Pro M3 ProM3 is a protein blend like no other. With it's optimized ratio of three unique proteins, a proprietary enzyme blend, and free of all ingredients detrimental to muscle growth, ProM3 is pure muscle building protein. Now the exclusive formula, previously available only to Jay Cutler and Mark McGwire, is available to you! 50 grams of protein Only 2 grams of sugar Fortified with ISSOE3 (enzyme blend) No Oils, Syrups, or Fillers ProM3 is an exclusive blend of high quality proteins and low carbs. And put that blender away because ProM3 mixes instantly. ProM3 is just muscle building protein that tastes incredible! As you may know, there is sort of a protein war going on. Some companies stubbornly hold onto the belief that whey protein is better than casein, while others claim casein is the real deal. Turns out that both proteins have a purpose in the quest for lean muscle mass. Don't be mislead by other companies who claim, that by adding nitric oxide stimulators, insulin enhancers, or muscle synthesizing ingredients to their protein formula, that this will guarantee slabs of rock hard muscle to your body. These companies use fancy words to describe all the ingredients added to their protein formula, but hardly talk about the protein formula itself. Maybe it is because their protein formula was thrown together to meet a price point or profit margin, instead of being formulated for the optimum ratios of protein for maximum muscle gains. ProM3 yields 50 grams of the most unique protein formula in existence per serving. Plus, there are no added sugars, syrups, or fillers, so you can rest assure that the muscle gains you experience will be nothing but pure lean muscle! And don't worry about the taste. A renowned flavor house developed the flavor system used in ProM3, so you know that the taste will be out of this world! ProM3 provides a unique three-protein matrix of whey, casein and egg albumin to super saturate your muscle tissues with a wide array of amino acids. Amino acids are nature's 'building blocks', responsible for muscle growth and repair. And no protein delivers amino acids faster than whey protein. Whey protein is the fastest acting protein around, immediately flooding the body with amino acids, helping to kick your body into an 'anabolic' or muscle growing state. On the other hand, casein is dubbed the 'time release' source of protein, as the amino acids come into play after those from whey have been fully digested and absorbed. Egg albumin digests slower than whey but faster than casein, acting as the 'bridge', filling in the gaps between the two. ProM3 will help build and maintain your muscles long after other proteins are gone from your body. In addition to the high quality blend of proteins, ProM3 is enriched with a Proprietary Enzyme Blend. This blend is a unique and natural enzyme complex, which assists in the absorption of protein. Upon protein ingestion, the body tries to break protein down into molecules for digestion. ISS's Proprietary Enzyme Blend takes this process one step further by dispersing the larger protein molecules into smaller peptides. The body, for maximum absorption and uptake, prefers the smaller peptides for recovering muscles. Did you know that without enzymes, humans could not survive? That an enzyme deficiency can cause stress and an imbalance of the body's organs and system as a whole? So what are enzymes? Enzymes are unique proteins that convert protein, fats, and carbohydrates into structures that can be absorbed and distributed throughout the body, allowing the body to function properly. A lack of enzymes results in difficulty digesting or breaking down foods. If the body is not digesting foods properly, it isn't getting the necessary nutrients. This is why ProM3 is fortified with its own potent enzyme blend, ISSOE3. ISSOE3 is a unique, natural enzyme complex assisting in the absorption of protein. Upon protein ingestion, the body tries to break protein down into molecules for digestion. ISSOE3 takes this process one step further by dispersing the larger protein molecules into smaller peptides. The body prefers the smaller peptides for maximum absorption and uptake; helping muscles repair and grow! ISSOE3 not only includes enzymes that break down protein and carbohydrates, but also includes an enzyme that breaks down lactose. Lactose is a word that brings a pit into the stomach of many individuals, literally. Between 30 and 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant and avoid milk proteins on a daily basis. Why? Common symptoms of lactose intolerance include nausea, cramps, bloating, gas, and diarrhea. Now see why certain individuals avoid milk proteins. ISSOE3 is great news for the 50 million Americans who previously could not benefit from milk protein. Now lactose intolerant individuals can experience the power of ProM3 without worrying about the symptoms associated with lactose. ISSOE3 also removes toxic waste and excess free radicals that inhibit recovery from injury. As a result, ISSOE3 will help build up the efficiency of the immune system to help the body heal faster, as well as make it less prone to injuries in the long run. All the bases have been covered in the development of ProM3, making it the most advanced and powerful protein product available! ProM3...the ultimate protein specifically formulated for maximum muscle gains! Complete Pro42 Bar In today's busy world it is extremely important that we consume that proper nutrients to support our efforts of building a better body through diet and effective exercise. Now you can get a Complete Pro Power in a delicious tasting bar! One complete Pro42 Bar provides 42 grams of an exclusive and proprietary blend of high quality proteins, as well as a unique blend of vitamins and minerals with a minimum amount of carbohydrates and fat! "ISS Research has developed a fantastic tasting bar that has more protein than any other bar I know of." "Up to 50% more protein, 50% less carbs than other leading brands of protein bars on the market today!" "I'm recommending Complete Pro42 Bar to all my clients." "At last, a bar that satisfies my everyday needs for muscle recovery and energy with 42 grams of protein and incredible taste." Roger Applewhite Super Vitamin Pak With all the great supplements available to us today, it is easy to forget that we need to take a good multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, anti-oxidant formula. Along with proper diet, excercise and rest, it is paramount that we have enough Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-Oxidants to keep our bodies healthy and fit. The ISS Research Super Vitamin Paks play a vital role in maximizing the absorption of food and other supplements. They help to keep your immune system strong and protect your cells from damaging "free-radicals". Whether your a competitive bodybuilder or a weekend warrior, take Super Vitamin Paks and be confident that your body is getting the vital nutrients that it needs to keep you healthy and energized. Super Vitamin Paks come in convenient easy to use daily packets. They can be taken with you to work, to the gym, while traveling or anywhere that you need a healthy complete multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, anti-oxidant formula. Therajoint INTRODUCING THE MOST POWERFUL HIGH POTENCY PROTECTION FORMULA FOR JOINTS, CARTILAGE AND CONNECTIVE TISSUE! The Harder You Train - The More You Stress Your Joints! Whether your a Bodybuilder, Extreme Athlete or just want to stay fit, joint pain is inevitable and can prevent you from training and gaining. Just ask Mark McGwire! When it comes to joint pain... prevention is the key! Now you can prevent joint pain from happening with THERAJOINT! THERAJOINT is an all natural state-of-the-art formula developed to support cartilage resilience and maintain the structural integrity of joints as well as blood vessels. Because healthy joints and connective tissues are an absolute necessity in order for you to reach your peak! Recommended usage: For maximum benefits, take 4 capsules twice per day for two weeks with meals. For maintenance only, take four capsules daily, preferably with morning meal. Whey Matrix Protein supplementation is becoming more and more an integral part of our nutritional programs. We are finding it absolutely necessary to maintain higher levels of protein in our daily regimens in order to achieve our highly demanding goals: Tight & Toned Muscles, Improved & Accelerated Muscle Recovery, as well as Increased Strength & Muscularity. ISS Research is proud to present to you Whey Matrix. Whey Matrix is a blend of Whey Proteins (WPC & WPI) enhanced with Glutamine Peptides. Our Whey Matrix is a clean filtered, undenatured, Aspartame Free protein powder mix that is highly digestible! Directions: Mix one scoop (32 gm) of Whey Matrix in 4-6 oz. cold water, non-fat milk or your favorite beverage. Whey Matrix mixes instantly with a spoon or in a shaker bottle. No messy blender clean-up! Zenotrope Compare Ingredients to Xenadrine and save! Maximum Strength Advanced Thermogenic Anti-Catabolic Complex. Zenotrope is the Ultimate Fat Loss System! Zenotrope is a powerful dietary supplement designed to increase your metabolism, curb your appetite, and help melt off your unwanted body fat! Tested and perfected on elite athletes like IFBB superstar Jay Cutler and 2000 AL MVP Jason Giambi, Zenotrope will bring you maximum results! ZMA ZMA - The anabolic/antioxidant cocktail. ZMA is a unique anabolic minteral support formula containing highly bio-available forms on Zinc and Magnesium. ZMA is a powerful non-steroidal all natural dietary supplement CLINICALLY PROVEN to increase free testosterone and insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) and enhance muscle strength significantly during a strength training program. Benefits Received By Utilizing ZMA In Conjunction With An Effective Exercise Program Can Include: Increase muscle strength and endurance. A decrease in muscle cramps and pulls. Faster healing and recovery from injuries. Improved concentration and alertness. Decreased water retention. Deeper relaxation during sleep. Jan Tana Products COMPETITION TAN IMMEDIATE BRONZER A rich, moisturizing bronzing lotion that immediately creates the darkest tan possible! Tan yourself in minutes anywhere, anytime. Guaranteed perfect contest color. Smooth on - Wash off with soap and water. Complete your contest preperation with Jan Tana's Posing Oil. POSING OIL - ENHANCE MUSCULARITY Highlights and defines muscularity, vascularity, and hardness. A blend of Natural Organic Oils that is specially formulated to be used with all Jan Tana Contest preperation colors. Add To Cart Item ID Brand Product Unit Size Retail Price Our Price $200+ Orders** Volume Discounts Buy 70-0001 Jan Tana Competition Tan 8.5 oz $28.00 $18.95 $18.00 Buy 70-0002 Jan Tana Posing Oil 8.5 oz $10.00 $7.95 $7.55 To place an order: Add items to your Shopping Cart by clicking on "Buy" link above. Finished shopping? Checkout. Display your Shopping Cart to view contents, shipping charges and options. You can choose whether or not to display the Shopping Cart each time you add to it. Read our Ordering Policies before ordering. ** The "$200+ Orders" price reflects the 5% discount for orders that total over $200. Display Cart Checkout My Account All Jan Tana Products Home Jan Tana Quick LinksCompetition TanPosing Oil 70-0001 Jan Tana Competition Tan 8.5 oz Ingredients: Deionized Water, Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol, Panthenol, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Sorbitan Oleate, Disodium EDTA, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Fragrance, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, May contain- Blue #1, Red #4, Yellow #5, Orange #4, Ext. Violet #2, Ext. Yellow #10. Recommended Use: Exfoliate and prepare your skin for tanning with Jan Tana PreTan Scrub. For the darkest contest color, apply Competition Tan over Jan Tana Show Tan. Wear latex gloves to prevent overly tanned palms. For a quick, easy application, dispense Competition Tan onto a damp tanning sponge and massage over skin until absorbed. Apply lotion generously and quickly in a circular motion, tanning one area at a time. Avoid contact with clothing for 10-20 min. or until lotion is dry. You may reapply in 2-3 hours to create a deeper, darker tan. To even out and enrich your color, smooth Jan Tana Deep Moisturizer over Competition Tan. To enhance your definition, apply Jan Tana Posing Oil. To remove tan, use Jan Tana Shower Gel. Warning: For External Use Only, not to be swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.'s goal is to keep each product's label information up to date and accurate. However, we will not be held responsible for typographical errors and modifications to the product formulations. Please consult the product's actual label before using. If you notice that something has changed on a product's label that we have not changed on our website, please let us know. 70-0002 Jan Tana Posing Oil 8.5 oz Ingredients: Safflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil, Beta Carotene, Sweet Almond Oil, Tocopherol, PEG-40 Sorbitan Peroleate, Fragrance. Recommended Use: For the perfect competition color, apply Jan Tana Competition Tan over Jan Tana Show Tan. Smooth on Jan Tana Deep Moisturizer to even out and enrich your color. Pump up, then massage Posing Oil generously over body in a circular motion covering one body part at a time. Reapply when needed to increase highlights. Warning: For external use only, not to be swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear.'s goal is to keep each product's label information up to date and accurate. However, we will not be held responsible for typographical errors and modifications to the product formulations. Please consult the product's actual label before using. If you notice that something has changed on a product's label that we have not changed on our website, please let us know.

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