hGH-PH COMPLEX GH + IGF1 + TESTOSTERONE = SERIOUS MUSCLE GROWTH YOURS FREE! Get a FREE X-Large PBL T-Shirt with your online purchase or $125 or more of PBL products. While Supplies Last! hGH-PH COMPLEX is the first Growth Hormone, IGF-1 and Pro-Hormone Complex! If you are looking for a product that increases growth hormone production, stimulated IGF-1 levels and boosts testosterone, then look no further. hGH-PH COMPLEX combines three of the most advanced technologies to achieve these goals: Pituitary Response System Amino Acid Potentiation System Testosterone Potentiation System hGH-PH COMPLEX works in three intricate phases. Phase One consists of powerful substances called secretagogues which influence the pituitary to release growth hormone. The growth hormone is then carried to your liver where it is converted to insulin-like-growth factor-1 (IGF-1). Now, when the growth hormone is increased, your body resists by releasing somatostatin. Somatostatin literally tells your pituitary to stop releasing growth hormone. This is where Phase Two comes into play. Phase Two consists of a Pituitary Response System (PRS) which acts to quickly suppress the release of Somatostatin. The PRS signals the hypothalamus to send a signal to the pituitary to inhibit the release of Somatostatin. Phase Three consists of increasing your body's production of testosterone. The Testosterone Potentiation System (TPS) contains four of the most powerful pro-hormones available. TPS consists of 4-Androstenediol, 5-Androdiol, 19-Nor-4-Androstenedione, and 19-Nor-4-Androstenediol. If that wasn't high tech enough, hGH-PH COMPLEX utilizes an effervescent delivery system to chaperone each of the three phases. The effervescent technology literally protects the secretagoges, pituitary peptides and pro-hormones from being destroyed by powerful stomach acids. USERS REPORT RESULTS: Increase in Growth Hormone Release 800% above baseline Increase in IGF-1 levels from 5% to 264% Increase in Testosterone levels by more than 300% Drastic Increases in lean body mass Drastic Decreases in body fat Ability to hold a pump for days at a time Recommended Use: Take one packet of hGH-PH Complex mixed with approximately 5 oz. of water on an empty stomach, either at bedtime or prior to working out. Pituitary Response System: Whole Pituitary Substance: 100 mg Lyophilized Pineal Substance: 250 mcg Hypothalamus Substance: 100 mg Orchic Powder: 100 mg Amino Acid Potentiation System: L-Glutamine: 150 mg L-Lysine: 100 mg L-Tyrosine: 100 mg L-Arginine: 100 mg L-Ornithine: 100 mg Glycine: 600 mg Testosterone Potentiation System: 4-Androstenediol: 25 mg 5-Androstenediol: 25 mg Nor-4-Androstenedione: 25 mg Nor-4-Androstenediol: 25 mg GROWTH HORMONE SUPPLEMENTS - Are They Effective? Real Results On Real Bodybuilders! By Paige Gold, M.D. Director Of Research and Development Natural Physique Concepts, Inc. New Study On hGH-PH Complex These days it's tough to figure out which of the supplement companies are trying to sell you something worthwhile and which of the companies are just trying to sell you something. How the heck are you supposed to know which of the latest trends in supplements are for real and which are just hoopla. Some of these supplements are so hard to pronounce that you can't even ask about them. Not to mention, every time you think you have found the best product a new one comes along one week later. Don't get me wrong, there are some fantastic new products starting to hit the market. The question is, which ones work on bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts like you and I. A few months ago the latest trend in supplements were the testosterone boosters (andro and norandro). Believe me, these products are still extremely popular because they seem to work very well. You may have read a research article we did entitled, "Testosterone Boosters - Are They Effective? Real Results On Real Bodybuilders." The end result, surprising to most people, was that the testosterone boosters were very effective when taken properly. Today's latest trend seems to be the growth hormone stimulators. These products make some pretty strong claims. These claims include increasing muscle mass, decreasing body fat, lowering cholesterol levels, strengthening the immune system, improving cardiac output and slowing the signs of aging. One company even claims their product is so effective that longevity institutes all over the world are using it in place of injectable synthetic Growth Hormone. The bottom line is do these products live up to the incredible claims they are making. I'm not talking about on rats, rabbits, geriatric patients or pregnant mice - I'm talking real bodybuilders. That means do these products increase muscle mass and decrease body fat? What Are Growth Hormone Supplements? There are two types of growth hormone products currently being marketed by supplement companies. The first type are the growth hormone sprays that claim to be sublingual versions of intact growth hormone. The second type are powdered or tablet form effervescent products that contain growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRP's) and amino acids. We have tested both of these products on real bodybuilders and you will be surprised to read the results. But first, let me explain how each of these products are supposed to work. Growth Hormone Sprays The first type of products, the growth hormone sprays, are marketed as having human growth hormone in them. If you are raising your eye brows right about now, so did we. These products claim to contain intact liquid human growth hormone (hGH) in a sublingual oral spray. Before we even tested these spray products we had a few understandable concerns. First, how in the world can a supplement company stabilize intact liquid hGh at room temperature, while billion dollar pharmaceutical companies have to refrigerate their real versions? Second, how can an oral spray get such a large hGH protein molecule across the inner mouth intact? Finally, how the heck would the FDA allow a company to sell real human growth hormone? Answer - they wouldn't. Although our skepticism about the oral growth hormone spray was originally based upon how these products could possibly work, our empirical data proved us correct. We tested our subjects with three different growth hormone sprays and none of them demonstrated an ability to increase muscle or decrease body fat. In fact, we tested the subjects using the spray before we tested them using the products that contained GHRP's. At this point you may be asking how do these companies get away with selling such products. The answer is, at this there is no regulatory agency that exists to evaluate products claims before they can make the claims. Since the goal of this study is not to slam the oral GH sprays we will not mention by name the companies we tested. The labels on the products we tested claimed to contain HGH, polymer matrix, and assorted minerals. Products Containing Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides Although the products containing GHRP's make some outlandish claims, there seems to be some decent scientific research behind them. The research seems to indicate that orally administering synthetic growth hormone releasing peptides stimulates a sizable amount of growth hormone secretion. In addition to GHRP, the products we tested contained secretagogues. Secretagogues are basically sequences of amino acids that influence the pituitary to release growth hormone. We tested three products with similar growth hormone stimulating ingredients and one product which contained GHRP's, amino acids and testosterone boosters. We used a product called Pro-hGH, a product called Secretogogue-One, by MHP and a product called hGH-PH Complex, that contained GHRP's and testosterone precursors, by a company called Performance Biomedical Laboratories. I will give you a brief description of how these products are supposed to work, but remember the focus of this article is to see if these products actually work on real bodybuilders. The products we tested were either in effervescent powder or tablet form. Each of the products contained substances called secretagogues which are said to influence the pituitary to release growth hormone. The growth hormone is then carried to your liver where it is converted to insulin-like-growth factor-1 (IGF-1). When the growth hormone is increased, your body resists by releasing a chemical called somatostatin. Somatostatin literally tells your pituitary to stop releasing growth hormone. This is where the GHRP's come into play. The GHRP's quickly suppress the release of somatostatin. The GHRP's signal the hypothalamus to send a signal to the pituitary to inhibit the release of somatostatin. The effervescent form of these products has a purpose as well. The effervescence is supposed to protect the secretagogues and GHRP's from being destroyed by stomach acids. How Effective Are These Products On Real Bodybuilders? Enough with the scientific mumbo jumbo, lets see if these things work! Just as we did in the previous study, we used three top level competitive natural bodybuilders. We used Rich who is 5' 11", 35 years old and has won numerous amateur masters level bodybuilding competitions. Dave, who is 30 years old is 6' 1" and has won the heavyweight division in several bodybuilding competitions. And finally Paul, who is a WNBF pro bodybuilder and is 29 years old and 5' 9". We used these three subjects because they all keep meticulous training and nutrition records. In addition, we wanted to use three experienced bodybuilders who really know how their body's react to new supplements. If you had an opportunity to read last years study on the prohormones, you noticed that all three of our subjects made some fantastic progress. Rich ended the study weighing 200 pounds at only 5.9% body fat and put on 12 pounds of lean muscle in 3 months. Dave ended at 231 pounds at 7% body fat and put on 14 pounds of lean muscle in 3 months. Paul ended the study at 196 pounds with a body fat of 7% and put on 13.5 pounds of lean muscle in 3 months. In addition, each of the subjects were put on a high protein, low carbohydrate, low fat diet. The nutritional profile for each athlete was carefully monitored by expert nutritionist Todd Swinney (Todd currently monitors IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Kevin Levrone's nutritional intake). The Study We began this study in August. The goal of the study was to find out if and how effective the new growth hormone stimulating supplements were. We measured each subjects improvement based on certain criteria: gains in lean muscle mass, decreases in body fat, and gains in muscle strength. At the beginning of the study Rich weighed 195 pounds and his body fat was 8%, Dave weighed 228 pounds and his body fat was 7.5% and Paul weighed 193 pounds and his body fat was also 7.5%. Rich squatted 320 lbs., dead lifted 365 lbs. and incline dumbbell pressed 110 lbs. Dave squatted 405 lbs., dead lifted 425 lbs., and incline dumbbell pressed 115 lbs. Paul squatted 330 lbs, dead lifted 405 lbs., and incline dumbbell pressed 115 lbs. Each exercise was based on a five rep maximum. The above numbers are very important because they are the baseline numbers for this study. GH Spray Does Not Meet The Challenge We began the study using the growth hormone sprays. Each subject was instructed to use the spray at bedtime and use no other supplements other than protein powder for the entire month of August. Each subject was weighed, and checked for body fat after two weeks. Also, each subject recorded strength gains in three basic lifts: the deadlift, squat and incline press. In addition, each subject was blood tested to check for elevations in IGF-1 levels at the end of each month. At the end of August the three subjects showed similar results from the oral GH spray. Not a single one of the subjects gained any weight, lean muscle mass or decrease in body fat. In addition, none of the subjects showed any significant elevations in IGF-1 levels. As a matter of fact Dave actually gained two pounds of body weight and his body fat went up about 1% to 8.3%. Please refer to the tables below. Body Composition: August Body Weight Body Fat Lean Mass Muscle Rich 195.7 8% 179.4 lbs +0 Dave 230 8.3% 210.9 lbs +0 Paul 193 7.5% 178.5 lbs +0 As you can see from the above table, none of the athletes made any significant progress while taking the oral growth hormone spray. Remember, these measurements were taken after the subjects had used the oral spray for a full 30 days. Now, let's find out if the subjects made any strength gains (refer to table below). Strength Statistics: August Squat Deadlift Incline Press Total Increase Rich 320 lbs 365 lbs 110 lb +0 Dave 405 lbs 425 lbs 115 lb +0 Paul 330 lbs 405 lbs 115 lb +0 Once again, the athletes made no strength gains that could be reported after 30 days on the oral GH spray. In addition, none of the athletes reported any noticeable effects (such as a greater pump or increase in appetite) from the spray. Effervescent GH Powders Do Surprisingly Well In September we instructed Rich and Dave to take a product called Secretogogue-One at bedtime for the entire month. We instructed Paul to take a product called Pro-hGH at bedtime for the entire month. Each of the subjects made some surprisingly decent gains (refer to the tables below). Body Composition: September Body Weight Body Fat Lean Mass Muscle Rich 198 lbs 7.5% 183.15 lbs +4.4 lbs Dave 233 lbs 7.9% 214.6 lbs +3.6 lbs Paul 196 lbs 7.0% 182.28 lbs +4.2 lbs As you can see from the table above, each of the three subjects made significant gains in only one month. Rich gained 4.4 pounds of lean muscle, Dave gained 3.6 pounds of lean muscle and Paul gained 4.2 pounds of lean muscle. These results are very impressive in only one month's time. Now, lets see if the athletes size increases correspond with any gains in strength (refer to the table below). Strength Statistics: September Squat Deadlift Incline Press Total Increase Rich 340 lbs 385 lbs 110 lb +50 lbs Dave 435 lbs 435 lbs 120 lb +55 lbs Paul 345 lbs 415 lbs 120 lb +40 lbs Once again, as you can see the subjects made significant strength gains. Each of the subjects increased their poundages on all three of the lifts. These increases are also significant for strength athletes such as power lifters who may be wondering whether these products are worthwhile. At the end of September each of the subjects were blood tested to see if they had increases in IGF-1 levels. Once again, to our surprise each of the athletes increased their IGF-1 levels. Rich increased his IGF-1 level by 26%. Dave had an increase in IGF-1 of 29%. Finally, Paul had an increase of 31%. As you can see, each of the subjects had similar results which can only be attributed to the use of the GH products. October Once again, we wanted to test each of the subjects using the same products to see if the first month may have been due to a placebo effect. This time we had Paul take the Secretagogue-One and had Rich and Dave take the Pro-hGH. Since the hGH-PH Complex, by Performance Biomedical Laboratories contains 4-Androstenediol, 5-Androstenediol, Nor-4-Androstenedione and Nor-4-Androstenediol we wanted to try it by itself on all three of our subjects for one month. The athletes made gains in October which were quite consistent with September (refer to tables below). Body Composition: October Body Weight Body Fat Lean Mass Muscle Rich 202 lbs 7.4% 187.06 lbs +3.91 lbs Dave 237 lbs 7.5% 219.23 lbs +4.63 lbs Paul 199 lbs 6.7% 185.67 lbs +3.39 lbs Strength Statistics: October Squat Deadlift Incline Press Total Increase Rich 350 lbs 405 lbs 115 lbs +35 lbs Dave 445 lbs 445 lbs 120 lbs +30 lbs Paul 360 lbs 430 lbs 120 lbs +30 lbs As you can see, the subjects made very nice gains in only one month's time. The athletes blood tests were very impressive as well. Rich's IGF-1 levels showed an increase of 32% above normal, Dave's was 35%, and Paul's was 38% above normal. The athletes all agreed that they felt a better "pump" throughout the day while taking the GH supplements. These gains are significant because each athlete showed a gain in body weight and a decrease in body fat. Remember, most natural bodybuilders consider a five to ten pound increase in lean mass in one year an awesome feat. These three natural bodybuilders have put on an average of 8 pounds since the start of our study! November In our final month of the study, we used a different growth hormone stimulating product. This month, each of the subjects took a product called hGH-PH Complex by Performance Biomedical Laboratories. This product contains four different pro-hormones, GHRP's and secretagogues. The theory behind this product was to combine a testosterone boosting substance with a growth hormone releasing substance to achieve better results. The product, hGH-PH Complex, contains four testosterone boosters: 4-Androstenediol, 5-Androstenediol, Nor-4-Androstenedione, and Nor-4-Androstenediol. This product was very interesting because many bodybuilders have theorized that growth hormone is not nearly as effective unless taken with an androgen. Enough said, lets put hGH-PH Complex to the test! Each athlete was instructed to take hGH-PH Complex on an empty stomach at bedtime. As with the previous months, each subject was instructed not to take any other supplements while on the hGH-PH Complex. The results may or may not surprise you (refer to tables below). Body Composition: November Body Weight Body Fat Lean Mass Muscle Rich 208 lbs 6.5% 194.4 lbs +7.34 lbs Dave 242 lbs 7.0% 225.1 lbs +6.12 lbs Paul 205 lbs 6.1% 192.5 lbs +6.83 lbs Strength Statistics: November Squat Deadlift Incline Press Total Increase Rich 375 lbs 425 lbs 120 lbs +65 lbs Dave 455 lbs 465 lbs 130 lbs +50 lbs Paul 400 lbs 440 lbs 130 lbs +70 lbs As you can see the results were even more impressive than the previous two months. We concluded that taking the growth hormone stimulators in conjunction with the prohormones made a significant difference in the subjects results. The subjects gained an average of about 7 pounds of lean muscle when they used the GH stimulators in conjunction with the hormonal precursors. The subjects gained an average of about 4 pounds of lean muscle when they used the growth hormone stimulators by themselves. In addition, the athletes made some very significant strength gains while taking the hGH-PH Complex. Perhaps the most compelling evidence that the hGH-PH Complex was working were the athletes IGF-1 levels. Rich's IGF-1 level was 42% above normal, Dave's was 44% above normal and Paul's was a staggering 46% above normal. Conclusion Before making any conclusions, we want to reiterate, as we did in our previous study, that this was not a "scientifically controlled" study done in a university lab. This was merely a study done on real bodybuilders who keep meticulous records. Also, keep in mind that the three athletes that were used are very advanced, competitive bodybuilders. Therefore, the results they achieved may not necessarily be the "norm." As evident by our study, the three subjects did make significant gains in strength and lean muscle tissue. There are three basic conclusions that can be drawn from this study. First, the three subjects made no significant gains while using the oral growth hormone spray. Second, the athletes made considerable gains while using the effervescent growth hormone stimulating powder by itself. Third, the three subjects showed even more staggering results when using the product containing the growth hormone stimulating substances along with the testosterone precursors. When contacted, the manufacturers of the oral growth hormone spray said that our subjects were not taking the spray for a long enough period for them to see any results. Since the sprays claim to contain real growth hormone in them, why didn't the athletes IGF-1 levels move at all? When asked why the athletes IGF-1 levels did not elevate, the manufacturer refused to address this concern. We also concluded that the effervescent growth hormone stimulators did have a positive effect on gaining lean muscle. Our primary evidence was the athletes blood samples. These numbers are significant because usually when GH is stimulated IGF-1 levels rise. Therefore, there is evidence that the athletes growth hormone levels were in fact stimulated. We further concluded that it is better to use the growth hormone stimulating products with a testosterone booster. It is either advised to take prohormones in addition to the GH supplement or use a product such as hGH-PH Complex that already contains the prohormones. Each of the athletes indicated to us that they felt that the hormonal precursors seemed to work synergistically with the growth hormone supplements. Athletes Feedback Finally we wanted to hear what the subjects themselves had to say about the growth hormone supplements. Rich said, "I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers. To be honest with you, I thought these products would be bogus but I was wrong. I will definitely continue to use the GH products, but I will increase my calories in the future." Dave said, "I was impressed by the pump I was getting while on the effervescent products. I didn't feel anything at all while on the oral spray. I felt very strong when I was on the hGH-Ph Complex. Also, I felt like my metabolism was really kicking." Paul said, "I felt like I could eat and eat without getting fat. It seemed like everything I ate was metabolized and converted into lean muscle. I didn't feel much while on the spray stuff, but I did feel a nice pump while on the effervescent powder." Kre-Alkalyn EXTREME Patent Pending Buffered Creatine Monohydrate Designed to safely and effectively increase muscle volume, muscle strength and lean muscle mass. Creatine Monohydrate has been proven to help produce muscle strength and mass through the building of thicker muscle cell fiber and cell volumization. In clinical studies, the active ingredients in Kre-Alkalyn Extreme have been shown to be 100% safe. Until now, the other creatine monohydrate products on the market converted to an impurity called creatinine when mixed with a liquid. This impurity is filtered through the kidneys and then excreted. After countless hours in the laboratory, we have come up with a creatine product that will not convert to creatinine when mixed in a liquid. Studies on regular creatine monohydrate have shown that only 30% of the active substance was properly absorbed. The other 70% settled in the stomach causing gastric discomfort. The research on Kre-Alkalyn Extreme has shown that close to 100% of the creatine is absorbed and none was converted to toxic impurities. Kre-Alkalyn Extreme should be used exactly the same way you have used any other creatine product in the past. There is no need for any type of loading phase and best of all the serving size is extremely small. Simply mix two scoops of Kre-Alkalyn Extreme in water and drink just prior to your workout. It is completely safe to stack Kre-Alkalyn Extreme with any product you desire. If you are trying to lose body fat, but maintain your muscle then we recommend you stack Kre-Alkayn with other Performance Biomedical Labs products such as hGH-PH Complex, Liquid Muscle, Thermogenic Activator Plus and Methoxy Sub-One. The best way to use Kre-Alkalyn is to take it just prior to your workout. It will not cause an upset stomach or any other gastric discomfort associated with ordinary creatine products. It usually takes about ten to twelve days of use to see desired results, but you will see a noticeable difference literally overnight. Our research and the results people are getting speak for themselves. Sugar-free so it won't make you fat! Liquid Muscle YOURS FREE! Get a FREE X-Large PBL T-Shirt with your online purchase or $125 or more of PBL products. While Supplies Last! Liquid Muscle is the first glycerol superhydration system to hit the market. This amazing product contains 50ml. Of glycerine and 20 grams of protein in just four tablespoons. In scientific studies, glycerol was shown to improve the body's ability to absorb and hold onto large amounts of intramuscular water. This translates into incredible pump and noticeable increases in vascularity. Liquid Muscle is available in a great tasting chocolate flavor. Calories: 39 Total Fat: 0 Protein: 10 g (2 tablespoons) Carbohydrates (excluding glycerol): 0 Sugars: 0 Ingredients: Bioreacted Beef Protein, Complete Amino Acid Profile, Glycerol For High Powered Workouts: It is recommended that you take four to five tablespoons of Liquid Muscle an hour and a half to two hours prior to training. This dosage may be taken in a protein drink or with at least 12 ounces of water. Do not consume any glycerol product without water. You may also add four to five tablespoons of Liquid Muscle to your water bottle in the gym. For Increased Vascularity Pre-Contest: Take approximately five tablespoons of Liquid Muscle with 12 ounces of water 13 hours prior to prejudging. Take another five tablespoons upon waking on contest day with eight ounces of water. Take another four tablespoons between prejudging and the night show with 12 ounces of water. Liquid Muscle can be added to any supplement regime you choose. Users report a better pump of glycerol than with creatine, but it is safe to consume creatine while using this product. When attempting to add muscle to your physique it is extremely important to be in positive nitrogen balance at all times. Therefore, 20 grams of protein was added to this formula to help facilitate this goal. This formula contains the highest concentration of protein of any product on the market. A whopping 20 grams of protein in just four tablespoons! In addition, Liquid Muscle contains no sugar. This is hard to believe when you taste how sweet this product is. That is because glycerol is an extremely sweet tasting substance. You will be surprised when you try this delicious chocolate flavored product. Methoxy Sub-One 50 mg 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone Sublingual During the late seventies, researchers strived to develop a compound that was a synthetic isoflavone. With all the research taking place to develop new anabolic compound that could be used in the pharmaceutical and livestock industry, several patents were issued for 5-Methyl-7-Isoflavone. The main patent was filed in 1977 by a Hungarian company, who, for some reason, never did anything with it in the human industry. With the popularity and availability of anabolic steroids, this compound was hidden and buried. The livestock industry picked up on it in the early eighties, by passing some of the USDA stick regulations dealing with hormones and drugs to increase lean muscle. This new compound became the secret weapon of all livestock producers. Research scientists, with their ongoing studies to create and find new anabolic agents, stumbled upon the old patents. The results and research they found were astounding. We need to stop for a minute and define anabolic, before we go any further. Anabolic is: *A state were the delicate balance between the bodies anabolic & catabolic processes, continually swings toward the anabolic side. *A state where the body deals very efficiently with protein, causing good net utilization. *A state of continuous nitrogen balance. *A state where the bodies adaptive responses effectively deal with your training regimen. *A state of the body being in a green house effect; the perfect state for growth. After reviewing the clinical trials, research, and reported claims from 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone, the results were overwhelming. In the standard rat tests using anabolic steroids vs 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone, it was determined that methoxyflavone (for short) was indeed highly anabolic, yet totally free of any androgenic effects. With livestock, after 30 days on methoxyflavone, the following body weight increases were recorded time and time again: 8-15% in calves, 7-10% in cattle, 7-10% in hogs, 8-20% in poultry, 10-20% in rabbits, and 8-12% in guinea pigs. All gains were mainly lean tissue and were accompanied by an increase in vitality. After detailed investigation, no alteration of endocrine function was found, clearly indicating that gains were non-hormonal in origin, clearly beating the USDA hormone ruling. The human studies and results were as exciting: Methoxy isoflavone demonstrated an increase in protein utilization, happening in half the usual time. After a few weeks, 2-3 kg increases of lean muscle was reported. Too boot, these anabolic effects also increased calcium phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen retention to a significant degree. In other experiments, the catabolic effects of cortisone were partially suppressed and the research concluded that identical doses of anabolic steroids do not exert anabolic effects stronger than those of these compounds. One of the best discovered benefits is that Methoxy isoflavone does not exhibit androgenic or liver damaging effects. It actually decreases oxygen consumption of tissues and lowers cholesterol. This is where our scientist picked up. All the test and trials used injection not oral delivery. 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy isoflavone has a very short half life and is destroyed in the stomach. This is a very expensive compound to synthesize, and would be a waste of money and time to take 1000 mg orally. Either in a powder form, capsule/tablet or just mixed in a liquid, all have to pass through the stomach. Our scientist used our pharmaceutical sublingual delivery system to get this compound into the systems in 60 seconds, completely by-passing the stomach. Our scientist have proven that all one needs is 50 mg sublingual, per 200 lbs of body weight, daily. You must cycle this compound. On for 60 days and off for 14 days. You then can start the cycle over again. So far, our tests results have been as exciting as the ones found deep within the patent office. Lifters have experienced a dramatic increase in lean muscle, a decrease in recuperation time, and an over all feeling of well-being. Although, our guinea pigs and rabbits have done much better than the original results. So remember, when you go into a pet store and see monster size rabbits or guinea pigs, you will know what they have been giving them and where it came from. And the same token goes for natural bodybuilders, power lifters, professional football players, etc.

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