Pure Omega-3 Pharmaceutical Grade - Highly concentrated EPA and DHA levels (60% of the oil is EPA/DHA providing 600 mg of EPA/DHA per softgel - 1800 mg per 3 softgel serving!) Produced from a patented, state of the art, solvent free distillation process Cholesterol Free - and No Saturated Fatty Acids. Toxin Free - Obtained from carefully selected oils previously checked before processing for 0% pesticide, PCB & heavy metal contamination. 100% free of any toxic organic solvent residues or impurities. Manufactured from edible fish that do not originate from endangered species. Fortified with Vitamin E to protect the molecular integrity of the purified fish oil. Pharmaceutical-grade fish oil starts with thermally fractionated health-food grade fish oil that is then distilled by highly complex refining technology into fractions rich in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that are exceptionally low in the long-chain monoenes (that cause gastric distress) and pollutants - such as PCB's and oxidized and polymerized lipids. The individual fractions are then combined to provide a balance of EPA and DHA in the finished oil. The typical one-gram capsule of pharmaceutical-grade fish oil will have 600 mg. or more of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. This purity is reflected in a dramatically improved taste profile. Sufficient levels of EPA are difficult to achieve on a daily basis unless one eats significant amounts of cold water fish such as salmon or consumes cod liver oil. Unfortunately, oils found in fish or commercial cod liver preparations may be contaminated with various toxic materials such as PCBs. Scientific interest in Omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils increased greatly when it was realized that population groups who consumed fatty fish had considerably lower mortality rates from cardiac and circulatory diseases than the general population. It was determined that the oils in these fish provided the beneficial effects. Over 5000 scientific papers have been published dealing with and documenting the benefits of Omega-3 activated fish oils. The two most important Omega-3 fatty acids are the biologically activated oils - EPA and DHA. EPA is effective in supporting healthy cardiac and circulatory systems, while DHA is an essential structural component of the central nervous system. DHA is important for optimum development of the brain and the eyes, and is therefore very important for the health of pregnant women and small children. Currently, the level of DHA in American women's breast milk is one of the lowest in the world. Softgels may be opened and the oil can be added to a child's food. However, caution mustUbe applied when supplementingIchildren with high EPA fish oil as it mayEprolong blood-clotting times.I Please check with your doctor first. Pure Omega-3 Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil contains nearly three times the EPA/DHA compared to ZonePerfect Omega-3 Fish Oil. Sculpting Gel Transdermal Muscle Sculpting Gel Designed to get rid of surface body fat, tighten lose skin and give your muscles that extremely defined look. In clinical studies, the active ingredients in Sculpting Gel, have been shown to be very effective at "spot reducing" body fat. Sculpting Gel utilizes a Four Prong System consisting of usnic acid, coleus forskolin, yohimbe and aminophylline. In addition, this unique formula contains a time-released transdermal compound. This route of absorption provides direct systematic administration through the skin which allows a direct access path to blood circulation. Sculpting Gel should be applied by rubbing an amount the size of a quarter directly to the surface of the skin where stubborn body fat exists. You may apply Sculpting Gel more than once per day if needed. Apply Sculpting Gel to your glutes, abs, thighs, biceps and triceps preferably just prior to exercise. Sculpting Gel can be used with any supplement regime you choose. We suggest you stack Sculpting Gel with two other products by Performance Biomedical Laboratories: Thermogenic Activator Plus and TRx Thyroid Stimulating System. We recommend that you start your day off by taking two capsules of Thermogenic Activator Plus and one capsule of TRx with breakfast. About thirty minutes prior to training take another two capsules of Thermogenic Activator Plus, one capsule of TRx and rub Sculpting Gel to desired areas. Just prior to bed you may apply another dose of Sculpting Gel to a different area or the same area you wish to work on. The best way to use Sculpting Gel is to apply it to one or two areas at a time. Sculpting Gel literally releases stored fat into the blood stream so it will be very tough to burn the released fat if the Gel is too widely applied. It usually takes about ten to twelve days of use to see desired results, but you will see a noticeable difference literally overnight. NOTE: In order to properly lose body fat, you simply must be taking in less calories than you burn off. Sculpting Gel is thought to help free up the fat in an area that is problematic for many people. Without a proper diet, Sculpting Gel will not yield its optimum effects, since the body will not be in a pure fat burning mode. Use this product only in conjunction with an appropriate diet and exercise program for best results. Be sure to drink plenty of water during any fat loss regimen. Get Dan Duchaine's Underground BodyOpus book today. Dan explains the alpha-2 adrenoreceptors well in this book. He feels that these andreno-receptors are largely responsible for the lower body fat problem that many women and some men have. Yohimbine is thought to get the alpha-2 adrenoreceptors to release fat from the lower body fat cells (buttocks, thigh and hip area "cellulite"). Thermogenic Activator Plus Thermogenic Activator Plus is one of the most effective fat burning stack on the market. Thermogenic Activator Plus's state of the art formula contains ingredients such as: Citrus Aurantium, MaHaung, Guarana Extract and White Willow Bark. In addition, we added the powerful support ingredients Acetyl L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine and Vitamin B-5. To round out this formula we added a potent blend of fat burners to increase calorie expenditure. These ingredients include Ginger Root, Yohimbe and Cayenne Pepper. When you start to lose weight your body actually does everything it can to fight back. A recent study showed that when you lose 10% of your body weight, your metabolism decreases by 15%. Therefore, boosting your metabolic rate is a critical factor in burning fat. Here is where Thermogenic Activator Plus gets into the act. This state-of-the-art formula contains four extremely thermogenic ingredients: Citrus Aurantium, Mahaung, Guarana Extract and White Willow Bark. In addition, we added the powerful support ingredients Acetyl L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine and Vitamin B-5. To round out this formula we added a potent blend of fat burners to increase calorie expenditure. These ingredients include Ginger Root, Yohimbe and Cayenne Pepper. You may be asking what the "Plus" in the Thermogenic Activator Plus is. We added a revolutionary new patented ingredient called Bioperine*. Bioperine has been shown to increase the effectiveness and create synergistic effect of the existing ingredients. In addition, Bioperine is designed to increase the absorption rate of the metabolic enhancers. This formula was originally designed for advanced athletes. However, the product has been so effective at burning fat that it has been embraced by the mainstream population. Thermogenic Activator Plus may be used by endurance athletes looking for an energy boost or simply by individuals who are looking to shed some fat. This formula is considered safe, however, it is always a good idea to consult your physician first. If you are sensitive to ingredients such as ephedrine, caffeine or synephrine you may want to take a smaller dose of this product. TRx Thyroid Stimulating System Designed to dramatically increase the body's metablic rate causing the body to accelerate calorie expenditure while preserving muscle tissue. When you start to lose weight your body actually does everything it can to fight back. There are basically two ways to tell your body to keep burning fat: through the thyroid and through the adrenoreceptors. You use thyroid hormones for the former and ephedrine based products such as Thermogenic Activator Plus to hit the adrenoreceptors. As you start to lose weight your thyroid will actually begin to slow production of active thyroid hormone. TRx contains a very potent ingredient that increases thyroid production at the thyroid receptor site as well as the mitochondria that are located in certain highly metabolic tissues. You may be asking what the active ingredient in Trx is that stimulates thyroid production? The name of the compound is 3,5-diiodo-l-thyronine and is very powerful stuff. So, how is able to be sold without a prescription? Actually, it occurs in small quantities in human food so it is totally legal for sale as a dietary supplement. This formula was originally designed for advanced athletes. However, the product has been so effective at burning fat that it has been embraced by the mainstream population. TRx should NOT be used by people who have high blood pressure, thryroid problems or are taking prescription medications. This formula is considered very safe, however, it is extremely important to follow the recommended dosages. A common question is will TRx suppress natural thyroid production or down-regulate your thyroid in any way? The answer is it will not if taken correctly. Do not stay on TRx for more than four weeks at a time without taking four weeks off - and do not exceed the maximum recommended dosages. What Other Supplements Should I Stack Trx With? We highly recommend that you stack TRx with Thermogenic Activator Plus. The feedback we have gotten is that the TRx is almost triggered to work twice as well with the Thermogenic Activator Plus. It is also worthwhile to stack TRx with Sculpting Gel to help get rid of stubborn areas of surface fat. MyoSport 24 HOUR STEADY STREAM TIME RELEASED CREATINE DUO-PHASE RELEASE PATTERN* PHASE 1: 5 GRAMS OF CREATINE MONOHYDRATE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WITH 100% BIOAVAILABILITY * PHASE 2: 5 GRAMS OF CREATINE MONOHYDRATE FOR TIME RELEASE OVER 24 HOUR INTERVAL WITH 100% BIOAVAILABILITY DUO-PHASE PATENTED TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATED LOADING PHASE, NO LOAD REQUIRED 10 GRAMS CREATINE MONOHYDRATE PER SERVING 100% BIOAVAILABLE NO GASTRIC UPSET NO BLOATING CONVENIENT SINGLE SERVING POUCH DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE MILK FLAVOR Elite athletes have used creatine since the 1950's, yet it wasn't until a 1992 publication that the rest of the world learned about its incredible benefits [1] . Since that time hundreds of studies have been conducted and thousands of articles have been written about how creatine can improve physical performance and health. Creatine supplementation increases strength [2] , jumping ability [3] , speed [4] ,andenhances gains in strength and muscle mass from weight training [5, 6] .While various forms of creatine products have come and gone on the market, none have truly revolutionized the industry. That is about to change. Introducing the next stage of the creatine evolution: MyoSport Duo-Phase Time Released Creatine. What's so revolutionary about this product? For starters it contains 10 g of pure creatine monohydrate per serving. That's up to 500% more than other creatine products. Normally only about 20% of creatine is absorbed into the blood [1], so your body never even sees the other 80%. MyoSport Duo-Phase Time Released Creatine is scientifically formulated to release creatine in specific amounts at defined intervals throughout the day. The result: You absorb all of the creatine you buy and you don't waste money! The graph at the right depicts what happens after you take MyoSport Duo-Phase Time Released Creatine. In Phase 1 - 50% (or 5 grams) of creatine is released along with dextrose. The dextrose stimulates insulin which helps to maximize creatine uptake, assuring you 100% absorption [7] . In Phase 2 - 50% (or 5 grams) of creatine is released in the intestine over the next 24 hours; blood levels of creatine are elevated for a sustained period of time. You don't have to worry about loading. Just take one dose in the morning and you don't need any more creatine the rest of the day. This saves you even more money by avoiding the multiple doses normally required for loading. The elevated blood creatine levels will help you increase performance and recover from exercise [8] . Start your revolution today! Pro-Endorphin Researchers on the cutting edge of sports nutrition now say your ability to create new muscle growth and ultimate muscle force may be limited by neurotransmitters (messages your brain sends to your muscles). When you supplement your diet with the precise blend of nutrients found in Pro-Endorphin, studies show you can: Boost energy levels Maximize concentration Increase stamina and enhance endurance Turn drive into overdrive "Pro-Endorphin has been specifically designed to increase your workout intensity by way of a heightened state of mental awareness. Many athletes have experienced a sudden bolt of energy after taking Pro-Endorphin." Dr. Mark Ladly, M.D. Pro-hGH Sport for Men/Women Symbiotropin with the Chaperone Molecule Human Growth Hormone, one of the body's master hormones, is critical to modulating other hormones. Better hormone modulation may improve your body's ability to: Increase Lean Muscle Mass Reduce Body Fat Increase Exercise Performance and Endurance Increase Muscle Strength Improve Exercise Recovery Time Pro hGH has been clinically tested and is safe. Pro hGH has been prescribed and used by thousands of physicians worldwide. Men: Pro hGH Sport for Men was created for today's active man. A third generation secretagogue, Pro hGH Sport contains Symbiotropin with the Chaperone Molecule. The Chaperone Molecule provides for rapid absorption and profound bio-availability. The unique formulation of Symbiotropin enables the body to maximize the effects of intense training increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, increase exercise performance, increase muscle strength, improve exercise recovery time and increase endurance. Pro hGH for Men also contains alpha gpc and tribulus terrestris, a plant derived male phytogenin. Alpha gpc has been shown to improve memory, boost energy and balance hormone levels. Male phytogenins may "turn on" natural testosterone production. Optimal levels of testosterone enable the body to produce lean muscle mass. Women: As we age, our bodies start to lose energy, quickness and agility. It becomes harder to keep the weight off and we begin to see our curves move, unfortunately closer to our feet. That's why Pro hGH Sport for women was created. Pro hGH sport contains Symbiotropin with the Chaperone Molecule. The Chaperone Molecule technology provides for rapid absorption with profound bio-availability. The unique formulation of Symbiotropin is a proactive rejuvination system specially formulated. Pro hGH also contains alpha gpc and soy isoflavones. Alpha gpc has been shown to improve memory, boost energy and help to balance hormone levels. Soy isoflavones are a natural source of phytoestrogens that are vital to women of all ages. The Role Of Somatotroph-Specific Peptides And IGF-1 Intermediates As An Alternative To hGH Injections James Jamieson and L.E. Dorman, D.O. as presented for the American College for Advancement in Medicine. October 30, 1997 Background The age-reversing effects of growth hormone injections have been established in several clinical trials. Results consistently demonstrate increased muscle mass, reduction in body fat, enhanced immune function, improved healing rate of injuries, increased endurance, improved sexual function, hair regrowth, thickening of the skin, and improved mental function. Side effects include edema, carpal tunnel syndrome, allergic response, possible down-regulation of endogenous GH and promotion of cancerous tumor growth. These side effects, the high cost and inconvenience of GH injections, and the knowledge that hGH continues to be produced, but not released by pituitary somatotrophs, has led to an abundance of research on GH secretagogues, which appear to stimulate the release of GH within physiologic boundaries. This research often involves the use of injectable peptides and other sensitive materials, which are marginally effective at raising IGF-1 levels, and consequently have not generally elicited the symptomatic improvement demonstrated with GH injection therapy. Abstract Thirty-six individuals with low levels of Insulin-like Growth Factor Type 1 (IGF-1 350ng/ml), were evaluated clinically for changes in existing symptomatology and serum IGF-1 levels over a period of 12 weeks while being administered Symbiotropin, a combination of anterior pituitary peptides, sequenced glycoamino acid complex, pharmaceutical saccharides, a plant-derived source of L-Dopa, and botanical regulators of insulin and IGF-1. Patients experienced a 30% average increase in IGF-1. Patient self-assessments in areas of endurance and body composition, hair and skin, sexual function, healing and immunity, and mental function reflect significant improvement in all 23 areas of evaluation, with range of 21% - 74% of patients reporting improvement in these areas. Additional clinical observations reflect significant improvements in blood sugar management in diabetic patients, lowered prostate-specific antigen (PSA), improved cardiac and pulmonary function, blood pressure management, and improvement in menopausal symptoms. Introduction Unlike other endocrine hormones, which diminish in production with age, hGH is continuously produced by pituitary somatotrophs well into the 70's and 80's, except in the presence of certain pituitary disorders. However, in a state referred to as somatopause, circulating growth hormone levels diminish due to a variety of influences that cause hGH to remain sequestered in pituitary somatotrophs. Age-related increase in production of the hypothalamic hormone somatostatin plays a dominant role in limiting growth hormone release. Age-related decrease in the hypothalamic hormone growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) limits hGH release. Excessive carbohydrate intake and diminishing pancreatic function lead to decreased growth hormone release due to poor blood sugar management. Pituitary receptors have been identified that respond to specific hGH-releasing peptides. Hypothalamic receptors have been identified that respond to peptides, which inhibit somatostatin and stimulate GHRH. Management of growth hormone secretion through the use of peptides and other compounds generally increases the amplitude and frequency of growth hormone release within physiologic boundaries. CHARACTERISTICS OF GH DEFICIENCY Anabolic Tone Reduced lean body mass and/or skeletal muscle mass Reduced skeletal muscle strength Reduced exercise performance Increased total body fat Increased abdominal and visceral fat Lipid Effects Elevated LDL cholesterol Decreased HDL cholesterol Elevated apolipoprotein-B Bone Effects Osteopenia (lack of bone) Metabolic Effects Insulin resistance (in obese people) Hypoglycemia Possible abnormal resting metabolic rate Reduced T4 to T3 conversion Protein Synthesis Thin skin Lack of collagen Decreased size of organs Decreased nail and hair growth Dehydration Reduced glomerular filtration and renal plasma flow Reduced sweating - inability to thermoregulate Reduced cardiac output (potentially) Increased vein resistance Mental Health Reduced energy Emotional instability Poor memory and concentration Depression Lack of social interaction Lack of purpose Reduced sex drive Physiologic effects associated with growth hormone are accomplished primarily through the function of IGF-1. Circulating GH (1/2 life = 20 minutes) stimulates the liver and other tissues to release IGF-1 (1/2 life = 20 hours). Serum IGF-1 levels are more sustained, and therefore a more practical indicator of growth hormone status. AREAS OF IGF-1 ACTIVITY Synthesized by Leukocytes Restores Lymphoid Organ Size Stimulates Proliferation of Leukemic Blasts and T Lymphocytes Increases Uptake and Degradation of LDL by Macrophages Estrogens Influence Formation of IGF-1 and IGF-1 BP's Nitrogen Retention/Sodium Excretion Parathyroid-Vitamin D Axis Increased Circulating Osteocalcin Increased Urinary Hydroxyproline Secretion IGF-1 Levels Do Not Exhibit Diurnal Variations IGF-1 Measurements Reflect Integrated GH Secretion and Bioactivity Average 1/2 Life of IGF: 20 Hours There are several known factors that affect GH release and IGF-1 response, including insulin regulation, somatotroph receptors, GHRH, somatostatin, hepatic function, and IGF-1 receptor sites. Pharmacologically correlating these factors with the action of anterior pituitary peptides, a sequenced glycoamino acid complex, a plant-derived source of L-Dopa, and botanical regulators of insulin and IGF-1 has led to the development of Symbiotropin, a promoter of GH release and IGF-1 formation. Clinically, the efficacy of Symbiotropin has been evaluated through IGF-1 measurement and patient self-assessment. Method Thirty-six patients, 18 women and 18 men, were selected for this study based on IGF-1 measurements that indicate GH deficiency. Initial IGF-1 measurements ranged from 21 to 276. Patients were instructed to take two Symbiotropin effervescent tablets dissolved in water four hours after the last meal and prior to retiring. This schedule was maintained in five-day cycles, with two days separating each cycle for a term of twelve weeks. IGF-1 levels were measured before the onset of Symbiotropin therapy and then at four week intervals. Patient self-assessments were performed every four weeks throughout the twelve week term. Additional clinical observations were made during routine office visits. Results The results of patient self-assessments indicate symptomatic response to Symbiotropin within the first four weeks in all patients, with continued improvement between the fourth and twelfth week. Improved energy, endurance, and body composition were among the most frequently reported improvements within the first four weeks. New hair growth, restoration of hair color, thickening of skin, and disappearance of skin discoloration generally occurred between the eighth and twelfth weeks, with continued improvement beyond the twelve week term. It should be noted that the results of this patient self-assessment are not adjusted for areas that did not apply to each individual Average increase in IGF-1 through first 12-week cycle of Symbiotropin No side effects were observed that could be attributed to Symbiotropin. One female patient was removed from the study due to a citric acid allergy that was aggravated by Symbiotropin. IGF-1 measurements indicate continued increases in IGF-1 throughout the twelve week term. Measurements taken during the first four weeks indicate increases of over 200% and averaging over 18%. Eight week measurements indicate increases of over 100% and averaging 24%. Twelve week measurements indicate a 30% average increase in IGF-1. Rate of symptomatic response occurred independent of the rate of IGF-1 increase. Conclusion Symbiotropin appears to offer benefits that are similar to those found with hGH injections. Symptomatic improvements generally occur more rapidly and with fewer side effects. Cost is approximately 1/10 of hGH injections, while the convenience of a drink allows for greater compliance. Symptomatic improvements with Symbiotropin, which were not included in the patient self-assessment, indicate that its therapeutic potential may exceed that of hGH injections. Consistent and significant improvement in diabetes, BPH, hypertension, cardiomyopathy, pulmonary disorders, rheumatism, Crohn's disease, obesity, and chronic fatigue syndrome, all warrant further investigation into Symbiotropin's therapeutic potential. REFERENCES Bierich JR. Multicenter clinical trial of authentic recombinant somatropin in growth hormone deficiency. Acta Paediatr Scand Suppl 1987; 337:135-140. Ho KY, Evans WS, Blizzard RM, et al. Effects of sex and age on the 24 hour profile of growth hormone secretion in man: importance of endogenous estradiol concentrations. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1987; 64: 51-58. Hall K, Sara VR. Somatomedin levels in childhood, adolescence and adult life. J Endocrinol Metab 1984; 13:91-112. Meites J. Neuroendocrine biomarkers of aging in the rat. Exp Gerontol 1988; 23:349-58. Finkelstien JW, Boyar RM, Roffwarg HP, Krean J, Hellman L. Age-related change in the twenty-four-hour spontaneous secretion of growth hormone. J Clin Endocrin Metab 1972; 35:665-70. Clemmons DR, Van Wyk JJ. Factors controlling blood concentrations of somatomedin C. Clin Endocrinol Metab 1984; 13:113-43. Florini JR, Prinz PN, Vitiello MV, Hintz RL. Somatomedin C levels in healthy young and old men: relationship to peak and 24-hour integrated levels of growth hormone. J Gerontol 1985; 40:2-7. Jorgenson JOL, Pedersen SA, Thuesen L, et al. Beneficial effects of growth hormone treatment in GH-deficient adults. Lancet 1989; 1: 1221-5. Salomon F, Cuneo RC, Hesp R, Sonksen PH. The effects of treatment with recombinant growth hormone on body composition and metabolism in adults with growth hormone deficiency. N Engl J Med 1989; 321:1797-803. van der Werff ten Bossch JJ, Bot A. Effects of human pituitary growth hormone on body composition. Neth J Med 1987; 30:220-7. Crist DM, Peake GT, Mackinnon LT, Sibbit WL Jr, Kraner JC. 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Aging, total body potassium, fat-free mass, and cell mass in males and females between the ages of 18 and 85 years. J Gerontol 1972; 27: 438-43.

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