Methoxy-Test Methoxy-Test contains a blend of plant flavones, isoflavones, and flavanones, as well as certain herbs, such as Tribulus terrestris, Avena sativa, and Urtica dioica, which may help enhance testosterone activity. This includes the anti-aromatases methoxyisoflavone, chrysin, and naringenin, and quercetin. Anti-aromatases prevent androgens such as testosterone and its immediate precursor, androstenedione, from being converted into an estrogen-thereby maintaining higher testosterone levels. The ipriflavone in this formula works as an anti-estrogen, which in turn enhances androgen activity. The Tribulus terrestris, Avena sativa, and Urtica dioica work by different mechanism to help support testosterone levels. Since this product does not contain any androgens, it is safe for use by women, as well as men. If a man is using an androgen supplement, this product still has value since it can help to reduce the conversion of androgens in that product into estrogens. WHAT DOES IT DO? Methoxy-Test contains natural flavones, isoflavones and flavanones, which may help your body reduce the amount of testosterone that is converted in non-anabolic, estrogen hormones. The methoxyisoflavone, quercetin, chrysin, naringenin, and ipriflavone in Methoxy-Test are all derived from plants, which means you're getting a natural product to support androgen activity in your body. Methoxy-Test contains natural herbs and plant extracts which may support your body's natural production of testosterone. The ipriflavone in Methoxy-Test may help support androgen activity in your body. WHO SHOULD TAKE IT? Anyone who wants to enhance testosterone activity, including bodybuilders and other athletes Anyone currently using an androgen supplement Athletes who are avoiding androgen supplements (e.g., women), but still want to enhance testosterone. Monkeying Around Most of us can never have too much romance in our lives. New Pinnacle Monkeying Around is an exciting all-natural sexual enhancer designed especially for women (and their partners) to spark and support healthier, more satisfying relationships. Its rich herbal blend contains the amazing botanical, "Monkey Ti Kuan Yin" Oolong Tea, a rare plant grown exclusively in the high altitudes of the Fukkin province of China. A powerful green tea with legendary properties, the "Monkey Tea" as it is known to the indigenous people there, grows as a tall tree on high cliffs. Originally, it could only be accessed and picked by specially trained monkeys. Thus, the plant's unusual name. But it's only one of an exotic array of potent, natural ingredients in Monkeying Around that also includes Zallouh Root from the Middle East, Horny Goat Weed from Asia, and Maca Pure from the Amazon rainforest. All in safe, preservative and allergen free capsules. PowerBar Performance PowerBar Performance, the #1 energy bar, is a low-fat, highly nutritious energy bar specially formulated to deliver long-lasting energy. Since 1986, PowerBar Performance has been dedicated to helping athletes and active people achieve peak performance, and has become the "fuel of choice" for top athletes around the world. Each bar includes special ingredients to help you perform at your best: Slow-release complex carbohydrates from maltodextrin, brown rice and oat bran for sustained energy in athletic activities 100% RDI of antioxidant vitamins C & E 17 vitamins & minerals 9-10 grams of protein PowerBar Performance is an ideal source of energy for all your athletic endeavors. It has the nutrition your body needs, plus it won't melt, break or crumble no matter where your adventures take you. PowerBar Harvest is a moist and crunchy combination of natural whole grains and great-tasting premium dried strawberries, cherries, cranberries, apples, or real chocolate pieces. Eating one PowerBar Harvest energy bar provides you with 45 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber, 7 grams of protein and 16 essential vitamins and minerals. PowerBar Harvest provides energy when you're on the go while delivering a wide range of important balanced nutrients your body needs. If you're an active person, there are times when you need to eat something satisfying and good for you that replaces or carries you over to your next meal.PowerBar Harvest is convenient, nutritious and great tasting. Keep one with you wherever you go for appetite and nutrition insurance.They're perfect for breakfast, light lunch, or anytime you need energy on the go. PowerBar Harvest is a healthy and nutritious snack or light meal replacement for home, work or on-the go, but is not recommended immediately before intensive activity, such as running, cycling, or swimming. The natural whole grains, nut butters, and dried fruit give it a slightly higher fat and fiber content (vs. regular PowerBar) making it a little more difficult to digest when your body is under physical or emotional stress. Each 65 gram PowerBar Harvest bar also provides 100% of the RDA of vitamins C & E and 50% of the B-complex group, along with calcium, magnesium, iron and other important minerals. 15 bars per box. ProteinPlus Bars PowerBar ProteinPlus is a high-quality, low fat protein bar developed by the athletes at PowerBar. PowerBar ProteinPlus provides 24 grams of the highest quality protein from our proprietary TriSource blend. It's fortified with 17 essential vitamins and minerals and contains 5200mg Branch Chain Amino Acids and 4600mg L-Glutamine, making PowerBar ProteinPlus the ideal energy bar to help build strength and speed recovery after intense activity. And PowerBar ProteinPlus tastes great with terrific flavors to choose from. 100% RDI of 10 Vitamins 7 Key Minerals 5200 mg Branch Chain Amino Acids 4600 mg L-Glutamine Low Fat (5g per bar) PowerBar ProteinPlus is the ideal energy bar to help build strength and speed recovery after intense activity. And a PowerBar ProteinPlus bar tastes great. New Sugar Free PowerBar Protein Plus Bars are now available. I. INGREDIENTS AND NUTRITIONAL QUESTIONS 1. What is the ratio of Carbohydrates/Protein/Fat in PowerBar ProteinPlus energy bars? PowerBar ProteinPlus bars contain approximately 52% of calories from carbohydrates, 33% from protein, and 15% from fat. 2. How many grams is 24 grams of protein? 24 grams of protein is approximately 48% of the daily value of protein based on the US RDA for an average person (0.4 grams per pound of body weight is the current US RDA). Athletes have a higher protein need than non-athletes due to their increased activity level and physiological needs. For a 150 pound athlete, 24 grams of protein is approximately 18% to 32% of the daily protein requirements (0.5 grams to 0.9 grams per pound of body weight = 75 grams to 135 grams of protein). Protein needs will vary based on your actual body weight, kind and intensity of activity you perform, and your percentage of lean body weight. 3. How does 24 grams of protein compare to other protein sources? The following foods contain approximately 24 grams of protein: Chicken - 3 ounces of lean chicken breast Tuna - 3.5 ounces of tuna Steak - 4 ounces of lean porterhouse steak Milk - 3 cups of 2% milk When choosing foods that are high in protein, you should try to select lean, low fat sources. Many foods that are excellent protein sources are also high in fat, especially saturated fat, which has been associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease. 4. What are the protein sources in PowerBar ProteinPlus bars? Are they quality sources? The PowerBar TriSource protein blend is a combination of three protein sources; Whey Protein Isolate, Calcium Caseinate, and Soy Protein Isolate. As with other PowerBar products, we strive to make the highest quality products available to help athletes achieve their performance goals. Since PowerBar ProteinPlus bars are a high protein bar, we developed the TriSource protein blend to be a high quality protein source. One of the ways to measure protein quality is Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Scoring (PDCAAS). The score ranks proteins based on digestibility or bioavailability, and the relative level of essential amino acids. Protein is comprised of amino acids, and the essential amino acids are the ones that you must obtain through your diet since your body can not manufacture them. When using the PDCAAS method for evaluating protein quality, egg white protein is assumed to be the standard, and has a score of 1. The ratio of essential amino acids of other proteins are then compared to the ratio found in egg white protein, and a relative score is assigned. The protein sources in the PowerBar TriSource protein blend were specifically combined to produce a mix of essential amino acids that matches closely that of egg white protein. Thus the PowerBar TriSource protein blend has a PDCAAS score of 1, and is considered a high quality protein source. 5. How do I know if other bars use high quality protein or not? The FDA says that any manufacturer which makes a bar with a protein claim (for example, "Now with 33g of protein," "High Protein Bar," etc.) must list the percent Daily Value (%DV) on the back of its package. The % DV tells you how much of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for protein the bar is providing. The FDA currently recommends 50g of protein per day. To determine if a bar contains high quality protein, take a look at the Nutrition Facts panel on the back of the wrapper. There will be a row that lists the total grams of protein contained in that bar. Legally, there should also be a % DV listed next to the total number of grams. If the bar does have a % DV listed, here's how to check if the protein is high quality. Take the total number of protein grams (for example - 33g) and divide that by the FDA's RDA for protein of 50g. The % DV then should be 66%. If the % DV listed on the bar is lower, then the protein is not high quality. If your bar doesn't have a % DV listed, be cautious because that may also indicate that the protein is poor quality. An example of a poor quality protein source is gelatin. Some manufacturers also use gelatin (sometimes labeled as hydrolyzed protein) as a protein source in their bars. Gelatin is a low quality protein source and has a PDCAAS score that is far below that of egg whites. PowerBar ProteinPlus uses TriSource protein, which contains the highest quality whey, caseinate and soy proteins. 6. What are the differences between a protein isolate and a protein concentrate? An isolate is a protein source where the protein has been separated from the other constituents of the original protein source, such as fat, lactose and dietary fiber. Therefore isolates are a purer form of protein than the original protein source. Protein concentrates are basically the whole, original protein source with the water removed. As a result, a concentrate is a less pure form of protein since it still contains the fat, lactose, and dietary fiber that was in the original source. In general, an isolate has a higher percentage of protein than a concentrate. Isolates should contain at a minimum 90% protein, whereas concentrates can be as low as 50% protein. 7. Does PowerBar ProteinPlus contain carbohydrates? If so, is that compatible with the idea of a Protein Bar? PowerBar ProteinPlus bars contain carbohydrates for three primary reasons: Athletes have higher energy (calorie) and carbohydrate needs than non-athletes. Athletes have higher energy (calorie), and carbohydrate needs than non-athletes due to their increased activity level. As the intensity and duration of training increase, so does the required energy and carbohydrate intake to supply the fuels necessary for working muscles to perform at their best. Protein Utilization Carbohydrates are the primary fuel source for athletes and other physically active people. If carbohydrate and energy (calorie) intake is insufficient, some protein will be used as energy, leaving less protein available for protein synthesis to build and repair muscle tissues. Thus, consumption of inadequate energy results in sub-optimal protein utilization. In addition, carbohydrates provide the energy needed for the protein synthetic process. If carbohydrate intake is low, some of the protein will be converted into energy to fuel protein synthesis, thus leaving even less protein available for building tissues. Recovery One of the primary uses for a protein bar is to enhance the recovery or "post workout" process. Carbohydrate intake is necessary to replenish muscle glycogen stores, which become depleted during exercise. It is important for athletes to replenish their muscle glycogen stores so their muscles will have the required energy needed for optimal performance in future workouts. In addition, the combination of protein and carbohydrates enhances the recovery process. When protein is eaten with carbohydrates after exercise, the amount of carbohydrates converted and stored in the muscles as glycogen increases versus eating only carbohydrates. Protein, when consumed with carbohydrate after exercise, stimulates the production of insulin, which enhances glycogen recovery and helps to maintain lean body mass, essentially switching the body from catabolic to anabolic processes. In this way, the carbohydrates and proteins in PowerBar ProteinPlus bars are designed to work together, hand in hand, helping to support both the building of muscle glycogen and protein reserves after activity. 8. What is glycerine? Is it a carbohydrate? Chemically, glycerine should be qualified as a sugar alcohol. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies sugar alcohols as carbohydrates. Thus, glycerine is a really a carbohydrate for labeling purposes. Glycerine is used by the body somewhat differently than are other carbohydrates. To be used as an energy source, glycerine must first be converted to glucose (body sugar) in the liver. After glycerine is converted to body sugar, it then is oxidized as sugar, but the overall process takes longer when compared to other carbohydrates. PowerBar ProteinPlus bars contain small amounts of glycerine to help maintain moistness. While PowerBar ProteinPlus contains small amounts of glycerine, many products contain high amounts of glycerine, while still claiming the product is low in carbohydrates. Several other protein bars on the market contains high amounts of glycerine, but fail to calculate glycerine as a carbohydrate in the nutrition facts panel. If you are concerned about your carbohydrate intake, please read the ingredient statements carefully. Ingredients are listed in descending order on ingredient statements. This means the ingredient that is most prominent in the product is listed first. If glycerine is the second or third ingredient, this means the product contains a higher amount of glycerine than other products where glycerine is listed further down the ingredient statement. If glycerine is listed high in the ingredient statement, but the product is extremely low in carbohydrates in the nutrition facts panel, the glycerine is most likely not calculated under carbohydrates. Premier Eight Bar Finally, there is a low sugar, high protein bar that truly tastes great! The Premier Eight Bars contain 30 grams of high quality protein and as little as 1 gram of sugar... You'll be amazed that something this healthy can taste so good. Perfect Blend of 8 Different High Quality Proteins Premier Eight Bars are specially formulated using a proprietary blend of eight different high quality proteins, including Whey, Casein and Soy, for optimum performance and enhanced bioavailability. With 30 grams of protein, the Eight Bars are a convenient way to get a variety of proteins and the eight essential amino acids that your body needs. Great Tasting Bars with as little as 1g of Sugar Premier Eight Bars are low in sugar, with only 1-6 grams per bar. Premier Nutrition has designed the Eight Bar without adding excess calories from sugar and fat. That makes the Premier Eight Bar a great choice when looking for a healthy way to fuel your body. Great for the Low Carb Lifestyle Premier Eight Bars have one of the best protein to carbohydrate ratios, with 30 grams of protein, and 1-6 grams of net carbohydrates*. The Eight Bars are formulated with natural sugar alcohols, such as glycerol. These low glycemic carbohydrates have a minimal impact on blood sugar levels, which helps to stabilize metabolism and maintain consistent energy. Unique Flavors... Incredible Taste Have you ever tasted a low sugar, high protein bar with real bits of blueberries, chunks of cookies, pieces of coconut, or tangy lemon chews? If not, you've got to try the Premier Eight Bar. Per FDA labeling guidelines, Premier Nutrition's labels are now including sugar alcohols as part of the "Total Carbohydrate" content. Sugar alcohols, fiber, and other low glycemic ingredients have minimal effects on blood sugar levels compared to other forms of carbohydrates, such as sugars and starches. Individuals monitoring their carbohydrate intake should count the "Net Carbohydrates" towards their daily intake. The "Net Carbohydrates" are calculated by subtracting the sugar alcohol and dietary fiber from the "Total Carbohydrates". ProTan has an all new look! Same great products! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Competition Skin Coloring EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR THE PERFECT CONTEST Pro Tan Competition Color - Use 2-3 days before competition. Fair-Medium complexion should apply initial coat 3 days prior to competition. Dark complexion 2 days prior. Either spray color directly onto applicator sponge and/or pour into glass and dip sponge directly into for faster coverage. Brush over entire body. Do not worry about uneven application as Pro Tan goes on even every time. After initial application use a hair dryer to speed dry. Re-apply an additional coat and dry again. The following morning rinse off the excess color and begin the application process again. That evening re-apply. Day before the show, re-apply in the morning and again in the evening. Be sure to use the entire 8-ounce bottle. Contest morning, rinse lightly the excess color off. Ultra Bronze & One Coat - Applied after shower contest morning on dry skin. Dampen hands and apply evenly in smoothing motions over entire body. Apply only one application as it dries darker on the skin. Wash excess color off hands. Before pumping up apply your Muscle Juice directly over you skin. This will seal in the bronzer to keep it from running or streaking. Use as a quick fix or for that extra bronze look. Wash off after Pre-judge, re-apply before evening show. Muscle Juice, Hot Stuff & Bikini Bite- The perfect physique finishers. Muscle Juice is recommend for the night show as it gives a sleek look to your physique. Hot Stuff is used to increase your vascularity for both the pre-judge and night show. Apply 5 minutes before pumping up. Note - if Hot Stuff is too hot, apply over the sheen or oil. Bikini Bite is used to keep your suit from slipping. Apply directly to your skin and the inside of the suit, allow drying and press together. Washes off with soap and water after use. DON'T FORGET... Hair Removal should be done 30 days before competition and continue up until the contest to avoid any unnecessary bumps or rashes the day of the show. DON'T FORGET... If you have trouble achieving a base tan, go to the tanning salon 20 days before competition and continue up until the week before the contest or use a sunless tanning lotion. Hot Stuff Instant Vasodilation Optimizer Enhance your vascularity for the ultimate look! Helps maximize blood delivery and circulation throughout the upper levels of the skin while it's natural warming action keeps muscles pumped while it works. Used prior to pumping-up backstage for optimum effects. Pro Tan Competition Color The secret to those great Olympian tans! Pro Tan is the ultimate self tanning product. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients combined with the perfect formulation that gives you the deepest, darkest tan without the sun. The #1 tanning products for bodybuilders since 1987. Easy to apply for the darkest, deepest tan. Apply several days prior to competition for the ultimate competition tan. Washes off gradually within 4-5 days. Apply in the evening before bed and wake up with a winning tropical tan. Best of all, it goes on even every time and won't run or streak with oils nor interfere with natural or sunbed tanning. Pro Tan lasts for several days and can be darkened by repeated applications. Muscle Juice Professional Posing Oil Specifically developed for stage lights to eliminate blind spots while emphasizing your cuts. Made with the finest 100% natural blend of Almond, Sunflower, Apricot Kernel and Vitamin E oil that offers the perfect finish to a well tuned physique. Bikini Bite No Slip Suit Fastener Provides superior holding power, yet it's gentle to the skin. Easy to apply roll-on keeps suit adhered for hours. Won't stain fabric. Washes off with soap and water after each use. Keeps bikinis, mini dresses, hot shorts and skirts in place. Ultra Bronze Dark bronze look in minutes. Easy to apply non-streaking formula washes off with soap and water after use. For a light bronze look, wash off with water after 30 minutes. Apply posing oil, gel or Hot Stuff directly over before stepping on stage to seal in color. One Coat Face & Body Bronzer Easy to use mousse formula goes on evenly for the perfect bronze look. Use alone or over Pro Tan for a richer suntan color. Water-resistant. Non-streaking. Non-staining. For a light bronze look, wash off with water after 30 minutes. Apply posing oil, gel or Hot Stuff directly over before stepping on stage to seal in color. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hair Removal Products Hair Away Remover The cleanest, fastest way to remove total body hair. Works in as little as 5 minutes. Keeps hair off for weeks. Apply Remover lotion where desired and wipe away hair with a damp cloth. Hair Away Inhibitor The cleanest, fastest way to remove total body hair. For total hair elimination use the Inhibitor Lotion daily after showering. Natural plant extract eliminate future hair growth so you never have to shave again. Results in 4-6 weeks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indoor Tanning Formulas Virgin Sun Tribal Heat Natural Melanin Bronzer and Pure Tyrosine for fast, dark tanning. Vitamins A, C & E and Shea Butter formula for superior skin care benefits while you tan. Red Clover & Papaya. Level 7 Heat 24-7 Light, non-greasy formula repairs and restores skin. Botanical extracts and Tyrosine help keep your tan longer. Healthy skin formula combines Silk Amino Acids, Collagen and Vitamins A & E. Tropical Fruits & Fresh Jasmine. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunless Tanning Formulas Dream about the soothing sounds of the waves and the sun shining down upon you and let Pro Tan bring you there without stepping foot onto sand. Uniquely different sunless tanning formulas designed to leave your skin with a beautiful, radiant, natural golden color that looks as good as real tan. Features & Benefits Enriched With Natural Plant Extracts Contains Vitamins A & E Pleasant Fragrance Safe For All Skin Types Applies Evenly and Easily Darkens With Repeated Applications Won't Stain Fabrics SUNNY DAY Golden Glow Self Tanner features extra amounts of our exclusive self-tanning complex along with advanced skin care ingredients, vitamins A & E along with Green Tea & Kola extracts for healthy skin. Goes on evenly. Dries in minutes. Luscious Citrus Mango. Very Dark. Be prepared for compliments from not only friends, but complete strangers! NIGHT TAN Easy Two-Step Sunless Tanning System combines our exclusive self-tanning complex with a unique aromatheraphy blend of Lavender & Chamomile that enhances your sleep while you tan. STEP 1: Pre-Tan Scrub with natural exfoliators and plant extract optimizes your tanning results. STEP 2: Sunless Tanner moisture rich lotion absorbs quickly & evenly leaving your skin silky soft. Dries in minutes. Won't stain fabrics. Medium Dark Never before has there been a sunless tanning product so complete! 2 MINUTE TAN Instant Sunless Bronzer features our exclusive self-tanning complex with a medium tint of instant color for guaranteed, streak-free tanning. Easily absorbed, light gel formula dries in minutes. Luscious Citrus Mango. Medium Dark Your sunless tan was never this flawless nor looked this natural so quickly!

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