes enter our blood stream they can target a cell, peel off like an onion, and release the vital nutrients a little at a time or a layer at a time. In fact, the proven effectiveness of liposomes to deliver vital nutrients to the body has made them the preferred method of delivery for many cancer drugs. Liposome Delivery makes Friction unique in the fitness market. This all-natural, liposome encapsulation matrix reduces the particle size of active nutrients. It separates water-soluble and oil-soluble elements and fuses them together into microscopic spheres. Liposomes then transfer nutrients directly to the muscles when and where they are needed to improve stamina and increase overall athletic performance. Liposomes deliver their nutrient payload in a way no other vitamin supplement, liquid or pill can, making Friction faster acting, with sustained potency. Liposome encapsulation efficiently directs bloodstream absorption allowing for faster activity and utilization of the biologically active nutrients. Unlike sublingually applied products that rapidly enter the bloodstream and spike the blood, liposomes gradually release their nutritional payload over several hours, providing sustained user benefits. Background on Liposomes Liposomes are microscopic, artificially created spheres whose walls consist of phospholipid bilayers. Liposomes are created by mixing dry phospholipids, such as egg yolk, with water. The phospholipid bilayer is designed to fuse with the lipids in the cell membranes of the body, so liposomes are effective agents for delivering nutrients or other chemicals directly through the cell walls. The multi-layered composition of the liposome provides for sustained release of the targeted nutrient. Liposome encapsulation also allows the combination of both hydrophilic (having an affinity for water) and hydrophobic (incapable of dissolving in water) ingredients within the same liquid product. Liposomes were originally developed for the pharmaceutical industry where they have been used successfully to direct cancer-fighting therapies to affected cancer cells. Friction is Ephedrine-free! Is Synephrine the same as ephedrine? No! Even though they sound similar they have very different chemical make-ups and actions in the body. Ephedrine has been linked to many negative effects and actually over stimulates the heart and decreases endurance performance. Synephrine was chosen due to its non-cardio stimulatory effects yet it still is able to mobilize fat to be used earlier in exercise. LIPONiQ No matter how hard your diet, you just can't seem to get the fat off those problem areas! If only there was something that could help! We Know! If You Thought It Worked You'd Soak In A Tub Of It! But The Bottom Line Is All You Need Is Just One Pump A Day! Don't you think that we've heard it all? We know that it sounds kinda hokey. But people never thought that man would walk on the moon either, let alone burn fat by rubbing on some cream! In 2002, a supplement insider by the name of Brian Vassallo released a new line of products that were designed to exceed consumers expectations. For years Vassallo has been known as one of the countries foremost authorities on nutritional supplements. His list of clients has included various athletes and celebrities including WWF Superstars, NFL Teams, Professional Boxers, and even the U.S. Navy Seals. Now Vassallo is bringing his expertise to you. Introducing LIPONiQ! Let's face it, haven't we all been on that one month diet? You know the one where the only thing that you lost was 30 days? You saw mild results. Maybe lost a few pounds. You bought the pills; you drank the shakes. But all of the sudden it just stopped working. You felt defeated and deflated. What went wrong? The problem may not have been your diet or exercise program. Your enemy may have been your own body! Ever heard of Alpha-2 adrenoreceptors? No? Well meet the enemy of dieters everywhere. Alpha-2's, located predominantly in the buttocks, thighs and tummy in women, and in the belly and love handles in men, force the body to hold onto unwanted fat. Especially when you are on a low calorie diet. How come you haven't heard about these Alpha-2's before? Probably because no one had figured out how to stop them. Get Dan Duchaine's Underground BodyOpus book. Dan explains the alpha-2 adrenoreceptors well in this book. He feels that these andreno-receptors are largely responsible for the lower body fat problem that many women and some men have. Yohimbine is thought to get the alpha-2 adrenoreceptors to release fat from the lower body fat cells (buttocks, thigh and hip area "cellulite"). Enter LIPONiQ! By combining a large dose of Yohimbe Extract (yielding a whopping 100mg of Yohimbine per pump!), a well known Alpha-2 Antagonist, with advanced liposomal / transdermal delivery agents, LIPONiQ penetrates the skin, and goes to work directly on the receptors in fat cells helping you to release yourself from the bondage of fat! The key to LIPONiQ's success lies in its topical delivery system. We know where the Alpha-2's are most predominant so we can target them and shut them down. There are no guarantees that by taking Yohimbine in pill form, the active ingredients will reach the A-2 receptors. In fact, they probably will not since we want the Yohimbine in the fat cells, not the bloodstream! Relia-Lean Stronger than Relora's magnolia officinalis formula! This new natural supplement is the ultimate pill for those who suffer from Excessive Mid-Section Fat, Fatigue, Moodiness, Bloating Between Meals, Frequent Trips To The Bathroom, and/or Frequent Thirst. Relia-Lean contains the active ingredient Relia, a magnolia officinalis/ phellodendron/ hydroxycitrate blend designed specifically to help support health and fitness. The magnolia and phellodendron work together to suppress cortisol, a stress hormone that primes us for physical exertion and lingers in the body unless exertion occurs. The Hydroxycitrate in Relia inhibits lipogenesis, the body's ability to convert carbohydrates to fat... making Relia-Lean the best choice for those looking to beat Metabolic Syndrome! Take the 4 Week Eating Habits Challenge! For 4 weeks try to eliminate dairy, wheat, and refined carbohydrates ( white rice, sugar, etc.) from your diet. By doing this, you can reduce the body's production of insulin. This will help prevent your body from storing new fats, and allow Relia-Lean to help produce the results you're looking for faster. Try substituting soy products for dairy - and if you like rice, try brown instead of white. Boost That Serotonin! Start exercising. Any physical activity reduces the symptoms below. Whether it's getting out and going for a walk, or committing to a regular training program at your local gym, exercise will help speed you on your way to feeling good about you! Commit yourself to doing some type of physical activity six times a week. Make your exercise fun and involve your family or friends. Walk the mall, bike the trail, swim in the pool, or even a romantic evening with your partner can be a fun way to burn those calories!

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