Keto Quick Bread Yes, You CAN Enjoy Tasty Ultra Low Carb Bread! 4 Delicious Flavors It's now okay to enjoy delicious, bakery fresh bread, toast (even French toast), a wonderful sandwich, you name it! Making KETO Bread is a cinch! Just add 1 can of KETO Quick Bread Mix to 1 1/4 cups water and 1/2 stick of butter or 4 tablespoons of our KETO Butta and bake in an 8 inch loaf pan for 35-45 minutes. Watch it rise to a wholesome golden brown! Keto Shake Turn On Fat Burning, Turn Off Fat Storage! Based on Protein Power Research Your secret weapon for low carb diet success contains a mere 2-3 grams of carbohydrates per serving! Whenever you are hungry, tired or crave sweets, KETO Shake is an incredibly delicious meal or snack that's thick, filling, energizing and completely non-fattening! KETO's 24 grams of 6 high-powered proteins (or soy protein) deliver a time-released cascade of pure appetite satisfying energy. Its heart healthy monounsaturates with omega 3s activate CCK hormone that tells your brain you are full! Based on 400+ scientific references and best-seller Protein Power research. Enjoy KETO Shake any time of night or day! Unlike other shakes you've ever tried! A delicious and enjoyable way to switch-off fat storage, turn-off hunger and turn-on fat burning metabolism. Keto Shake is designed to eliminate sweet cravings and lethargy. Keto Shake's heart healthy, monounsaturated, high oleic fat with omega 3's is designed to naturally activate CCK satiety hormone that signals the brain when you are full! Yes, just the right amount of healthy fat can help you burn fat, provide healthful essential fatty acids and provide much longer lasting hunger relief! And Keto Shake contains glutamine peptides to help you improve all important brain metabolism, mental alertness and optimism; just what dieters need! Keto Sherbet Mix Stay Cool and Slim with Just 2 g. of Effective Carbs per Serving! Keto Sherbet allows you to enjoy the delicious, refreshing flavor of your favorite fruit sherbet without all the carbs! In 3 Fresh fruit gourmet flavors! Luscious Lemon Lime, Cool Watermelon and Frosty Orange! Smooth, tart creamy texture! With just 2 g carbs per 1/2cup serving! No sugar, no aspartame or saccharin. Prepare in minutes in an ice cream machine. Safe for diabetics. Easy-to-Prepare Directions: Place 1/2 cup of heavy cream, 1 cup of skim milk, 11 oz. of water and 1 egg yolk in an electric blender. While blending, add 6 level scoops of Keto Sherbet Mix to liquid and continue blending for 1 full minute. Start Ice Cream Machine and pour liquid into spinning bowl. Ready-to-eat soft serve in 20-30 minutes or place Keto Sherbet in a container and freeze for hard sherbet. Enjoy! Keto Soy Shake Low Carb, Dairy, Egg & Wheat Free! If you are vegetarian, cutting back on animal protein or dairy - AND you really want to go low carb- Keto has got the delicious answer you've been looking for! KETO Soy Shake contains a mere 2-3 grams of carbs per serving. Its 24 grams of soy protein isolates, with a complete amino acid profile provide surprisingly long-lasting hunger relief. And KETO Soy Shake is fortified with 600 mg. of glutamine for healthy blood sugar support, is a rich source of heart healthy omega 3s, and contains 40 mg. of protective soy isiflavones per serving. Contains so sugar, no aspartame, and no saccharin. Keto Sweet This zero carb sweetener contains no aspartame, no saccharin and of course - no sugar! Approved by the FDA, World Health Organization and more than 30+ countries around the world with no restrictions or warnings, acesulfame potassium is combined with the amino acid glycine to taste just like sugar! Great in coffee, tea, cooking, baking recipes or anywhere you would use sugar. A perfect sweetener for anyone who wants to cut back on sugar or carbohydrates. Safe for diabetics. Keto Maple Syrup Delicious maple-butter flavor - Only 2 grams of carbs per serving! One Taste Is Like Tapping Into a Magical Maple Tree! It's scrumptious and low carb! Luscious KETO Syrup will not go from your lips to your hips. With just 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving, enjoy KETO Syrup with low carb pancakes! Keto Trim Support Healthy Metabolic Fat Burning Without Side Effects! KETO Trim can be especially valuable for those who easily put on weight and have difficulty burning it off. That's because it provides your body with nutrients it can use to help liberate fat cells, while supporting healthy metabolism. Unlike typical fat burners, KETO Trim is designed to enhance normal fat burning without side effects, such as nervousness and insomnia. Contains citrus aurantium (bitter orange 4% amines), usnea lichen, Korean and Siberian ginseng plus adrenal support factors. Does not contain ephedra herb. Ready-To-Drink Keto Shake Whenever you want to quickly eliminate hunger, carb and sweet cravings enjoy a delicious, rich-tasting, vanilla or chocolate Ready-To-Drink Keto Shake! With just 2 grams of carbohydrates, and only 160 calories, Keto Shake cannot trigger excess blood sugar or turn on fat storage mechanisms. Each shake contains 20 grams of the highest quality micro filtration protein that is so effective, it will energize you and satisfy your appetite for hours! Plus, each Keto Shake contains a broad spectrum of 22 vitamins and healthy blood sugar minerals. In fact, Keto Shakes are packed with such high nutritional value, they surpass the standards of a "complete high protein, low carb meal"! Keto Shake is ideal for breakfast or "lunch on the go," family road trips or long plane flights! Safe for diabetics and children. Each KETO SHAKE is packaged in a state-of-the art (recyclable) TetraPak that is the ultimate in convenience! Even though we prefer our KETO SHAKES ice cold, they taste delicious at room temperature and are guaranteed to stay fresh for at least nine months without refrigeration! Scrumptious and filling, RTD KETO SHAKES will give your low carb program a decisive boost! Here's why: Delicious Taste and Texture! One taste of our sweet and thick French Vanilla or milk Chocolate KETO SHAKES and you will realize you are tasting the very best ready-to-drink shake anywhere! You no longer need to skip or miss meals! Delicious, ready-to-drink KETO SHAKES are specifically designed to deliver a broad and powerful nutrition that keeps you fully nourished and completely satisfied hour after hour! Just grab a thick and delicious ready- to-drink KETO SHAKE to knock out hunger, carb and sweet cravings while you continue burning fat! In fact, our new RTD KETO SHAKE is packed with such broad and powerful nutrition, we are permitted under FDA regulations to label it as a complete "Meal Replacement"! That's a claim very few, if any, ready-to-drink low carb shakes can make! Our food scientists) invested a tremendous amount of time, effort and loving care to assure KETO SHAKES velvety textures are truly worthy of being called "shakes"! Now that RTD KETO SHAKES are here, watery and chalky aftertaste shakes are out... thick, luscious and delightfully smooth and satisfying KETO SHAKES are in! 2-3 Grams of Carbs per Shake With 70% of the U.S. population reported as "overweight," leading low carb physican/authors point to over-consumption of blood sugar spiking carbohydrates as a principal cause of America's twin epidemics of obesity and diabetes! Because each KETO SHAKE contains 2-3 grams of carbohydrates, KETO SHAKES cannot turn on fat storage mechanisms triggered by excess blood sugar and insulin! 20 Grams of Protein! Each KETO SHAKE delivers 20 grams of the highest-quality, 100% lactose free, micro filtration milk proteins for optimal absorption! The rich source of protein energizes the entire body and delivers long-lasting hunger relief! As an added benefit, KETO SHAKE'S proteins act as fuel for muscles, helping to preserve and build all-important lean muscle tone crucial for low carb dieters! Remember, the tiny energy factories crucial to fat burning metabolism (mitochondrial cells), are concentrated in lean muscle. The higher the percentage of lean muscle, the more easily you will burn fat! Healthy Blood Sugar Nutrients Beat Carb & Sweet Cravings! Ready-to-drink KETO SHAKES contain a full spectrum of healthy-blood- sugar nutrients unavailable in any other shake! Glutamine Peptides: The amino acid glutamine can be a crucial nutrient for all fat burning, low carb lifestyles! Glutamine helps to immediately defeat low blood sugar "blahs" that inevitably lead to carb and sweet cravings, mental "brown outs"and lethargy! That's because glutamine is the one nutrient the brain can quickly use as an alternative fuel to glucose. Each scrumptious ready-to-drink KETO SHAKE contains 600 mg. of glutamine. Taurine: RTD KETO SHAKES contain taurine because emerging research suggests that taurine contributes to healthy blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. In a study published in the European Journal of Pharmacology, researchers report that it is the taurine levels in the pancreas (where insulin is made and secreted) that may play a crucial role in blood sugar control. Perhaps, that is why those with blood sugar disorders frequently have below normal levels of taurine! Chromium: Chromium is "the most pivotal nutrient"involved in blood sugar metabolism, but 90% of Americans do not consume even the RDA of chromium. KETO SHAKE contains 100% RDA of the highest purity chromium polynicotinate. Powerful Antioxidant Vitamins and Minerals! KETO SHAKES contain a broad spectrum of 22 of the highest quality vitamins and minerals to provide superior antioxidant protection. The process of burning fat generates toxic oxidative byproducts! KETO SHAKE'S potent antioxidant vitamins and minerals help protect your cells, tissues and organs from the toxic byproducts of fat burning. Convenient Nutrition When You Need It! Ready-to-Drink KETO SHAKES are a delicious, nutritious and filling meal any time of day! They make a fast, convenient breakfast, lunch, or low carb snack. Throw KETO SHAKES in your backpack, purse and drink them at work, at school, at the beach, before or after your workout. They're "life savers" on family road trips, long plane flights or as a midnight snack! Safe for children and diabetics. Low Carb Bread Machine Mix Bread Machine is recommended, but not required. You can also bake the loaf of bread in a conventional oven or even make low carb pizza dough! (See below for directions.) Ketogenics' Low Carb Bread Machine Mix is the first low-carbohydrate yeast-risen bread machine mix on the market. The "missing link" of the popular high protein, low carbohydrate diets is the non-allowance of bread at meals. Ketogenics' patent pending formula is the first product available on the market that actually produces real yeast risen, moist, delicious bread, suitable for sandwiches, French Toast and rolls. You can even make pizza dough (imagine the possibilities). We can assure you that you've never tried a product like this one and you will be overwhelmed with it. First yeast risen low carb bread on the market. Only 2 grams of carbohydrates per slice. High in soy protein isolate. High in protein (13 grams per slice). Will not interrupt "Benign Dietary Ketosis". Good source of dietary fiber. Produces a full 1.5 lb. loaf (24oz.) Low Carb Pancake Mix Just 3g of effective carbohydrates and 22g of protein per serving of 3 pancakes! Consistent with Ketogenics' mission statement of providing innovative, good tasting products to those following low carbohydrate eating plans, they are proud to introduce Ketogenics' Low Carb Pancake Mix. Extraordinary measures have been taken to develop a product that not only tastes great, but also provides an unparalleled nutritional profile that will fit perfectly into your unique eating plan for years to come. Put fun back in your breakfast! This specialty formulated mix produces pancakes that have the flavor and texture of those pancakes you remember without the diet busting carbohydrates. High in whey and soy protein, these pancakes will let you put the variety back in your breakfast and leave the guilt behind! 22 GRAMS OF HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN PER SERVING GREAT FOR ATHLETES! BUTTERMILK FLAVORED! Zero Carb Pancake Syrup Maple Butter Flavor! Ketogenics special formula delivers a thick, rich, buttery maple flavor never before offered in a syrup with zero sugar and zero carbs. Best of all, it features SPLENDA Brand Sweetener, the first and only sweetener derived from real sugar, minus the calories, carbohydrates or blood sugar raising effects of sugar. A perfect fit with your carbohydrate reduced eating plan and delicious with Ketogenics Low Carb Pancake Mix. The Low Carb Tortilla Announcing the NEW & IMPROVED "Low Carb Tortilla" Only 3 grams of active carbs per original 6-inch soft taco sized tortilla! Only 6 grams of active carbs per 9-inch burrito sized tortilla! 21 grams of total carbs including 15 grams of fiber. Now with Organic Soy Flour added for higher protein. Cold pressed Canola Oil has been added for a softer, more flavorful tortilla. No sugar added. Now available in delicious Garlic & Herb flavor also! The alternative to high fat Mexican Foods. La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortillas are made with the finest wheat flour and oat fiber. EXCELLENT SOURCE OF FIBER - REDUCED CALORIES - CHOLESTEROL FREE. La Tortilla Factory has been making Premium Quality, healthy Mexican food products in the heart of Sonoma county, California wine Country for 18 years.

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